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Paper-Folding-Fractals (32-bit) v99.3.2 -  from repeated patterns of paper folding. Most of these fractals ... of a particularly famous paper folding fractal called the Dragon ... (57/0) download

Paper-Folding-Fractals (16-bit) v97.05 -  from repeated patterns of paper folding. Most of these fractals ... of a particularly famous paper folding fractal called the Dragon ... (52/0) download
Paper Folding 3D 1.20Paper Folding 3D is a 3 ... view origami guide program. Paper Folding 3D"\; is a 3 ... pictures to use for folding. The user n design ... (88/0) download
Origami Theme Pack v2.1 -  by the art of paper folding. It includes wallpaper, icons ... (58/0) download
Origami Solitaire 2.0 -  the Japanese art of folding paper into various figures and ... beauty of the Japanese paper folding work and requires the ... (54/0) download
Greatest Paper Airplanes v1.0h -  Greatest Paper Airplanes includes step-by ... 3D animated instructions for folding a variety of unique ... ... (120/0) download
Origami Master 1.0 -  0 is a paper 3D constructor for children ... games and a real paper constructor (named origami) using the patterns - paper characters. There is a ... s the greatest 3D paper game you've ever ... (1/0) download
aXmag Professional 2.4 -  sound effect and/or a paper-folding 3D effect to the ... (4/0) download

Shape and Space 2 4.0 -  It contains definitions, pictures, and small animations about Disc Packing, Sphere Packing, Pythagoras’ Theorem, The Ellipse, Circles, Dimensions, Surface Area, Volume, Paper Folding. (0/0) download
d-touch drum machine 0.4 -  The d-touch drum machine is a drum machine with a tangible user ... or similar) piece of paper, which we call the ... (4/0) download
FaxTools eXPert 8.0 -  walk to the fax machine or waste costly paper again! Sending a fax ... modem.AE No Fax Machine RequiredAE Fax from any ... by email or fax machine AE Create custom templates ... (19/0) download
ABC Wallpaper Machine 2.20.0550 -  ABC Wallpaper Machine is image creator, desktop ... (72/2) download
Paper Grid 2.00 -  Design and print on paper grids of any size ... (78/0) download
Origami Flowers v1.1.3 -  a square sheet of paper. It includes step-by ... VCR-style controls for folding (e.g. play forward ... use your favorite wrapping paper to dazzle your friends ... (79/0) download
Research Paper Writing 2.0 -  writing essays or any paper writing project then you ... We have dedicated Research paper writing team who always ... at right time. Research paper writing team is available ... (36/0) download
Last Pilot vs Machine Aliens 2.0 -  Last Pilot vs Machine Aliens is a terrific ... an alien race of machine warriors. You are a ... The Last Pilot vs Machine Aliens is here and ... (5/0) download
Time Machine, Trapped in time for Mac OS 1.0 -  pieces of the Time Machine and to restore the ... discovers a strange spherical machine, which seems partially dismantled ... the parts of the machine and the anachronistic objects ... (0/0) download
Time Machine Screensaver for Mac OS 1.1 -  A time machine-like animation that loads ... (0/0) download
Graph Paper Maker for Mac OS 2.2.1 -  custom sheets of graph paper. You have complete control ... from a dozen standard paper sizes, or custom create ... sheets of Cornell Notes paper.- Also create sheets of ... (14/0) download
Start-Stop Folding@home for Mac OS 1.0 -  Description: This script provides a GUI-based approach to stopping and starting the Folding@home service for Intel Mac users who already have fah6 installed and configured correctly. For details about Folding@home, visit script requires that fah6 is located in /Applications/Folding@home/fah6 and that mpiexec is located ... (2/0) download
NetWrix Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker 1.1.2012 -  Virtual machine sprawl is a critical ... physical resources. NetWrix Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker is a ... machines to prevent virtual machine sprawl. The tool sends ... (3/0) download
Paper Form Designer 1.0 -  Create your own paper forms for printing. Do ... program will generate your paper form with one mouse ... (2/0) download
JackPot Fruit Machine 2d Download 7 -  JackPot Fruit Machine 2d Game - Spinning Reels ... Display, Bank, Real Fruit Machine Sound FX + Higher ... (22/0) download
Flash Flipping Paper - freeware 2.2 -  Flash Flipping Paper is a free flash ... book files. Flash Flipping Paper also generate an HTML ... book. And Flash Flipping Paper allows you to choose ... (0/0) download
Ultimate Lead Generation Machine 1.0 -  ultimate lead generation machine will set your business ... (4/0) download