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Junior Organizer Deluxe 3.9 -  junior clubs, boys and girls clubs, sport teams, camps ... (8/0) download

Stellarium for Linux 0.11.4 -  you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a ... (0/0) download
SeasonPlanner - 2004 4.0.1135 -  SeasonPlanner is an amazing tool to organize and motivate sports teams. You use the software to build team rosters, schedules, post picture galleries and articles. Before an event, you can write a preview headline and article. After events, you enter in the results, a picture, and write a headline and news article. You enter information and pictures ... (37/0) download
NameSpire 1.2 -  Entertaining and distinctive name ranking and charting software. NameSpire lets you easily peruse the most popular names, including origin and meaning, in the United States as determined by the Social Security Administration. Is a name becoming too popular? Are you looking for a name with a certain number of syllables? How about names that sound like ... (60/0) download
Detective Words 1.0 -  The city experiences an incredible wave of delinquency! Some group of criminals leaves lots of clues, and investigation methods used by valiant police are not effective. But brave detective Smith knows how to manage with the task. The keys to the offences are cipher words left by criminals as clues. Help detective find all hidden word-clues and expose ... (17/0) download
Catchy Words 1.0 -  Scratch through all the exciting catchy levels of this whiskered word game for all ages! Have fun while improving your vocabulary and word-building skills and get enormous Round Word Bonuses. Use wholesome hints of an invisible cat-friend to see how he looks like at the end of the round. It's a lucky chance to increase your brainpower having fun at ... (61/0) download
qeep-photoblog 2.06 -  Qeep in touch in full color: upload your pics and share them with your friends for FREE! Plus, you can play fun live games, send text messages, sound attacks or virtual gifts - all for free on QEEP! *Mobile Photoblogs: Share unlimited pics with qeep's photoblog while you are in the subway, at a concert or hiking in the mountains. Only you decide ... (19/0) download
Dress Up Cheff 1.3 -  Dress Up Cheff. This game continues our professional dress-up series. You can select from different clothes. (7/0) download

Cooking Game- Cook Bread Pizza 1.0 -  Cooking game: cook a bread pizza using given ingredients. You will use: 1 loaf of bread, 3 cheese slices, onion, basil leaves, capsium, oregano leaves, pepper powder, butter, tomato sauce. Visit if you like cooking games. (15/0) download
Beach Couple Dress Up Game 1.0 -  Dress up couple for beach holidays. Her name is Barbie, his name is Sam, their are from New York but now they are having rest on Jamaica. Help Sam and Barbie find their unique style, that fits boths of them. Imagine yourself being a fashion designer. Visit for more dress up games. (18/0) download
Cooking Game- Fisherman's Catch 1.0 -  Cooking game: cook white fish steaks. You will prepare marinade from olive oil and lemon juice. You will also need tomato sauce from tomatoes (skinned and chopped), olive oil and garlic gloves (chopped). In this game you will prepare fish steaks step by step. For more cooking games visit , you will also find a tutorial for ... (11/0) download
Cooking Game-Make Chicken Burger 1.0 -  Make an extraordinary chicken burger, all required ingredients are given to you. You will need: 500 mgs minced chicken, black pepper, egg, bowl bread crumbs, lettuce leaves, mayonnaise, mustard sauce, tomato ketchup, 1-2 rings of sliced onions, big size burger buns, salt. Imagine yourself being a chef with this cooking game. You can find more cooking ... (3/0) download
Cooking Game- Bake Orange Crunch Cake 1.0 -  Cooking game: bake orange crunch cake. To bake the cake you need: graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar, chopped nuts and butter . Visit if you need tutorial for this game. (5/0) download
Cooking Game- Cranberry Christmas Fudge 1.0 -  Cooking game: make a cranberry christmas fudge. Use given ingredients: semisweet chocolate, can condensed milk, tsp. vanilla, white chocolate, cream cheese, dried cranberries. For more cooking games visit , the game also contains complete tutorial and recipe. (2/0) download
Cooking Game- Cook Chicago Hot Dog 1.0 -  Cooking game: cook a Chicago hot dog from given ingredients. You will need: All-beef hot dog, poppyseed hot dog bun, tablespoon yellow mustard, pickles, chopped onion, tomatoes. Visit if you need tutorial on this cooking game. (5/0) download
LinLink 5.02 -  Dynamic ImagesAnimated BackgroundsFour Game ModesThree LevelsCustomized Themes and MapsYour own pictures may enter the game.You can play with your friends online and chat in voice at the same time.Try this, you won't regret it! (1/0) download
Amazon Chess Plus 2.1 -  If you love chess games then don't miss out on Amazon Chess. It is one of the most singular and unusual chess games you can find. Apart from the traditional game, you can play in amazon mode, where amazon warriors violently fight each other in place of conventional pieces. Amazon Chess has isometric graphics, each amazon piece is carefully designed ... (28/1) download
Delicious Fish Pizza 1.0 -  New free colorful cooking game by You have a recipe of delicious fish pizza so do not lose time and start to cook! There are hints inside the game that help you, rule with mouse left button. The game is great for kids. Freeware (8/0) download
Lounge Cocktail Barman 1.0 -  Freeware cooking and memory game for kids from You are working at the Lounge Cocktail Bar as barmen, your task is to look at the recipe, take the glass and ingredients by memory and shake delicious cocktails. (2/0) download
College Humor Firefox theme 1.3 -  College Humor is the funnest site on the net - all the pictures, videos and celebrity news you can handle! This theme for Firefox puts the site right in your browser theme! Includes a sidebar with video and news feeds, all updated realtime SEARCH: Our primary revenue source is BING. We will reset your default search engine when installed so please ... (2/0) download
Stagecast Creator 1.0 -  With Stagecast Creator, girls and boys alike use ... (0/0) download
No Birthday for iPhone 1.0 -  Why just celebrate the birthday? This simple application gives you the ability to turn every day into an occasion to celebrate. You can celebrate the first 100 days that you are together, your first 10,000 days of life or you can put 30,000 candles on the cake of your grandfather! ... (1/0) download
Kids Bunk Beds 1.0 -  If you have two children who must share the same room, you can at least give them their own private space to sleep by giving them a set of kids bunk beds. These versatile beds provide your children with their own special area to call their own while saving space in their bedroom for other pieces of necessary furniture. in this guide (by www.bunkbedsnow. (1/0) download
AzDGDatingMedium 1.9.3 -  100% Templates Based, Messaging System, Multilanguage, Multitemplate, SEO optimized, Matchmaker, Up to 64 photos upload, Slideshow, Video or Audio files, News, Testimonials, FAQ, Polls, Thumbnails and Watermarks, Popularity system, Access management system, Banner Ads Rotator, Online Users, Quick / Simple / Advanced search, Recommend us, Favorites, ... (1/0) download
World Of Fantasies Animated Wallpaper 1.0 -  Have a pleasant view of the fantasy world in your desktop, feel the peace and beauty around you. * 5 Beautiful Scenes. * High Quality Image and Effects. * Realistic Butterfly animation. * High Quality Sound. * Support Settings Language: English, Deutsch, Francais, Spanish. Requirements: No requirements (1/0) download