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Electro Box 1.2 -  machine app filled with beats, sounds and stabs. Hours of ... musician to use Electrobox. Sounds are cool, and you ... ... (5/0) download

Bongos! 1.5 -  Featuring high quality sounds and graphics, Bongos! is ... Play alone, to the metronome with over 20 different sounds, or to our unique Pocket Beats and Loops. You can ... optional in-app purchase) - Metronome with 23 sounds to choose from and ... (0/0) download
Metal Guitar HD 1.0 -  simply match the authentic sounds in this app to ... *********** - Amazing High-Quality Sounds - HD Graphics - Easy Controls - Touch Indication - Metronome (BEATS IN BACKGROUND) - Volume Adjuster ... (4/0) download
MetroCorder 3.2 -  MetroCorder is a precise metronome, a high quality stereo ... them to control a metronome, record themselves, manage their ... we have! Major Features: - Metronome - Stereo Recorder - Instrument Tuner - Practice Timer - Recording Management Metronome Details: - Precise metronome. - 10 sounds including a human voice ... (2/0) download
TapNTune for Mac OS 1.3 -  a combination tuner and metronome that runs from a ... features of both a metronome and a tuner, but ... Many more features - New metronome click sounds from samples by Jon ... (5/0) download
FlexiMusic Kids Composer DEC2010 2010 -  button to see the Beats window, where you can ... (3/0) download
Metronome Plus 2.001 -  tunable up to 300 beats per minute. We have implemented 15 sounds you can configure. A ... is needed for running metronome. Addional features are the ... (3/0) download
Dr.Betotte TC 3.5 -  Multi divisions metronome program. 5 volume sliders ... triplet and beat note sounds. Tap tempo. Halftime feel ... set up to 16 beats per cycle with the ... (5/0) download

Crystal Metronome 1.4.5 -  featured, high quality software metronome for Windows. All the ... complex meters including five beats per bar as 3+2 and 2+3, seven beats per bar, and more ... Save presets. Fully configurable sounds, 23 provided. Every beat ... (112/0) download
PC Metronome 1.0 -  PC Metronome is a high-quality precision metronome for Windows, which simulates a portable digital metronome. Concise and high-fidelity electronic and natural wood metronome sounds and simulated red LEDs ... ... (202/0) download
Instant Country Drums Beats 1.9.2 -  Download and Sample all Beats for FREE via www ... com Musicians- EZ Digital Metronome with real drum sounds in a variety of beats to play along with ... play. Dj - Mix these beats into your set. If ... (0/0) download
Musica Metronome 1.1 -  The best metronome in your pocket. New ... UNIFORMITY Exact number of beats per minute, each one ... drifting time, no lagging beats. Musica Metronome is accurate to the ... (2/0) download
Guitar-Online Metronome 2.0 -  This metronome plays tempos from 40 to 340 beats per minute. It also ... accent, intermediate and regular beats, and displays meter, tempo ... (94/0) download
jMetronome 1.0 -  jMetronome is a metronome for musicians to keep ... card is used for sounds. You can select time ... for hard and light beats). The sound files cannot ... (2/0) download
Time Guru Metronome 2.6 -  says: "This ingenious super metronome was developed by funky ... It will leave out beats randomly to force you ... Guru is the only metronome with the ability to ... (2/0) download
Guitar MAN Metronome 1.0 -  This metronome application isGuitar MANofficial application ... also set an irregular beats, such as three-quarter ... (2/0) download
Glow Beats 1.1 -  Glow Beats is a one of ... a combination of funky sounds and even funkier animations ... of the excitement. Glow Beats features an extensive and eclectic bank of funky sounds. Loop, change tempo, and layer sounds to create your own ... (7/0) download
Binaural Beats Generator 3.0 -  Binaural Beats Generator is the best ... white noise, and nature sounds, you're sure to find ... control *White Noise *Nature Sounds *Plays while listening to ... (6/0) download
TrueMetronome 2.8 -  of being called a metronome. Almost all metronome apps boast about their ... sensitive hearing notice inaccurate beats all the time. It ... create a perfectly accurate metronome on a mobile device ... (1/0) download
Metronome - Tick Tock 1.0 -  By adjusting the metronome, facility can be achieved ... 'tempi'. Adjust the tempo (beats per minute) from 1 ... 3/4, and 4/4. This metronome also has a speed ... (4/0) download
Heart-Beats 1 -  Heart Beats is a procedural drum ... like or love the sounds it's making. Created by ... (2/0) download
MetroTemp Metronome 1.2 -  MetroTemp is a minimalist metronome designed to present the ... Features landscape view, adjustable beats, time signatures, fullscreen flash ... (4/0) download
Beats Brainwave Free 1.0Beats Brainwave is a high quality binaural beats brainwave entrainment and whitenoise ... Utilizing a variety of sounds, combined with binaural beats, brainwave entrainment can help ... desired state of mind. Beats Brainwave can be used ... (5/0) download
Free metronome 1.50 -  Free metronome from GCH Guitar Academy ... for practising with. This metronome is brought to you ... (123/0) download
Metronome 1.000 -  tunable up to 250 beats per minute. We have implemented nine sounds you can configure. If ... can add your own sounds. The format of the sounds is 16 bit - row ... (99/0) download