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Repeating Motif Generator for Mac OS 3.0.5 -  The repeating motif graphic is made by ... that construct the repeating motif. If you set the ... oscillator in the master motif editor under Leopard environment ... (1/0) download

Vim-motif -  Visual editor iMproved - motif (lesstif) The VIsual editor ... is built with X, Motif (lesstif 0.81), perl ... (10/0) download
Vim-motif-rhcn -  Visual editor iMproved - motif (lesstif) The VIsual editor ... is built with X, Motif (lesstif 0.81), perl ... (15/0) download
TweenMotif 1.1 -  of a specified target motif within a set of ... (1/0) download
Stitch & Motif Maker 3.0 -  Stitch & Motif Maker is a tool ... can create your own motif designs or make use ... choose from. Stitch & Motif Maker supports a dual ... (4/0) download
Motif Waveform Editor 1.4Motif Waveform Editor is a ... and Voices on the Motif XF or Motif XS in a comfortable ... It supports editing of Motif XF X3A, X3V and X3W files and Motif XS X0A, X0V, X0W ... (2/0) download
Invictus 1 -  game with a heroic motif, set in the world ... (314/0) download
Ch -- C/C++ interpreter 3.5 -  Ch supports 1990 ISO C Standard (C90),major features in C99, classes in C++, POSIX, X11/Motif, OpenGL, ODBC,XML, GTK+, Win32, CGI, 2D/3D graphical plotting, socket/Winsock, C LAPACK, Intel OpenCV and National Instrument's Data Acquisition toolkit NI-DAQ, Ni-Motion, high level numeric functions, and shell programming. The extensions in Ch provide the ... (84/0) download

Mpsql -  to Oracle's Server Manager motif worksheet and Microsoft's Windows ... few enhancements to the Motif version. New Features:Ability ... (14/0) download
Mozilla-static -  linked version Statically linked Motif (and most other libs ... (9/0) download
Nedit-static -  executable does not require motif Nedit - Motif/X Windows GUI ... (73/0) download
Nedit-shared -  editor, shared executable requires motif Nedit - Motif/X Windows GUI ... (58/0) download
Xmbase-grok -  Flat-file database with motif interface xmbase-grok, is ... (12/0) download
Xmgr-dynamic -  xmgr) Xmgr is a Motif application for two-dimensional ... (59/0) download
Xltcdplay -  is a LessTif (or MOTIF) X based CD audio ... (18/0) download
SM/Editor 3.0 -  Full-featured Motif-based text editor. Full-featured Motif-based text editor. (183/0) download
XmcdMotif based CD player Motif based CD player. Lets ... (6/0) download
Smirc -  binaries dynamically linked with Motif Installing this package installs ... is dynamically linked with Motif 2.1. You must have Motif 2.1 installed in ... (8/0) download
AsWedit -  X Window System and Motif. It offers three independent ... (33/0) download
Mdb-staticMotif based Address and Phone ... manager Mdb is a Motif based Database Manager. It ... (56/0) download
Smirc-common -  client, based on the Motif widget set. This release ... program dynamically linked with Motif 2.1 libraries. Install ... if you already have Motif 2.1 installed. The ... (13/0) download
Smirc-static -  binaries statically linked with Motif Installing this package installs ... statically linked with the Motif 2.1 library. You ... run SmIRC, without needing Motif. See the smirc-common ... (6/0) download
Yrolo -  Yrolo is a program for maintaining database for people`s name, address, phone number, email etc Yrolo is a X/Motif program for maintaining, manipulating and displaying databases of people`s name, address etc. (9/0) download
Moxfm -  A Motif alternative to xfm Moxfm ... (8/0) download
Ml-static -  and MIME A superior (Motif based) mail &\; news ... (8/0) download