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Comfort On-Screen Keyboard 2.1 -  Comfort On-Screen Keyboard is an application displaying a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and allowing you use ... it with the regular keyboard. Ideal for using on ... and kiosk. Comfort On-Screen Keyboard supports all characteristics of the regular keyboard (for instance, repeated keystrokes ... (390/0) download

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite tool -  A lightweight virtual keyboard on the screen allows you use the ... it with the regular keyboard. Key Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite features: + Displaying ... text without a localized keyboard. + Customizing the keyboard appearance (the position, size ... (127/0) download
Dynamic Keyboard 1.01 -  Dynamic Keyboard is a small, simple ... offer users an on-screen keyboard which allows you to ... you type, the Dynamic Keyboard also anticipates what you ... (2/0) download
AHA-NET - On-Screen Keyboard Tweaks 1.0 -  Typical On-Screen Keyboard has all the features of Typical Virtual Keyboard and also supports Multi ... (12/0) download
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro 5.1 -  Comfort On-Screen Keyboard (Multilingual) is an application displaying a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and allowing you to ... pointer or the touch-screen to type the way ... it with the hardware keyboard. It can help people ... (21/0) download
RussianEditor3 3.0.1 -  Windows with an on screen keyboard for Cyrillic writing. Includes ... the clipboard. The on screen keyboard directly responds to the keys on the physical keyboard. The keyboard is shown with the natural keyboard Latin letters together in ... program check for current keyboard set-ups and the ... (4/0) download
Hot Virtual Keyboard 4.0 -  Replace Windows On-Screen Keyboard with Hot Virtual Keyboard and start typing like ... just minutes! Hot Virtual Keyboard packs a number of ... features to make on-screen typing faster, easier and ... (203/0) download
Touch-It - Virtual keyboard 4.9.2 -  is a virtual on screen keyboard which is designed to ... aspects of a desktop keyboard. Features like Ctrl+Alt+Del or ... switching are supported. A keyboard is also accessible on the logon screen. Touch-It includes a ... (4/0) download

Touch-It - Virtual keyboard FREEWARE 4 -  Virtual on screen keyboard with automatic layout based ... (5/0) download
Touch Screen Keyboard 7 -  Touch Screen Keyboard was developed especially for touch screen devices: touch screen monitors, stationary e-kiosks, tablets and others.Touch Screen Keyboard has two main layouts ... key on a touch screen, you will see a ... technology.To use Touch Screen Keyboard simply touch the keys of the on-screen keyboard and each keypress will ... (4/0) download
Keyboard Standard v2.10Keyboard Standard is an on-screen keyboard which may come handy if your real keyboard locks. You can also use this keyboard emulator whenever typing becomes ... straining. The program's on-screen layout is quite similar to a real keyboard.You simply click on the on-screen keys, click on " ... (322/0) download
TAdvTouchKeyboard -  Configurable on-screen keyboard for touchscreen applications with ... AZERTY, DVORAK, NUMERIC, CELLPHONE keyboard layouts as well as fully customizable keyboard layouts. Includes a keyboard that can be dropped ... as a popup touchscreen keyboard that can optionally automatically ... (7/0) download
Typical Virtual Keyboard 2.4 -  Typical Virtual Keyboard is on-screen keyboard oriented for regular PCs. Typical Virtual Keyboard looks like regular keyboard and has additional advantages: -Multiple keyboard layouts: standard (in Standard ... mini, compact and full keyboard extents. -Zooming and transparency ... (6/0) download
HJ Virtual Touchpad 1.4 -  New generation On-Screen keyboard. Move shorter, type faster ... features.Replace Windows On-Screen keyboard with HJ Virtual touchpad ... features to make on-screen typing faster, easier and ... (6/0) download
HomeWorkLangCy 1.00 -  trainer with an on screen keyboard for editing Russian with ... western European languages and keyboard set-ups. A Russian ... trainer with an on screen keyboard for editing Russian with ... (51/0) download
Mouseki X 2.2.2 -  On-screen keyboard for kiosks or disabled ... Mouseki is an on-screen keyboard for Mac OS X ... is designed to allow keyboard input in situations where ... (36/0) download
WiViK 3.3 -  WiViK is an on-screen keyboard that enables people with ... of a physical computer keyboard, you select keys on a virual, on-screen keyboard that is displayed within ... (1/0) download
Penfriend XP 4.0 -  speech feedback and on-screen keyboard, saving keystrokes for dyslexic ... simulates messages from the keyboard to the application. (0/0) download
SofType 4.5 -  functionality of a standard keyboard with a full featured on-screen keyboard. SofType can be accessed ... an image of a keyboard on the computer screen. When a key is ... (2/0) download
Dosk 0.5 -  the Windows XP on-screen keyboard and automatically dock it ... you want the On-Screen Keyboard to apear at the ... the bottom of the screen and you can also ... (1/0) download
TextOn9 1.0 -  is a numeric on-screen keyboard that enables you to ... (4/0) download
ScreenDoors2000 2.3 -  2000 - the leading on-screen keyboard software for Windows. Instead ... keys on a real keyboard, simply point and click ... a picture of a keyboard on your computer screen. ScreenDoors 2000 acts just like the real keyboard typing directly into any ... (1/0) download
SpeechPRO 1.2 -  combines both an on-screen keyboard (top half) and a ... half) on a single screen. Designed for text and/or ... (1/0) download
Morse Typing (FREE) 1.0 -  with your device's on-screen keyboard. Hear morse code audio ... (0/0) download
Survival Talking Russian for Travelers 1.1 -  ) on an on-screen keyboard, all you have to ... using the simple on-screen keyboard, that's it ! The ... (0/0) download