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Maniac Spheres 1.01Maniac Spheres is a classic ... to get through them! Maniac Spheres is a classic ... (8/0) download

Truck Launch Maniac 1.0 -  Truck Launch Maniac is an upgrade based ... (0/0) download
Solitaire Maniac 2.1 -  Solitaire Maniac is a collection of ... trial version of Solitaire Maniac offers 21 fully functional ... All in all, Solitaire Maniac is a good alternative ... (0/0) download
Sound Mine 2006.08 -  must to force game maniac or loud music lover ... If game or music maniac can guess to press ... (1/0) download
Fox Hunting 1.0 -  Are you a minesweeper maniac? Then you've got to check out this game. Absolutely new idea. Nice interface with animation.The game field is divided into cells and has 10 cells vertically and horizontally. There can be 4 to 9 foxes depending on the complexity level. Foxes do not leave their holes (i.e. cells).You can check any cell by clicking on any ... (11/0) download
TypingRobot 1.0 -  record with the Typing Maniac game on Facebook. It ... (1/0) download
Macro Mania 12.4.1 -  This award-winning program will save you time and money as you automate your computer tasks with macros. Macro Mania eliminates all the tedious computer tasks and redundant typing chores that can be done much faster and easier with macros. It can launch new or activate an already running program; send keystrokes to any Windows programs; transfer ... (89/0) download
Light Rangers: Mending The Maniac Madness 1.0 -  from the schemes of Maniac Brainiac and his band ... (35/0) download

twittm 0.9 -  and tweet like a maniac. Twittm is fast, clean ... (1/0) download
The Menace In The Dark 1.0 -  and shoot like a maniac to bring them down ... (1/0) download
AlphaWipe Tracks Cleaner 2006 2.2.5 -  expert or a PC maniac. But most of us ... (35/0) download
Moraff Radiation 3.50 -  A killer spin on the original Minesweeper concept. To win, you use logic and clue markers to eliminate all tiles without blowing yourself up. This engrossing game offers slick-looking full-screen graphics, MIDI-based music and digital sound effects. Are you a Minesweeper maniac? Then you've got to check out Moraff's Radiation. It puts a killer spin ... (7/0) download
OrganiZATOR 6.2.1 -  if it is a maniac of the order and ... (2/0) download
Spamicidal Maniac 1.0 -  This program can be used for the previewing of email before it is downloaded, and the alerting of the user to unsolicited junk email, better known as spam, BEFORE downloading. You can then delete the message from the server without downloading it. The program also incorporates simple mail sending and reading features. (0/0) download
Bubble Splash 1.1 -  you are a puzzle maniac, you are going fall ... you are a puzzle maniac, I recommend you the ... (2/0) download
Virtual Vegas Slots 3003 1.0 -  to play like a maniac while keeping the money ... (22/0) download
Mosaic Maniac 1.1 -  Easily manage your thumbnail library - Drag and drop images from your local folders or web browser. - Add individual images or whole directories. - Easily manage your thumbnail library with customized context menus. - Find duplicates and remove unwanted images with a single click. (3/0) download
Hot Java 1.1.2 -  Let the java flow by connecting the pipes! Your task in this game is to rearrange the tiles so that they form a pipe which allows the coffee to flow and reach the nozzle. At the start of each level, you will be given a number of covered tiles. The starting tile will slowly be filled with coffee, so you must act quickly to form a smooth pipeline. Click ... (0/0) download