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TitleBarClock Pro 5.4.5 -  Displays the Day Date Month Time Year FreeDriveSpace ... side of the title bar in any main window ... (23/0) download

NikNak 2003 V1.0.0 -  A dockable bar that shows you often ... information like time, day, date, CPU and memory usage ... screen space. A dockable bar that shows you often ... (27/0) download
iClock for Mac OS X 3.0.5 -  menu bar date/time/stocks/alarms/time zone/calendar No. 2 ... See the time and date simultaneously in any format ... (26/0) download
MyClock 1.09 -  see the time and date in the task bar.Good for any office ... (23/0) download
TitleTime v1.80 -  Adds the current date and time to your current active window's title bar. The date and time format can ... configured to use regional date formats. YOu can customize ... ways, including showing the date and time together, or time or date separately. You can optionally ... (31/0) download
NikNak 2003 1.0.0 -  A dockable bar that shows you often ... information like time, day, date, CPU and memory usage ... screen space. The dockable bar can be docked on ... (20/0) download
ADing Bar v1.1 -  ADing Bar displays system information in ... Information displayed includes the date and time, system resources ... can also use ADing Bar to launch programs, set ... (54/0) download
doperoms Toolbar 5.7 -  a very fun tool bar that will help you be up to date with the latest game ... (1/0) download

Manufacturing Warehousing Barcode Fonts -  featured with creation of bar code label images having ... products information including manufacturing date, expiry details, products information ... Advanced best and comprehensive bar code label maker application ... (2/0) download
Digg Digg 5.2.2 -  330,000 downloads to date. It adds a nice floating bar to your blog, just ... options. Choose a floating bar like here: homepage or ... (2/0) download
Bar Code 2 of 5 Interleaved 3.7 -  Print your own bar code 2/5 interleaved or ... existing Windows program print bar codes. Bar code 2/5 interleaved is a high density numeric bar code, does not require ... number of digits. This bar code package contains 20 ... (153/0) download
True Launch Bar 4.2 -  True Launch Bar draws on the strengths ... full extent. True Launch Bar helps you harness the ... its strengths. True Launch Bar offers a system of ... (41/0) download
Bar Code 3 of 9 3.6 -  This TrueType and PostScript bar code font set adds ... is the most popular bar code type. It is ... an * (so to bar code 123 you type ... (111/0) download
IEBMaker 1.22 -  build an Internet Explorer bar tailored to your company's ... or uninstall your IE bar onto their systems with ... keeping them up to date and interested. Your IE Bar will always be visible ... (10/0) download
PDF Chart Creator Dynamic Link Library 1.2 -  to create area charts, bar charts, line charts and ... creation of area charts, bar charts, line charts and ... keywords, creator, producer, creation date). Set preferred PDF viewer ... (31/0) download
Easy Date Converter 9.77 -  Easy Date Converter is a program ... days from today. What date will that be? How ... make it easy. Easy Date Converter provides four calendrical ... (47/0) download
Bar Code 128 4.0 -  This bar code set includes OpenType ... virtually any Windows program. Bar code 128 requires a ... code, and end each bar code with a checksum ... (96/0) download
Date and Time Calculator 1.00.0000Date and Time Calculator will ... intervals. It features common date-related calculations, detailed date information (julian day number ... moon phase information, birth date calculator, due date calculator, and much more! (69/0) download Toolbar 1.0 -  free to download from Stay connected with ... meeting you for a date. Search millions of profiles ... other people. Download the toolbar now. (37/0) download
Advanced IE History Bar -  The Advanced IE History Bar makes it easy to ... the Advanced IE History Bar can show you every ... visit. Advanced IE History Bar helps you to find history entries for specific date-time of visit. Also ... (68/0) download
Fake Progress Bar 1.1 -  A Fake Progress Bar for your desktop. Ever ... (140/0) download
iPhone Tab Bar Icons 1.0 -  set of iPhone Tab Bar Icons, it is possible ... boss. Technically, iPhone Tab Bar Icons include 1255 unique ... worth. Using iPhone Tab Bar Icons, it will only ... (13/0) download
Bar Balance 1.0 -  Play bar balance game and drop ... crates onto a balancing bar, drop crates with the ... (18/0) download
Graphs Made Easy 3.2 -  program to make line, bar, pie, area, series bar and stack bar graphs. It has a ... and allows numbers or date values on the X ... (4/0) download
Status Bar Javascript Magic 1.0 -  Status Bar Javascript Magic (SBJM) is ... to animate the Status bar of their web pages ... used for creating Status Bar effects. Statusbar Javascript Magic ... (2/0) download