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Super Mario Brothers : Mega Mario 1.5 -  Super Mario Brothers 3 : Mega Mario is a super mario brothers 3 remake. Strap on ... similar to the awesome mario forever download! I found ... same as in other mario games, but you'll ... (1/0) download

Super Mario Strikers 1.0 -  we know it, Super Mario brothers fallen into a huge ... And in this game, Mario does not have tough ... (2/0) download
Super Mario Bandit Bros 1.0 -  the world of Super Mario, but not Mario. Grab the coins and ... ... (5/0) download
South Park Mario Adventure 2.1 -  yourself for South Park Mario Brothers - Enhanced Edition. Now Bigger ... ever! South Park Super Mario Brothers Enhanced Edition featuring Kenny ... yourself for South Park Mario Brothers - Enhanced Edition. Now Bigger ... (264/0) download
Cheats for Mafia II 1.0 -  Cool cars * Super Mario Brothers easter egg * and ... (1/0) download
Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever 5.0 1.0 -  reproduces the classic Super Mario Bros. Although Mario Forever's graphics and ... the feisty little plumber Mario, you traverse different worlds ... However, we do think Mario Forever consumes a bit ... (20/0) download
Mario Play 1.0Mario Play is a small Super Mario Bros Fangame. It is very similiar to the Mario Minix game from the Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever. But this time ... (3/0) download
Super Mario Princess Peach 1.0 -  is the princess, not Mario who has to confront ... (3/0) download

Super Mario Chess 1.0 -  conversion of chess in Mario World. Choose your opponent ... ... (2/0) download
Super Mario Bros 3 1.0 -  clone of classic Super Mario Bros game. This time ... select from many Super Mario Bros 3 worlds. Collect ... (10/0) download
Super Mario Bowser Battle 1.0 -  In this Mario game you are fighting ... (2/0) download
Mario Forever Galaxy Lite 2.2 -  Lite version of Mario Forever Galaxy. Welcome to the continuation of famous Mario Forever. After what happened ... another planet. This time Mario is not alone. He ... (2/0) download
Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever Advance 4.4 -  is an Advanced Super Mario Forever game - harder and ... Is really a classic Mario Games remake. Once again ... (11/0) download
Mario Forever Flash 1.0Mario Forever Flash - Adaptation of the famous Super Mario Bros 3 : Mario forever now available in ... (5/0) download
SouthPark Mario Bros 2.1 -  Prepare yourself for SouthPark Mario Bro - Ehanced Edition. Now ... ever! South Park Super Mario Brothers Enhanced Edition featuring Kenny ... (2/0) download
Super Mario Boss Bash 1.0 -  Take on 3 classic video-game bosses. WART, ABOBO, and THUNDERBIRD. Can you get 3 stars on all 3? oss 1: Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Throw Object. Boss 2: Arrow Keys - Move. A - Attack. Boss 3: Arrow Keys - Move. A - Attack. S - Spell. Spacebar - Spell List. (1/0) download
Pegasus Tank Wars 1.0 -  Tank Wars Aim, change power and fire using your tank to destroy others. The most advance Tank War Game ever. Tanks is packed with tons weapons to choose from like scatter bombs to air strikes, and realistic features like tank fuel, engine sizes and much more. (3/0) download
Naruto vs Bleach 1.0 -  Very powerful fighting game. Select the one from the most popular anime characters - Uzumaki Naruto, Ichigo from Bleach. Game is very smooth, have nice graphics and many combinations of attacks. (72/0) download
Sonic in Garden 1.0 -  Sonic is in the garden swarming with the enemies. Throw an apple at flying ones and jump on the crawling ones to kill. Avoid the enemies poison and your own apples as they can hurt you too. You have 5 lives, sometimes you can catch life bonus. There are 20 levels and each level is harder than the previous one. To pass to the next level you should kill ... (3/0) download
Sonic Earth 1.0 -  Sonic and Tails have crashed into earth and have transformed into humans on earth. Collect magic ring and run as fast as You can to complete the level. (6/0) download
Sonic Snack Dash 1.0 -  Collect all healthy foods to increase your health and score. Run , jump, rotate, collect stuff and better dodge sweets which are not good for you! (1/0) download
Street Fighter - Thunder Devil 1.0 -  Try to stop the space corperation to stop their evil experiments on mutants. In this cool action game you can play as either male of female and unlease your electric skills on countless of enemies. Controls:WASD keys to move, J/K/L to attack and defend. combo1 : S-W-F , combo2 : S-D-J , combo3: secret. (6/0) download
Street Fighter 3 1.0 -  Pick one of the 12 characters available in this Champion Edition: Ryu, Ken, Honda, Chun-li, Blanka, Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M.Bison. After every third match you will participate in a "bonus game" including car-breaking, barrel breaking and drum-breaking for additional points. Will you survive till the end by defeating each ... (20/0) download
Sonic X Extreme 1.0 -  Sonic returns in a NEW flash game. Grab the golden rings and don't die. How long can you stay alive? (10/0) download
Sonic Cosmic Rush 1.0 -  A Cosmic Rush. Play as tails the best friend of Sonic. Well You must collecting rings and avoiding spikes and other traps. This is only the demo but You can play it for a long time. (4/0) download