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Chess Position Trainer 3.3Chess Position Trainer is a state-of-the-art chess software with a focus on chess opening, training and repertoire management. What a mouthful. Chess Position Trainer is both ... same time. More simply, Chess Position Trainer is what ... learn and train your chess opening repertoire, not fight ... (26/0) download

ChessExpert XP 3.7.4Chess software programs for playing chess are fun and help you improve your chess game. d.f.g ... is not just a chess playing monster, it is a friendly chess partner for beginners to ... of options for computer chess. d.f.g ChessExpert ... (67/0) download
Hiarcs 10 13.1 -  multiple World Championship winning chess engine and the current World Chess Software Champion. HIARCS is available ... HIARCS provides the strongest chess software on many platforms and ... desktops. HIARCS is the chess engine generally used by World Chess Champion Vishy Anand. We ... (26/0) download
XieXieMaster 2.5 -  books for Xiexie chinese chess software. Xiangqi, known in the west as Chinese Chess, is an extremely popular ... (9/0) download
Chinese Chess Stoneman 8.0 -  level and popular Chinese Chess Game software.the 10th Olympic Chinese Chess Software Match silver Medal award ... Huge Open Book;Chinese Chess Books Inside;Beatify UI ... beating computer and improving chess level; Play game from ... (3/0) download
Chinese Chess Giant 6.2 -  level and popular Chinese Chess Game software.Support 2 and 4 ... a friend;Automatic playing chess features inside. Operation is ... simple. Almost any other chess software or client of online ... (5/0) download
Personal Chess Trainer 2007_3.02 -  PCT is a chess training software, developed by GM Gilberto ... Blending method with a software technology, it become dynamic ... been specially indicated for chess players who want to ... (299/0) download
Byzantine Circular Chess 2.1 -  Byzantine Circular Chess is a computer chess game. The program actively ... approach to a traditional chess game. Users can play circular chess against computer or a friend, find new chess strategies or make it the advanced chess tactics trainer. Packed with features this Circular Chess software also contains 5 additional games played on circular chess ... (7/0) download

CHESSeCLOCK 4.0 -  CHESSeCLOCK is a chess clock software which can be used ... opponents on a real chess set, simply load them to your favorite chess software which uses PGN file ... coming with new Electronic Chess Clock concept such as ... (4/0) download
3D Chess Pro 5.0 -  Play Chess in 3D with the ... (19/0) download
Shredder Classic 2.1 -  The Shredder chess programs by Stefan Meyer ... titles as World Computer Chess Champion, are leading in all important computer chess rating lists and are accepted as the best chess programs for PCs. They ... can find an adequate chess partner. Many functions for ... (140/0) download
Chess MentorA® 3.0 -  While other chess programs give you problems and answers, Chess Mentor allows you to ... chosen the wrong answer. Chess Mentor gives you feedback ... possible move on the chess board! Chess Mentor content is written by chess professionals and chess teachers such as IM ... (5/0) download
Virtual Chess Clock 1.1.0 -  Virtual Chess Clock is a small ... to offer you a chess clock software, allowing you to turn your computer into a chess clock. Of course, it' ... (14/0) download
Chess Opening Trainer 1.1 -  This software helps you learn and remember chess opening theory very effectively ... you can use this software to build your opening repertoire. Chess Opening Trainer builds on ... learning by doing. This software will help you learn and remember chess opening theory faster than ... (68/0) download
Chess Game Notation File Converter 1.0 -  The aim of this software is to convert Chess Notation from a language ... be readable by a chess playing software Chess games in electronic form ... Pgn=Portable Game Notation). The chess games are thus given ... (67/0) download
Chess Rating 1.0Chess Rating is a simple ... the USCF website. DKG Software is in NO WAY ... (0/0) download
Double Chess 1.3 -  either regular or double chess. The software has a natural interface ... easy to use. The software never comes between you ... can all improve our chess by playing more. Playing in regular chess mode lets you work ... (26/0) download
stChess 2.1 -  stChess is a software that allows you to ... the infrastructure regarding a chess tournament. You are able ... (0/0) download
Icons-Land Vista Style Chess Emoticons 1.0Chess Emoticons contain 12 chess smiley figures in Vista ... They are suitable for Chess Games, Instant Messengers, EMail ... Linux) and types of software (PC, mobile, web). Icons ... (5/0) download
MyPuzzle Fritz & Chesster 1.4 -  cool characters from the chess learn software Fritz and Chesster came ... (3/0) download
Software Organizer Deluxe 3.9Software Organizer Deluxe is a ... allows computer owners, institutions, software dealers, and computer clubs ... and ready-to-use software management solutions make it ... (399/0) download
Scheduling Software by Asgard 5.1 -  been producing employee scheduling software. Our Award winning Time ... (174/0) download
Software Administration Kit 1.8 -  The Software Administration Kit (SAK) is ... receive from most major software registration services and shopping ... user-defined classifications. The Software Administration Kit has a ... (85/0) download
MB Free Runes Software 1.10 -  MB Free Runes Software is a complete rune ... deck / spread creation software. Runes have long been ... that come with the software or the ones he ... (266/0) download
DRS 2006 - The radio automation software 2.11 -  The DRS 2006 Software Packages are complete radio ... users will enjoy this software equally as well. DRS ... world are celebrating this software as the new truly affordable radio automation software for anyone who likes ... (180/0) download