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Morse Guru 2.0 -  most accurate transmitter and decoder in the app store*** ... alike!! Transmit and decode morse code. At speeds upto 60WPM!! Morse Guru is a sophisticated morse code decoder, encoder, translator and visualizer ... with support for multiple morse code standard sets like the International Morse Code, Russian Morse Code, Japanese and Korean. So ... (4/0) download

Valiance Backbone for CW - VBC 1.2 -  is Morse-code decoder, "Valiance Backbone for CW (VBC)" .I guess Morse-code signal decoding ability exceeds expensive Morse-decoder machines and personal-computer's ... this app. in real Morse communication on HAM radio ... for FFT and the Morse-carrier-detection algorithm are ... (3/0) download
Text To Morse Code Converter Software 7.0 -  Convert multiple characters to morse code. Play results as audio ... (16/0) download
CW Decoder 2.99 -  Decode Morse code from a radio 5 ... frequency control (AFC) Transmit Morse code, keyboard input 5 to ... (7/0) download
Morse Pilot 1.00 -  Learn Morse code with Morse Pilot. The program accompanies each keystroke with a Morse code sound. This way you can learn Morse code alphabet with no effort ... (84/0) download
Morse Code For Beginners 1.1 -  ever wanted to master morse code? Morse Code For Beginners gives you ... little or no prior morse code experience, it allows you ... to and save any morse code phrase. Game: The game ... (3/0) download
Maritime Quizz 1.0 -  learning maritime flags and morse code is easy and fun ... on flags, hearing the morse code and corresponding messages. Later ... quiz you on flags, morse and international messages with ... (92/0) download
FMorse -  program designed to teach morse code, improve your speed, to train reading Morse code and convert text files to morse. Learn Morse Code and practice by listening ... from the soundcard. Learn morse code using morse code lessons from Fmorse. (194/0) download

Morse code translator V 1:0Morse code translator Is a small ... translates English words in Morse code. Morse code translator V 1:0 ... ... (57/0) download
Cute CW 0.4 -  Learning morse code is hard, but this ... (2/0) download
Morse Code Tools 2.3Morse News (formerly RSS Morse) periodically reads one or ... International or American (railroad) Morse code. The Morse code can be played as ... for Farnsworth effects. American code generation includes timing nuances ... (2/0) download
MRX Morse Code 1.6 -  MRX Morse Code is a program designed to teach/improve morse code receive and transmit skills. MRX Morse Code will sound morse from 5 to 100 ... any aspect of the Morse Code sounding ratio, and the ... Atmospheric Noise, and Manualized morse sounding. Combinations of these ... (6/0) download
Just Learn Morse Code 1.0 -  Just Learn Morse Code is designed to make it easy to learn Morse code, as well as improve ... who already know the code. The basic methods used ... timing. Features * Accurate Morse code timing * Thorough evaluation of code copied * Customizable character ... (3/0) download
Morse Code Master 2.1Morse Code Master is an innovative ... pilots and radio enthusiasts. Morse Code Master offers comprehensive training for developing your morse code skills. It is a ... which to quickly assimilate morse code - TRAINING mode then takes ... (4/0) download
MorseRabbit 0.21 -  to tap and understand Morse Code. MorseRabbit has two training ... are provided with a morse code sequence (both the visual ... to tap the corresponding morse code. After you master the ... (8/0) download
Cute CW for Linux 0.4 -  Learning morse code is hard, but this ... (2/0) download
Learning Morse Code 1.2 -  Learning Morse Code is an app that will help you learn morse code by listening to a ... then hearing it in morse. The app has a ... practice learning. Even though Morse Code is not a requirement ... (5/0) download
Dah Dit - Morse Code Tutor 1.5.0 -  art of communicating with morse code? Dah Dit is ... and sharing all things morse code! Learn morse code during workouts, walks and ... by listening to the code along with the spoken ... (6/0) download
MorseTale - Learning Morse Code 1.2 -  you want to learn Morse code, the easiest way is ... way to learn Korean Morse code without MorseTale!! MorseTale is ... effective application for learning Morse Code of English and Korean ... (4/0) download
Generate Morse Code LITE 1.2 -  You can generate Morse Code sound from your iPhone(of the morse text). International button-Another ... Cyrillic, Korean, Japanese Create Morse Code sequences based on the ... or paste in. Convert Morse to Alphabet, or Alphabet to Morse , , , Changes: fixed bug. fixed ... (0/0) download
Above Morse Code 1.0 -  Above Morse Code provides a fun way to learn and practice morse code. A total of four ... into the world of morse code! In this version ... reveal correct answer 9. Morse Code Reference Board with A ... (16/0) download
Morse Code: Secret Code 1.1 -  Welcome to Morse Code: Secret Code! Send a ... hardly anyone can understand. Morse code is such an old ... "secret message" sent in Morse code. In order to understand ... (2/0) download
Morse Code Machine 1:0 -  and welcome to the Morse Code Machine. The perfect app ... the written word into morse code, and morse code to plain type, and ... your written message or morse code, press translate, and the ... (5/0) download
Morse Code Study Buddy! 1.0Morse Code Study Buddy is a fun and effective Morse Code study tool designed to ... the full set of Morse Code characters. Some of Morse Code Study Buddy's features include ... your knowledge of the Morse Code. Your progress is saved ... (9/0) download
Morse Code Flasher 1.1 -  the iPhone to send morse code messages. Features: - Easy to create list of morse codes. - Your list is ... person seeing it understands morse code) Download and have fun!!! ... phrase once and the morse code will repeat your message ... (2/0) download