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Lazy Mouse 1.2.7 -  Lazy Mouse is a free, easy ... faster.To access Lazy Mouse, double-click the middle mouse button or use key ... ... (63/0) download

AutoClick Robot 2.0 -  Auto Click Robot is a software that can perform clicks on specified images, specified points, perform defined keyboard inputs, copy text and more. Setup at out website. It can perform sequence of events like click a image(1 or n times), then click a point, then copy a text at a location, repeat some actions in loop. Easy to configure and far ... (158/0) download
RolloSONIC 1.0.1 -  100% Freeware fully-modular sound-synthesis environment with mouse-guided parameter-control and ... (3/0) download
MouseWrangler 1.3.4547 Build 1.0 -  MouseWrangler is a freeware utility for performing mouse gestures. MouseWrangler monitors the mouse while Right-Click is ... (3/0) download
AutoIt -  AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language ... combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement and window/control manipulation ... syntax - Simulate keystrokes and mouse movements - Manipulate windows and ... (428/0) download
Free Random Password Generator 1.3 -  Generator is password generator freeware for generating random passwords ... you specify with one mouse click. Using Free Random ... (7/0) download
Jiggler for Mac OS 1.4 -  A little freeware utility that jiggles your mouse periodically, preventing sleep and ... (4/0) download
QuickMonth Calendar 2.2 -  QuickMonth Calendar is a freeware program which displays a ... Windows desktop whenever your mouse hovers over the clock ... (4/0) download

Soundy Mouse 1.0 -  Soundy Mouse allows you to step ... adding sound to your mouse movement (uses the PC ... you can give your mouse more freedom with the mouse cursor wrapping technology. This technology makes the mouse wrap around the screen ... (2/0) download
Dragger32 1.0 -  Dragger32 features : - AutoClick™ performs mouse button clicks using dwell ... (3/0) download
DIPAX ClickMaster 6.4 -  the buttons of a mouse automatically, without a mouse button needed to be used(autoclick). For this purpose a ... preselection of the emulated mouse button.The chosen action ... completed automatically when the mouse pointer is held still ... (4/0) download
Clikka Mouse Free 1.6.4 -  the functions of the mouse. This can be done ... the use of a mouse device: left or right ... scrolling, selection, etc. Clikka Mouse Free should be used together with other mouse emulator programs such as ... (4/0) download
Joy To Mouse Free -  have difficulty using the mouse. Joy To Mouse allows you to use ... it were a normal mouse by transferring the operating ... (6/0) download
exe-eBook Creator 1.5 -  eBook creator is a freeware ebook compiler for TreePad ... with just a few mouse clicks. This stand-alone ... (2/0) download
SkyAlbum Photo Gallery Builder 1.00 -  an easy to use freeware that help you create ... gallery with a few mouse clicks and then upload ... friends. Features: (1). It's freeware. (2). As easy as ... (3/0) download
Daves Locks 3.21.11 -  is a unique origional freeware puzzle game. All control ... the left and right mouse buttons so you won't ... when to hold the mouse button down and when ... (6/0) download
MouseZoom 1.5Mouse as magnifier, color dropper ... It zooms the current mouse position (up to 50x ... the point where the mouse is. MouseZoom is available ... (74/0) download
Sounding Keyboard and Mouse 2.95 -  Sounding Keyboard and Mouse will bring you great ... press keys or click mouse. The program allows you ... (134/0) download
Mouse's House 1.0 -  Help funny little mouse built the best cheese ... ways. Join the little mouse and together you will ... (38/0) download
VolumeTouch 1.1 -  A freeware replacement utility to replace ... Supports various keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Supports mute/unmute, access ... be controlled with both mouse wheel and mouse positioning control so you don't have to have mouse wheel to use the ... (132/0) download
Mouse Wheel Control 2.0Mouse Wheel Control enhances the features of the mouse wheel. With Mouse Wheel Control, you can use the mouse wheel even where it ... of programs where the mouse wheel is not used ... way than you'd like. Mouse Wheel Control solves this ... (137/0) download
Easy Mouse Lock 1.0 -  Lock Mouse cursor with Easy Lock Mouse Utility within user defined rectangle.Mouse is released when utility ... be minimised automatically when mouse cursor is locked.Trial ... (92/0) download
Mouse Trail Sparkle Dust 1.0Mouse Trail Sparkle Dust is ... an animation following the mouse around. It's easy to ... (522/0) download
Blinky Blink 1.3 -  Blinky Blink is a Freeware game that tests your ... how to use a mouse as well. Adjustable skill ... (15/0) download
WheelsOfVolume 1.00Freeware application that allows you ... the mousewheel. When the mouse wheel is clicked (middle mouse button) the sound will ... uses very litle resources. Freeware application that allows you ... (38/0) download