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TwinkiePaste 1.62Paste commonly used text phrases with hotkeys from ... Pastes plain or formatted text into any applications Keeps the clipboard history Smart text insertion using macros: selected text, date and time, changing ... TwinkiePaste Find the selected text fragment on the Internet, translate it using Google Translate, email it ... (153/7) download

TwinkiePaste 2.70 -  type in commonly used text, dates, greetings, standard responses ... helps to type a text quickly in almost any ... TwinkiePaste works? Press a hotkey in any application. The ... (0/0) download
Abridge Insert 1.3Using Hotkey combinations, it allows you ... easily insert commonly-used text into any application, such ... for the exchange of text and graphics among applications ... (0/0) download
TwinkiePaste 1.83 -  quickly typing commonly used text, dates, greetings, standard responses ... helps to quickly type text in almost any application ... it works? Press a hotkey in any application. The ... (0/0) download
TwinkiePaste 1.85 -  quickly typing commonly used text, dates, greetings, standard responses ... helps to quickly type text in almost any application ... it works? Press a hotkey in any application. The ... (0/0) download
Qscript 1.1.1 -  Type in your script using Qscript's built-in text editor, load a file ... account, or copy and paste text on your iPad. Then ... begins, Qscript "plays" the text of your speech, scrolling ... (2/0) download
MemoClip 1.32 -  edit, combine, reformat and paste text into any application. Allows you insert commonly used text by pressing hotkey or typing in the ... reformat, clean up and paste into any application. Ideal ... to type the same text many times? Just press the assigned hotkey or type the short ... (16/0) download
Clipomatic v2.0 -  easy to copy and paste text snippets. As you copy text to the Clipboard, Clipomatic automatically saves the copied text to its cache. When you are ready to paste an item that was ... Clipboard, simply press a hotkey, and choose the text from a pop-up ... The most recently copied text clip is at the ... (25/0) download

Simple Text Encryptor 0.13 -  Simple Text Enctyptor is a simple ... will encrypt and decrypt text using 128-bit AES encryption ... need to enter your text, then easily encrypt it ... (3/0) download
Manipulate Text In Many Ways Software 7.0 -  who want to manipulate text using several options. The features ... Add Prefix/Suffix Into Each Text Line, Remove Line Breaks, Add Line Breaks (Text Match Related), Add Line ... Characters Count Related), Compare Text Lines, Count Characters, Words ... (2/0) download
Floating Text Ball 1.0 -  floating ball with rotating text using your own color settings ... (30/0) download
goTranslateIt 3.5 -  goTranslateIt translates text using Google Translate and Bing ... ... (2/0) download
TypeIt ReadIt 1.6 -  reads out loud any text using text-to-speech technology. Specially ... to type in or paste any text, select the synthetic speech ... sentence by having the text read aloud for them ... (2/0) download
CopyListLT - copy paste remember list 1.1 -  you can copy and paste text easily and quickly, enter ... easy way to store text you use a lot ... Store the most used text in the shortcut list. For the less used text, you can store in ... (3/1) download
Quick Text - Respond Faster 1.0 -  Quick Text provides a quick, convenient ... keep common responses to text messages, emails or any ... app you wish to paste text into just a few quick taps away. Save text of any length in ... (0/0) download
Scan Navigator 1.2.1 -  Convert images to text using OCR (Optical Character Recognition ... (144/0) download
MP3 Rectifier 1.5 -  once with images and text using ID3 (all versions) and ... once with images and text using ID3 (all versions including ... (49/0) download
Vemail Voice Email Software for Windows 2.01 -  voice messages instead of text using ordinary email. Vemail is ... ... (45/0) download
CoolAp 1.0 -  Enter text using shortcuts, set multiple alarms ... Use CoolAp to enter text using shortcuts (email addresses, postal ... (18/0) download
DevFoam 1.00 -  wire 4 axis CNC Using DevFoam you can create ... lets you to cut Text using the Windows Font, just digit the text, select the Font and ... (4/0) download
CLIPPICK 2.0.2 -  to instantly copy and paste text and images across all ... to simply copy and paste across all devices! ClipPick ... technology to seamlessly transfer text and images in your ... (1/0) download
Animated Your Name 1.0 -  ever want to write text using some really cool 3D ... all of your written text within a moment. Explore ... and write something extraordinary using this animated fonts and ... (6/0) download
Tricks for iPhone 9.2 -  Create photo albums Format text using bold, italic, or underlined ... your iPhone read any text aloud Share content on ... (4/0) download
Scan To Pictures 1.4 -  communicate via pictures and/or text. Using a library animations and ... *New* - Take a picture using your iPad's camera from ... (0/0) download
Simple ROT13 1.4 -  allowing to cipher a text using ROT13 or L33T ROT13 ... each letter from the text to cipher of 13 ... (1/0) download