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WinTclTk 8.5.6 -  specially built as Tcl/Tk package distribution for 32-bit ... Windows operating systems. The package features additional Open-Source ... use of this handy package to further improve your ... (6/0) download

GuiGuts 0.3.10 Beta -  Guiguts is a Perl/Tk text editor designed for editing and formating public domain material for inclusion at Project Gutenberg ( Features are provided for editing text files produced by Distributed Proofreaders ( (4/0) download
Perl-Tk-WaitBo xTk-WaitBox module for perl (65/0) download
Perl-Tk-MultiTk-Multi module for perl (37/0) download
Perl-Tk-ACHTk-ACH module for perl (8/0) download
Perl-Tk-ProgressBarTk-ProgressBar module for perl (28/0) download
Perl-Tk-SelFileTk-SelFile module for perl (5/0) download
Perl-Tk-FileDialogTk-FileDialog module for perl (21/0) download

Perl-Tk-GetoptTk-Getopt module for perl (4/0) download
Perl-Tk-HistEntryTk-HistEntry module for perl (3/0) download
Perl-Tk-ObjScannerTk-ObjScanner module for perl (5/0) download
Perl-Tk-MenuHashTk-MenuHash module for perl (4/0) download
Perl-Tk-LockDisplayTk-LockDisplay module for perl (3/0) download
Perl-Tk-FontDialogTk-FontDialog module for perl (6/0) download
Perl-Tk-DateTk-Date module for perl (8/0) download
Perl-Tk-GBARRTk-GBARR module for perl (5/0) download
Perl-Tk-ContribTk-Contrib module for perl (7/0) download
DspEdu - Educational Sof 2.1 -  1 is an educational package in Digital Signal Processing ... program is written in Perl with rich Perl/Tk GUI ... the capabilities of the package in helping the student ... (53/0) download
Corrupt XLSX Salvager 2.0.2 -  Corrupt XLSX Salvager uses Perl coding and modules to ... xlsx file. Since this Perl coding does not use ... (2/0) download
Perl-Bundle-Tk -  Bundle-Tk module for perl (10/0) download
Gimp-perlPerl extention for the GNU Image Minipulation Package(GIMP) Gimp-perl allows you to write GIMP scripts using perl. (62/0) download
Domain Name Registration + Free -  FREE Unlimited Web Hosting Package * cPanel * Unlimited ... * Free CGI, Ruby, Perl, PHP, MySQL & Script ... (10/0) download
WinSend 1.1 -  The winsend package is an attempt to ... complete functionality of the Tk send command using the ... central source. With the Tk send command this is ... (1/0) download
Top Perl Studio 1.27 -  Top Perl Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for Perl, providing comprehensive and easy ... based web applications. Top Perl Studio includes a built ... previewing the scripts. Top Perl Studio's powerful code editor ... (147/0) download
Perl Module Manager Module Manager helps you ... un-install and manage Perl modules from a CPAN ... you download and install Perl and then install several ... (44/0) download