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Easy Photo Frame 6.71 Build0601 0601 -  Easy Photo Frame can easily and quickly frame your photos, and add ... (21/1) download

Photo Frame Studio 2.92 -  Program PHOTO FRAME STUDIO has been designed to ... adding to it a frame, a mask, the background ... to send them to photo-labs. Moreover, you can ... (1780/0) download
Ace Photo Frame 2.45 -  Ace Photo Frame is a easy-to ... to enhance your digital photo with frame,clipart and extra message ... way to turn your photo into original and impressive ... (326/0) download
Photo Frame Maker 2.00Photo Frame Maker is easy to use photo frame software. You can add ... mail to your friend. Photo Frame Maker makes working with ... (755/0) download
Easy Photo Frame 6.5 -  Easy Photo Frame can easily and quickly frame your photos, and add ... (347/0) download
Photo Frame Genius 2.2.284Photo Frame Genius is an easy-to-use photo enhancement program.You can add stylish frame,mask, clip-art or ... wallpapers with remarkable ease. Photo Frame Genius is useful for ... photographer and family entertainment. Photo Frame Genius Support the major ... (529/0) download
Free Photo Frame 1.1 -  Free Photo Frame on your computer desktop ... your personal style. A photo is not complete without a Frame :) And it is absolutely ... (229/0) download
Digital Frame Master 1.00 -  pictures for your digital photo frame. Zoom, pan and rotate ... preview resembling your real frame. Much quicker and easier ... using a general purpose photo editor. Manage different sets ... (4/0) download

Photo Frame Show 1.4.148Photo Frame Show is an imaging ... to enhance your online photo albums, projects, websites or ... download from the Online Frame Gallery. You will find frame categories such as: Classical ... (149/0) download
Photo Frame Master 1.3.0Photo Frame Master is a photo enhancement tool. Its key ... easy-to-use interface Photo Frame Master can be used ... (452/0) download
NX Desktop Photo Frame 1.01 -  NX Desktop Photo Frame is useful program to ... You can view your photo or images on your desktop with various photo frame options. The application is ... view your images or photo with photo frame. The application has four ... (230/0) download
Easy Photo Frame 6.72 -  Easy Photo Frame can easily and quickly frame your photos, and add ... It contains over 400 frame templates and over 500 ... (0/0) download
Seekways PhotoFramer 1.0Photo frame software that lets you add frames to any photo. Import a picture and add a frame with ease. Print them ... (16/0) download
FrameSize 2.0 -  A digital photo frame file resizing application. Format ... pictures for your digital photo frame. Avoid black bars, cropped ... your digital photos for frame display without compromising quality. Maintain settings for multiple photo frames on the same ... (2/0) download
myPhotoFrame 1.4 -  photos in a floating photo frame. Single file or a ... can be used as photo source, so photos can ... a single file selected, photo can be zoomed and positioned to fit into frame. If a folder content ... (3/0) download
Plasteroid plug-in 1.43 -  well as an impressive photo-frame maker. You can imitate ... (5/0) download
Photo Frames & Effects Free 1.12Photo Frame & Effects Free is ... more. * Print to photo paper directly from the ... (32/0) download
Photo Frames & Effects Premium 1.12Photo Frame & Effects Premium is a digital photo tool that allows you ... read trough complicated documents. Photo Frame & Effects can also ... more. * Print to photo paper directly from the ... (7/0) download
AKVIS Frame Suite 2.5 -  AKVIS Frame Suite is an impressing ... a great variety of photo frame versions (from classic to most fancy frame samples) as well as ... opportunity to generate a frame out of user patterns. Artistic: A photo frame gives an image the ... (381/1) download
Flickr2Frame 1.0.0 -  Flickr to a digital photo frame. The interface has been ... (2/0) download
Digital PhotoFramer 1.0 -  displayed on a digital photo frame. It includes many functions ... crop sizes, unknown digital photo frame resolution guide, rotate image (to use the photo frame in portrait mode). (3/0) download
PictureFrames 2.3 -  customizing thus making your photo frame according to your requirements ... heighten your homepage through frame, clipart and extra message ... and distinguished founding. Adding frame to your own photo is two-step easy process. More than 100 frame templates are included with ... (4/0) download
DPF Manager 1.5 -  file size for Digital Photo Frame devices by following and ... (1/0) download
Desktop Photo Frame Set 1.3 -  A photo is not complete without a frame. Enhance your photos with ... high-quality frames. Desktop Photo Frame Set allows you to: Frame and place your photos ... noise; Rotate and zoom photo frames; Crop/Zoom the selected area of a photo without loss of quality; Add notes to your photo frames. Powerful features: High ... (3/0) download
Odin Frame Photo Creator 7.7.6Frame Photo Creator looks like popular photo sticker booth not only ... digital photos to improve photo quality but also can ... we also call it photo sticker,sticky photo,frame photo editor,big-head photo maker,photo booth software. Frame Photo Creator software has photo mode and digital camera ... (225/0) download