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miniME (Metadata Explorer) for Mac OS 1.0.4 -  view the hidden QuickTime metadata in Final Cut Pro ... s format the QuickTime metadata available might include: date ... and export the QuickTime metadata columns to an Excel ... (2/0) download

Metadata Export for iPhoto for Mac OS 1.1.0 -  allows you to export metadata about your iPhoto library ... Property ListWith the exported metadata, you can do things ... (2/0) download
PDF Metadata Changer 2.3 -  PDF Metadata Changer is an utility ... (3/0) download
PDF Metadata Remover 2.1 -  PDF Metadata Remover is an utility ... (1/0) download
Excel Metadata Changer 2.2 -  Excel Metadata Changer is an utility ... (4/0) download
PowerPoint Metadata Changer 2.1 -  PowerPoint Metadata Changer is an utility ... (2/0) download
.NET Metadata Expert 2.14 -  and analyze dependencies between metadata elements of .NET components ... the source code. .NET Metadata Expert offers a quick ... Working via reflection, .NET Metadata Expert visualizes dependencies between metadata elements by drawing hierarchy ... (0/0) download
SQLite Metadata Reader 1.0 Alpha -  SQLite Metadata Reader is designed as ... assembly that returns the metadata of a SQLite database ... (2/0) download

Find Files By Metadata Software 7.0 -  to find files by metadata text. For example, if a.jpg has the metadata Camera maker Sony then ... the file path and metadata. There is a feature ... (3/0) download
Document Metadata Cleaner 3.0 -  store information (known as metadata) that you had no ... of including or disclosing. Metadata Cleaner allows to remove that information. Metadata information that can be ... (3/0) download
Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor 1.0.0 -  Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor is a powerful ... to view and edit metadata of PDF documents. It ... and replace operations in metadata fields are also possible. Features: The following metadata fields can be modified ... (7/0) download
Filecats Metadata 2.2 -  Introducing the cataloger and metadata extractor Filecats Metadata for Windows 7, 8 ... and file names, Filecats Metadata imports up to several hundred additional metadata fields (document properties), including ... from the body. Filecats Metadata is enables you to ... (20/0) download
Metadata Analyzer 2.1 -  editing time and other metadata. All this makes the ... and/or an embarrassing situation. Metadata Analyzer is an analytical ... can infringe your privacy. Metadata Analyzer shall advise you ... (89/0) download
MetaViewer 1.0 -  need to retrieve the metadata for specific files. Pinpoint ... quickly extract file system metadata, OLE metadata contained in Microsoft Office ... the power of viewing metadata and hash values inside ... (203/0) download
MetaDataMiner Catalogue PRO 4.2.22 -  Tool for archivists: extracts metadata from MS Office, PDF ... of HTML pages and metadata in tags according to ... JPEG/TIFF/PSD images, - Adobe XMP metadata retrieval from Photoshop, Acrobat ... (94/0) download
Exif wMarker 2.1.0 -  of exif or iptc metadata fields. Exif wMarker allows ... from exif or iptc metadata fields Exif wMarker can ... (171/0) download
Metadata Hootenanny 1.0 -  Viewer/editor for metadata in QT movies. (16/0) download
A-PDF Rename 5.4 -  document based on content, metadata and file attributes within ... update multiple PDF files metadata(title, author, subject and ... to rename and change metadata. Features includes: * Fastest ... (163/0) download
Kalimages PRO 1.0.9 -  image management to capture metadata from photos or other ... extract you customized XMP metadata, not only the standard ... (7/0) download
Exiv2 0.22 -  utility to manage image metadata. It provides fast and ... Exif, IPTC and XMP metadata of images in various ... Exif, IPTC, and XMP metadata of an image * ... (2/0) download
Exiv2 for Linux 0.22 -  utility to manage image metadata. It provides fast and ... Exif, IPTC and XMP metadata of images in various ... Exif, IPTC, and XMP metadata of an image * ... (6/0) download
MetadataTouch 5.1 -  to view and edit metadata in Microsoft Office 2007 ... to view and edit metadata. With MetadataTouch you can edit metadata fields such as revision ... a superior tool for metadata management, and it is ... (1/0) download
SobekCM METS Editor 1.0.2 -  you create METS-compliant metadata files for digital library ... (0/0) download
MetaMaster 20111013 Beta -  define, manage and manipulate metadata associated with a collection ... (2/0) download
SPList Manager for SharePoint 2007 1.2 -  to import & manage metadata for list items in ... complete. Regularly keep updating metadata for existing list items ... (3/0) download