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Naruto Bicycle Game 1.0 -  Help naruto to drive to pass ... (67/0) download

Ninja Brawl 1.0 -  in this action-packed ninja game... FEATURES: - Over 20 locations ... playing? Don't worry, the game auto-saves! - Too hard ... (4/0) download
Nano Ninja 1.0 -  mission in this cool ninja game is to help the ... BUTTON to play this game, click for a different ninja action in each level ... (8/0) download
Teenage Mutant Ninja Game - Double Damage 2.0 -  Help the ninja turtles defeat shredder and ... (17/0) download
3 Ninjas Kick Back 1.0 -  is a traditional platform game with each of the ... (3/0) download
Naruto Game 1.0 -  Chakra as you race Naruto and try to defeat the Ninja enemies in this Naruto Game. Game i ... (13/0) download
Naruto Go 1.0 -  'Naruto Go' is a game of fighting skills and ... The hero of this game is the famous cartoon character Naruto Uzumaki, a teenager ninja who wants to save ... action, you should help Naruto in performing his tasks ... (25/0) download
Ninja Nuclear Defense 1.21 -  in this retro arcade game You play as Charleton ... plant janitor by day, ninja assassin by night. Alien ... foes with no remorse.Ninja Nuclear Defense is a ... (190/0) download

Naruto vs Bleach 1.0 -  Very powerful fighting game. Select the one from ... popular anime characters - Uzumaki Naruto, Ichigo from Bleach. Game is very smooth, have ... (66/1) download
Ninja Showdown 1.0Ninja Showdown is a fighting game based on GI-JOE ... In this free flash game, you will be able to fight against another ninja warrior controlled by the ... (3/0) download
Naruto Kunai Avoiding 1.0Naruto Kunai Avoiding is a small score game with Uzumaki Naruto and other Konoha characters ... main objective of this game is very simple just ... deadly shurikens by moving Naruto using the mouse. If ... (12/0) download
FunnyGames - Advanced Ninja 1.0 -  FunnyGames - Advanced Ninja is a fun easy to play game in which you play as a ninja that is equipped with ... (0/0) download
Naruto Game - The Unlimited Battle 1.0 -  the end of the game. Fight with Naruto characters in one player or two player battles. Game is very smooth, have ... (16/0) download
Ten Ton Ninja 1.1 -  Ten Ton Ninja is a wonderful free game for people of all ... role of a fat ninja, who jumps on platforms ... avoiding the enemies. The game includes 22 levels of ... (3/0) download
Ninja Man 1.0Ninja Man is a game about ninjas of different kinds. The ninja you are in control ... complete each level, the game will get harder and ... are totally customizable. The game is very addictive, and ... (3/0) download
Bunny Samurai 1.0 -  great free online arcade game you are a Ninja Bunny. You have to ... forest. The other evil Ninja Bunnies are waiting for ... ... (3/0) download
Fruit Ninja for Windows 8 1.0 -  fruit like a true ninja warrior. Be careful of ... your juicy adventure! Fruit Ninja features Classic, Zen and ... also please the wise ninja Sensei, who will accompany ... (15/0) download
Final Ninja 1.0 -  You are the best ninja of the world, Tekeshi ... Final Ninja! Use your ninja skills to defeat your ... MOUSE to throw a ninja star – click and ... (285/0) download
Naruto Ultimate Battle! 1.0Naruto Ultimate Battle! is a fun game, exciting and enjoyable game.This is a small fighting game, use key combinations to ... the chakra.Fight with Naruto characters in one player ... ... (60/0) download
Plain Sight 1.0 -  is a multiplayer arcade game about suicidal ninja robots. Fly through space ... great, but in this game it doesn’t win ... playing field with in-game power-ups - Spend your ... (2/0) download
Teeny Tiny Ninja 0.5 -  could you make a game like Lemmings even better? ... over the place. This game is totally free so ... (2/0) download
Naruto Screensaver 1.0 -  Free anime and manga Naruto Uzumaki screen saver by, containing all of our Naruto Uzumaki wallpapers into this ... pictures and videos of Naruto Uzumaki , so be sure ... interested in our other Naruto character screen savers - located ... (20/0) download
Free Naruto Akatsuki Screensaver 3.0 -  of ten high-level ninja that have defected from ... as they traverse the Naruto world. Despite this partnership ... (5/0) download
Logical 5 Board Game 1.0.12 -  An addictive board game for 1 or 2 ... player mode inclued. Freeware. Game Rules: Make at least ... (159/0) download
Name The Picture Funny Captions For Pictures Game 1.2 -  Funny Captions For Pictures Game. Each person in the game sees a picture, and ... wins that round! The game includes a ranking system ... everyone to have a game. Each version of the game is interplayable - one version ... (100/0) download