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My Personal Diary Personal Diary lets anyone keep a private diary, journal or log for ... (276/0) download

My digital Diary Professional Edition 3.2My digital Diary 3 bietet alles was ... und Editieren von Eintrngen. My digital Diary 3 bietet alles was ... (16/0) download
My digital Diary Standard Edition 3.2My digital Diary 3 bietet alles was ... und Editieren von Eintrngen. My digital Diary 3 bietet alles was ... (18/0) download
My Voice Diary 1.6My Voice Diary is a personal voice diary software. You can keep a voice diary or journal on your PC with it. The diary file is encrypted, so ... can also export your diary to MP3 file to ... (2/0) download
Elementary My Dear Majesty 32.0 -  Elementary My Dear Majesty is an adventure ... (2/0) download
My Training Diary Training Diary is a simple PC ... athlete. The foundation of My Training Diary is the ability to ... the world. For example, My Training Diary can be configured to ... (192/0) download
My Diet Diary Diet Diary keeps track of the ... Release notes: New Release My Diet Diary is a handy utility ... are exceeding targetsMy Diet Diary keeps track of the ... (1/0) download
SSuite Office - My Calendar Diary Portable 1.0 -  Portable Calendar and Diary for people on the move Portable Calendar and Diary for people on the ... (0/0) download

My Personal Diary (32-bit) v2000.4.0.1 -  you keep a private diary or journal for tracking ... ability to merge multiple diary files, backup and restore ... (26/0) download
My Personal Diary (16-bit) v4.60a -  you keep a private diary or journal for tracking ... (19/0) download
myBudget 1.0 -  With myBudget you can create your monthly budget without needing an MBA degree to complete. It is simple but efficient. You don't need to hide your budget on your computer because it is password protected and it has a cool look. Customize your font and background image with a cool user interface. You also have the ability to export your budget expenses ... (2/0) download
Sherlock Holmes - A Library 3.0 -  Its elementary my dear reader, Sherlock Holmes - A ... (317/0) download
Ace the CSET Multiple Subjects 5My Study Diary allows you to create ... desire, it's your personal My Study Diary! Studying with ... (71/0) download
MP3 Recorder XP 1.8 -  I install it in my dell inspiron 2650 laptop ... every day to record my thoughts as my voice diary. I think PC based ... digital voice recorder. Plus, my PC can record over ... (35/0) download
Dear Diary v3.0 -  Lets you simply and neatly journal your day to day thoughts and activities. A powerful text search feature lets you view all your entries pertaining to a particular person, place, event, etc. You may store over 64,000 characters of notes per day. You can print your entries, and can also print entries for a specified date range. The program also features ... (20/0) download
My Simple LogBook 2.7My Simple LogBook is a ... logs or even a diary. The application can also ... (2/0) download
All My Journals 1.0 -  All My Journals is a diary and journaling tool that ... (3/0) download
The StarMessage Diary Software 2.1 -  The StarMessage diary is an excellent way ... your life. The StarMessage diary looks like a real diary so you can start ... application into the StarMessage Diary. If you really like keeping a diary, the StarMessage diary will allow you to ... (387/0) download
Digital Diary 4.6 -  Digital Diary is a tool to ... audibly and visually. Digital Diary main features: - Create your ... every page in the diary. - Read the latest news with Digital Diary RSS. - Record your friends' info with Digital Diary Contacts. - Send e-mails using Digital Diary Mailer.- Create your photo gallery with Digital Diary Gallery, and make it ... (221/0) download
Advanced Diary 2.1 -  and powerful private digital diary for your daily records? Advanced Diary is the perfect choice ... feature, because no other diary software is capable of ... the work! Second, Advanced Diary is clearly structured and ... (144/0) download
My Free Mahjong 3.2 -  Congratulations on choosing My Free Mahjong! It is ... of a classic favorite. My Free Mahjong breaks into ... of completely different boards. My Free Mahjong supports English ... (308/0) download
Office Diary 2006 3.25 -  Office Diary 2006 is a software ... editing and managing your diary,document, publish writings, pictures ... (24/0) download
Computer Diary 2007 1.1 -  The simple diary system is based on ... software Azz Cardfile. This diary is different Saves time ... easy to export entire diary or selected days to ... (58/0) download
Alive Diary -  Alive Diary is a program for ... blog client. In Alive Diary, you can write posts ... and many others. Alive Diary has a huge set ... (69/0) download
MB Free Pagan Diary 1.0 -  MB Free Pagan Diary is an advanced yet ... the witch. MB Pagan Diary is such an e ... journal, a personal magic diary and much more. ... (331/0) download