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EasyMail Objects v5.0 -  EasyMail Objects is a set of ... easy to use ActiveX/COM objects for creating, sending, retrieving ... Internet e-mail. EasyMail Objects is a set of ... (34/0) download

EntitySpaces .NET Architecture 0816 -  Persistence Layer and Business Objects for Microsoft .NET 3 ... (1/0) download
xCAD Interior Light ArCon Edition 1.2 -  xCAD Interior Light ArCon Edition is a module for ArCon Eleco architectural software for ... software you must install ArCon Visuelle Architektur on your ... (3/0) download
Barcode Fonts for Packaging Distribution -  to design impressive barcode objects for fulfilling growing industry ... using excellent image designing objects (pencil, ellipse, triangle, star ... (5/0) download
OCSelot 1.5.1 -  allows plain old Java objects for services, requires no ... (11/0) download
WinRazor SDK 5.0 -  SDK creates irregularly shaped objects for your software. The ... Timer and PopUp Menu objects. The WinRazor Control was ... (11/0) download
TierDeveloper 6.1 -  and deploy middle-tier-objects for your enterprise applications ... (0/0) download
Java Test Object Recorder 1.3.3 -  behavior of live Java objects for playback during unit ... a tree of mock objects that will replicate the ... (2/0) download

BioJava 3.0.2 -  a tool that includes objects for manipulating biological sequences ... (3/0) download
SPEED Ferret 4.1 -  all properties of all objects for a text string ... (0/0) download
Data Object Wizard 2010 1.0 -  the creation of database objects for SQL Server and ... (2/0) download
Instant Object Maker 1.0 -  for making simple 3D objects for Flight Simulator. Instant ... allows creating realistic looking objects using photographs or any ... images and construct 3D objects that use them as ... (2/0) download
Segmented Project Planner 3.0 -  segmented vessels or other objects for the wood industry ... you to design your objects in great detail, layer ... (1/0) download
Savvy Position Pipes 1.0 -  package of plug-in objects for drawing lighting positions ... converting the Position Pipe objects to Spotlight Light Positions ... (0/0) download
ConceptDraw Floor Plan library 1.0 -  wich includes templates and objects for house, office etc ... (8/0) download
MailBee.NET Objects 2.0 -  NET Objects is a set of robust .NET objects for sending, receiving, and ... and more. MailBee.NET Objects is a set of ... (45/0) download
Cavendish Education for Mac OS 3.0 -  an arbitrary number of objects. (For clarity, dynamics are ... object.- Trace line rendering - objects can leave a trail ... orbits.- Inelastic collisions between objects - objects can be point masses ... (5/0) download
.Net Data Objects 4.0.4280 -  Net Data Objects is a .Net component ... gives to developers powerful objects for accessing, editing, and ... With Softgroup .Net Data Objects developers can especially easy ... (0/0) download
SQL Digger 2.5 -  your SQL server database objects for any word in ... (1/0) download
Cayo Suspend for Active Directory 1.0.1 -  Directory user and group objects is simply not-enough ... temporary SUSPENSION retains these objects for critical Audit, Compliance ... unacceptable practice becasue deleted objects are no longer avialalbe ... (6/0) download
WebPhotoStudio 1.01f -  create XML-based vector objects for drawings. Unlimited undo/redo ... own XML-based vector objects and gradients for drawings ... (8/0) download
MailBee.NET SMTP 2.0 -  NET objects for composing, mail merge ... (12/0) download
JSnapshot 0.5.0 -  call stack, variables and objects for every thrown exception ... (17/0) download
Stellaris 1.60 -  planets, and Deep Sky objects for an arbitrary time ... (0/0) download
Core Analyzer 2.7 -  memory corruption, search data objects for cross references, or ... (5/0) download