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Virtual Modem -  historical reasons, use direct modem connections to exchange data ... have made the direct modem connection obsolete. Here's why ... you use a direct modem connection, you need to have a physical modem installed on each PC ... (225/0) download

All Modem Tweak 1.00 -  All Modem Tweak is utility designed ... full potential of your Internet Connection. By default, most ... software will optimize your modem, browser and network connections ... (91/0) download
Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit is a good ... thing about Nokia’s Internet Toolkit is that it ... consists of three components - Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator 4.0, Nokia WAP Gateway Simulator 4.0 and Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1. To ... (6/0) download
KWConnect 1.06.0226 -  are connected to the Internet by a analog, digital or DSL modem. The program allows them ... or disconnect from the Internet and to schedule an ... (4/0) download
Internet Tweak 4.90Internet Tweak - Accelerate Internet Connection and Optimize Internet Explorer Settings. This software ... 300 secret settings of modem, web browser, and e ... (16/0) download
Free Direct dial 4 -  want to share your internet connection, Direct dial will ... ability to control your modem from ramote computer such ... (7/0) download
32bit Internet Fax 07.08.20 -  from Single Computer and Modem or Network with Multiple ... Send fax via the Internet. 32bit Internet Fax will add a ... in the world. 32bit Internet Fax has hundreds of ... (47/0) download
Internet Password Recovery Toolbox 1.3 -  Comprehensive solution for recovering Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Outlook ... passwords including passwords for modem connections, ISDN lines and virtual private networks. Internet Password Recovery Toolbox is ... comprehensive solution for recovering Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Outlook ... (19/0) download

Internet StartupInternet Startup is a utility for modem users. It loads all your Internet software (web browser, e ... ... (25/0) download
Optimizing Internet 2.1 -  of downloads from the Internet through raising the amplitude ... from your cable or modem. Includes built-in determining ... (97/0) download
Free Net Booster Lite -  you bored from your internet connection speed? Speed up your modem, Cable, DSL and ISDN ... tailor your own speed internet connections. Features: - Faster internet surfing - Keep your connection secure - Speed up your modem, Cable, DSL and ISDN ... than 115200 to your modem settings - Speed up your internet connection ... (550/0) download
Internet Speed Booster Speed Booster is the ... to speed up your internet connection. With Internet Speed Booster you can speed up you internet connection, utilize your memory, utilize your internet connection and change your ... The System Settings contains Internet properties, System Settings, Modem Settings and Network Settings ... (423/0) download
Throttle -  upgrades your computer and modem to download files faster ... the speed of your internet. Throttle is one of the best internet acceleration software products available ... and mobile phone (2G/3G/4G) internet connection types. You can easily upgrade you internet connection without having to ... (183/0) download
Robust Internet Speed Booster -  the speed of your Internet connection with this set of tools. Internet Speed Booster is a ... disconnected by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) with. full ... interval, host, and sound. Internet Speed Booster - optimizes the ... (59/0) download
Connect and Shar 1.02 -  Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or ... server to share one Internet connection, modem across your local area ... you can control your Internet connection and modem from any machine. Connect, Disconnect and monitor your modem and Internet connection remotely from any pc and share Internet easily. A client and ... (33/0) download
DialupMon -  to disconnect from the internet with your modem and running up your ... time connected to the internet and then got side ... (5/0) download
Nokia Maps 3D browser plugin 5.9Nokia Maps 3D browser plugin ... product and service by Nokia for its mobile phones and for internet browsers. Nokia Maps includes voice guided ... (5/0) download
Iridium Direct Internet 3.0 -  The Iridium Direct Internet Data Service allows you ... Iridium satellite phone as modem to connect to the Internet via the Iridium Gateway. Direct Internet 3 has dedicated servers ... ... (4/0) download
Nokia Network Bridge 1.1Nokia Network Bridge is a ... you connect to the Internet or corporate network from ... and you can use Internet (which is on PC ... (8/0) download
SySpeed 2.1.01 -  Dial-Up/Modem and LAN/Cable/DSL Internet connections, a Web Accelerator ... utility. SySpeed reconfigures the Internet Protocol settings in the ... the fast and stable internet surfing. Optimized by SySpeed ... (1/0) download
Sending SMS GSM Modem -  Sending SMS GSM Modem application helps you to ... services, brands etc. No internet connection is required to ... application. Sending SMS GSM Modem boosts and amplifies organization ... (4/0) download
GSM Modem for Sending SMS -  bulk messaging sending GSM modem application supports many featuers ... Easiest and fastest GSM modem for sending SMS allows ... Most technically powerful GSM modem rfor sending messaging program ... (2/0) download
GSM Modem Send SMS -  Company Provide GSM Modem Send SMS software offers ... digital form. Freeware GSM Modem Send SMS application is ... affordable form. Reasonable GSM Modem Send SMS tool is ... (5/0) download
BeFaster Lite 1.6 -  is a multi-language internet speed up toolkit with ... IE, Opera, Dial-up modem, Lan, Wireless, Cable Modem, xDSL, ISDN, T1, DirecPc ... (107/0) download
NetScream -  you to modify your modem settings to increase internet performance up to 200 ... could use. Most other modem enhancers promise that they ... difference at all in internet speed. NetScream on the ... (216/0) download