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Flash Particle Studio 1.25 -  Create Flash particle effect easily without Flash ... Select from tons of particle effect such as fire ... smoke, etc. Easily shape particle effects to any shape ... (50/0) download

TimelineFX Particle Effects Editor 1.25 -  The TimelineFX Particle Editor is a complete ... a full range of particle effects for your games and applications. Export the particle effects as static animations ... of different and varied particle effects including explosion effects ... (3/0) download
Desuade Partigen 1.0 -  realistic vector and raster particle effects (such as fire ... to create real-time particle effects for Flash, in ... to import - every single particle is made from within ... (159/0) download
Particle Simulator (PSim) v1.2Particle Simulator (PSim) is an ... interacting with each other.Particle Simulator also lets you ... (412/0) download
OnScreen Particle Physics v1.2 -  simulates a particle-detection chamber, the device ... program is the simulated particle chamber, which appears on ... a three-dimensional perspective. Particle decay events appear in the chamber as charged-particle tracks, curved by the ... (156/0) download
Particle Fire Screen Saver v1.1aParticle Fire Screen Saver is ... displays ever-changing fiery particle-based patterns that are ... (69/0) download
Particle Systems Screen Saver v1.1 -  waves to animate 3D particle systems as a screen ... includes over 100 predefined particle systems. You can adjust the particle speed, size, colors, angle ... logo and a message. Particle Systems Screen Saver also ... (101/0) download
Particle 3.0 -  Screen saver displays particle streams circling in space. Particle is a screen saver ... (56/0) download

Fluere 1.3 -  graphical software package for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Fluere ... (1/0) download
InsaneFX Editor 1.1.1 Alpha -  Source special effects and particle systems editor and runtime ... based special effects and particle systems editor (written mostly ... a special effects and particle systems runtime (written in ... (2/0) download
Aerohawk Effects 4.05 -  Effects is a powerful particle creation studio designed to ... button and save your particle system as a bitmap ... different programs. Features: - Change particle shape - Change particle colour, size and alpha - Change particle speed, direction, orientation - Change ... (26/0) download
Particle Editor 6.0Particle Editor has been proven ... and visual environments within Particle Editor is universal! Everyone ... (2/0) download
SunXi Particle Screen Saver 2.1 -  This particle Screen Saver shows the ... (0/0) download
Self-Driven Particle Model 6.0 -  Self-Driven Particle Model is a physics ... (1/0) download
Fork Particle Media FX 2.5 -  Fork Particle Media FX 1.0 ... to create post production particle system effects for media ... or 3d scene within particle studio where you can ... (0/0) download
Particle Wizard 1.0 -  particle" of creativity with Particle Wizard! Now you can ... effects with no hassle. Particle Wizard you can create ... minutes. Best of all, Particle Wizard is just plain ... (3/0) download
Free Large Hadron Collider Screensaver 3.0 -  largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. LARGE HADRON COLLIDER ... of different theories of particle physics and high-energy ... designed to collide opposing particle beams of either protons ... (2/0) download
Solmization 1.0 -  some attraction and repulsion particle effect If you put ... some attraction and repulsion particle effects and combine them ... (133/0) download
GM-10 Radiation Detector -  produced by a radioactive particle. Each time a particle of radiation is detected ... (59/0) download
Helios 1.4 -  Attraction/repulsion particle screensaver. Helios is a ... created by combining attraction/repulsion particle effects and some smooth ... (28/0) download
Digital FireworX Screensaver 2.6 -  3D particle fireworks screensaver. Digital FireworX are fully rendered 3D particle animations created to simulate ... (53/0) download
FireHawk PC 1.23 -  6 bosses, 3D scene, particle effect, record/replay, , 1945-like ... halo effect. * advanced particle system (fire, water, smoke ... (0/0) download
FireHawk PPC 1.23 -  6 bosses, 3D scene, particle effect, record/replay, 1945-like ... halo effect.* advanced particle system (fire, water, smoke ... (0/0) download
FireHawk SP 1.23 -  6 bosses, 3D scene, particle effect, record/replay, 1945-like ... halo effect. * advanced particle system (fire, water, smoke ... (1/0) download
cstodconverter 1.2.1 -  designed utility that uses particle scattering data to convert ... index corrections for optical particle counters. The scattering data ... (4/0) download