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Kids Music Chords - For Child To Learn & Play Musical Instrument Games 1.0 -  child is interested in music but what are his ... of drums? Ultimate Kids Music Chords, offers an all-in ... ... (2/0) download

ChordLead 1.0.4 -  You create the music chords on iphone, in your ... support sketches of your music. Score - Easy transpose key ... song Play - automatically play music by your score - Instruments ... (1/0) download
TinyMusic 1.0 -  There are seven little music persons in music family, and they hope ... to people through the music, but no matter how ... cannot complete the perfect music in their heart. Now ... (1/0) download
Piano Reference 1.0 -  you how to play CHORDS and SCALES over a ... piano, just read the chords (C#, F, Db, etc ... be able to play chords. Piano Reference can also ... (1/0) download
All That Chords! 3.0 -  Visualize how to play a piano chord on the virtual keyboard. Select the chord you want (From Cm to Bb7(b5)add13...all are here !) et voil Requirements: PC 400MHz (15/0) download
AcreSoft Music For Me 1 -  AcreSoft Music For Me is a music program for studing treble notes, bass notes, chords, beats, and scale. This ... (49/0) download
Akoff Music Composer 3.0 -  Akoff Music Composer is a song ... software that assists in music creation. Hum your melody ... the MIDI sequence, makes chords and arranges the song ... (165/0) download
Spell ID 5.1 -  Easy to advanced graduated music theory exercises with instant ... self testing: scales, intervals, chords, cadences, secondary dominants, 'borrowed' chordss, and pop chords in 'real' books. Easy ... file is a complete music theory book. Teach yourself ... (4/0) download

Music Theory Chords 1.5 -  of Triads and Seventh Chords. Test just using your ears, and/or analyze the music notation. Triads tested are ... diminished and augmented. Seventh chords tested are diminished, min7 ... (0/0) download
PianoFX STUDIO 4.0 -  is an advanced Piano Music Keyboard Synthesizer for the ... can play live piano music using your PC keyboard ... Piano. The player piano music keyboard interface & piano ... (644/0) download
Chordastic 1.2 -  to create and manage music chord tabs. The interface ... is a lyrics and chords editor, an essential tool ... musicians or not. The music tabs are totally editable ... (5/0) download
GBK Music 1.4 -  GBK Music is musical software that ... musician's to find chords, scales and help in all other aspects of music. Displays up to 6 ... (7/0) download
Chords + Lyrics 1.1Chords + Lyrics is an ... app that manages sheet music for mere mortals. Targeted at amateur musicians, Chords + Lyrics lets you ... your tablature or sheet music from your favourite website, recognising chords and making the song ... (6/0) download
Music Theory Advanced 1.5 -  modules; Notes, Keys, Intervals, Chords, and Rhythms, to test basic music skills at an advanced ... Notes, Keys, Intervals, and Chords feature: Four clefs to ... intervals by notation alone. Chords Test your knowledge of Triads and Seventh Chords. Triads are major, minor diminished and augmented. Seventh Chords are diminished, min7(b5 ... (5/0) download
Pack of Chords Rock 1.02 -  'Pack of Chords - Rock Deck' builds on ... 'Pack of Chords' new music generator app to give ... looking to create rock music, some new inspiration. If ... (2/0) download
Key Chords -  in that "same old chords, same old progressions" rut? Key Chords helps guitarists discover new chords and new chord progressions. Ever study music theory? With Key Chords, music theory 101 is built ... (1/0) download
Beep Music Maker 1.0 -  Beep Music Maker is is a ... and create a Beep Music band! With Beep Music Maker you can play individual notes or chords. Join with a group ... create the ultimate Beep Music group. This app is ... (2/0) download
Random Guitar Chords 1.1.0 -  Write guitar music. Learn new chord changes ... set of 7 random chords in that key. Play each of the chords in order and you've ... and changes by playing chords that fit in a ... (1/0) download
Music Theory 102 - Harmony 1.2Chords infuse music with color and emotion ... and magic behind creating chords in this Harmony tutorial ... basic building blocks for chords. In this tutorial youll ... (3/0) download
Do you have ear for music? 1.0 -  scales, intervals, notes and chords just by hearing them ... (4/0) download
Beep Music Creator 1.0 -  Beep Music Creator is is a ... and create a Beep Music band! With Beep Music Creator you can play individual notes or chords. Join with a group ... create the ultimate Beep Music group. This app is ... (1/0) download
Guitar Suite - Metronome Tuner & Chords Library 2.4.0 -  #1 Music App in over 76 ... contains six essential screens: Chords, Scales, Play Mode (with ... of over 2 Million chords. Visual feedback from the ... (2/0) download
Guitar Chords - 6 string guitar with fretboard and chord learning tool 2.1 -  - Guitar Chords app is a great music app that enables one ... iOS devices. -Best10Apps - Guitar Chords is an absolutely beautiful ... how to play the chords. -iPhone App Review FEATURES ... (4/0) download
Note Trainer - Sight Read Music 1.3.1 -  your ability to read music. It is aimed at beginners, music students, musicians and anyone ... musical notes and musical chords. Exercise levels range from ... exercises for notes and chords - Custom exercises for notes and chords - Note Trainer guides you ... (1/0) download
Chord Pickout 2.0 -  he needs to guess chords for a song is ... pick out the right chords or even make a ... artificial intelligence to guess chords for you. All you ... (164/0) download