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TimelyWeb 4.2 -  Be notified about web page update with this freeware monitoring ... (6/0) download

Portable Software Updater 2.5 -  com don't have an update notification feature or, if they ... time visiting the download page, wait for the download ... (3/0) download
PortableApps Updater 1.0 -  com don't have an update notification feature or, if they ... time visiting the download page, wait for the download ... (1/0) download
XFacebook 1.1.6 -  Notifications on Facebook page: - Registration notification - Checkout notification 3. Configurable email templates ... (2/0) download
YeahReader 2.23 -  as a convenient feed update system, proxy support and pop-up update notification. Besides this, YeahReader has ... (17/0) download
Sense To Webpage 1.7.0 -  for non-technical web page editing and general website ... do-it-yourself web page update in plain-text. The ... 0 compliance. Each web page is managed as a ... (0/0) download
Delete & Replace PDF Pages -  PDF Page Replace Software Adds, Removes ... appending PDF files. PDF page replacer tool can be ... pages without replacing any page immediately after specified number of page. PDF page insertion software is cheap ... (0/0) download
AirCompare Gadget 1.0 -  directly through the results page. AirCompare gadget search form ... and city names. Automatic update notification is included so that ... (33/0) download

1CLICK BLURAY COPY Beta -  Enable update notification: Launch an internet browser ... to the website download page when a new version ... (1/0) download
WebSite-Watcher 2010 10.3 -  to a password protected page can be recorded with ... specific areas of a page; very useful for dynamically ... ease. Only get an update notification when specified words are ... (1/0) download
Rapid Meta-Tags 1.3 -  - Update your files at the ... (3/0) download
SecurityPlus for MDaemon 3.0.5 -  - Urgent Update Notification: Upon notification from Kaspersky Labs, provides ... automatically initiate a database update of the latest virus ... (68/0) download
2X ThinClientServer PXES 4.1 -  2 * Hotplugging engine support * Improved 2X managed desktop look and feel * ThinClient autologin support * ThinClient shadowing support * User Usage reporting tool * Client Usage reporting tool * ThinClientOS diagnostic tools * Automatic update notification. (83/0) download
AbsoluteTelnet Telnet / SSH Client 6.12 -  Automatic version update notification (442/0) download
RSS Feed Reader 2.3 -  as a convenient feed update system, proxy support and pop-up update notification. Besides this, RSS Feed ... (115/0) download
Internet Registry Routing Daemon for Windows v2.0 -  of other IRR databases, update syntax checking, GUI (Graphical ... ... (36/0) download
Monitor Web Sites For Changes Software 7.0 -  Automatically check links for changes at specified intervals while working. Checks can be set to occur every 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. This application sits in the system tray at the bottom right corner of the screen. (1/0) download
2X Client 10.1 -  Main features: - Convert existing PCs to thin clients - Centrally manage connection settings by user, group or department - Boot clients via PXE, hard disk, CD-ROM or USB - Limit users to 2X and Citrix published applications, with VMware View desktops - Thin client and PC vendor-independent - Low-cost thin client compatibility - Active Directory integration - Multiple location support - 2X ApplicationServer, 2X VirtualDesktopServer and 2X LoadBalancer support - Support for printer and sound redirection in 2X-published applications - Printer, mass storage and smart card device support - Real-time monitoring for administrators - Web-based management console - Detailed auditing of all management modifications - SSL support for 2X solutions - Windows desktop look and feel - User session autologon and shadowing support - User and client usage reporting - Automatic update notification (1/0) download
Win8codecs 1.4.3 -  Updated often - and has update notification builtin 5. Allow use ... notes: New Release TE update LAV filters 55.2+ TE update Icaros 2.2b2 TE update LiveTV settings [ Win8codecs ... (0/0) download
Orzeszek Transfer -  notes: New Release Fixed update notification [ Orzeszek Transfer full ... (4/0) download
Site Update 2.1Update all pages of your ... parts of the main page on all pages of ... (11/0) download
Web Update Builder 3.2 -  Web Update Builder is a content ... has built-in help page and as a stand ... of pages available for update and simple textboxes for ... (1/0) download
Password Expiration Web Part 1.1 -  Expiration Web Part enables notification of Active Directory users ... link to a web page to change their password ... redirected to selected web page in order to change ... (2/0) download
Easy Web Page Watcher 2.10 -  Easy Web Page Watcher continuously watches web ... text appears or an update occurs, Easy Web Page Watcher will alert you ... and email. Easy Web Page Watcher continuously watches web ... (44/0) download
Microsoft Fax Cover Page Fix v1.1 -  Microsoft Fax Cover Page Fix fixes problems with ... available cover pages. This update fixes a problem with ... there are no cover page files listed in the ... (403/0) download