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Fix RSS Feed Error 3.5 -  you know what is rss feed, then this tool is ... you what is an rss feed you also know how ... sites now using their RSS Feeds to exchange the ... (1/0) download

RTP RSS Feed 02.00.00 -  The RTP RSS Feed DotNetNuke module will generate an RSS feed from a SQL query ... the module settings. The RSS Feed Settings: - Feed Title - The title to appear in the RSS feed - Description - Description of the RSS feed - Title - Checkbox indicating Title should be included in feed - Mandatory - Description - Checkbox indicating ... should ... (5/0) download
Free PHP RSS to Content 1.1 -  Free PHP RSS to Content Oddly Enough retrives the Reuters RSS feed. It accepts up to 5 RSS feeds that you give ... (8/0) download
RSS Readers Set 7 1.0 -  XML file path and RSS feed are specified in the ... changes, among others. Requirements: PHP-enabled Web server, ability ... (2/0) download
RSS Feeds Scroller Converter 3.0RSS Feed software help to convert your RSS Feed to scroller news ticker (91/0) download
RSS Feed Creator PRO 5.12RSS Feed Creator PRO is a professional desktop RSS editor that allows you ... and maintain your own RSS newsfeeds and podcasts. RSS Feed Creator PRO generates feeds ... 2.0 of the RSS standard and it is ... (138/0) download
RSS Channel Writer 2.1.3RSS Channel Writer is a powerful RSS feed creator, editor and submitter ... you can easily create RSS feed for your web site ... XML viewer and automatic RSS ping tool to RSS servers which data base ... (56/0) download
RSS Submitter -  Fast RSS Submitter helps you in ... way of submission of RSS Feed on various websites. With ... (3/0) download

lastRSS.php 0.9.1 -  Simple yet powerfull PHP RSS parser/reader. Works as a PHP class and support RSS 0.9x, RSS/RDF 1.0 and RSS 2.0. It use ... returns associative array with RSS fields as a result ... (2/0) download
Speed RSS Reader 1.0 -  The Speed RSS Feed Reader is a powerful, new RSS Feed Reader that provides an ... simple access to your RSS feeds, podcasts and ATOM feeds. The Speed RSS Feed Reader is the RSS feed solution both for those who are experienced RSS users and those who ... to the world of RSS feeds. The Speed RSS Feed Reader has an easy ... (3/0) download
jRollingNews 1 -  helps you display any RSS feed with no serverside code ... (4/0) download
Submit RSS 2.0.1 -  Submit RSS 2.0.0 - is ... already popular software Submit RSS, for submitting your RSS feeds to RSS directories and RSS search engines. RSS feeds are the fastest ... your blog or other RSS feed to directories. It will ... (0/0) download
Web2RSS Proxy 2.0 -  that do not provide RSS feeds of their own ... site and creates an RSS feed from it. Web2RSS Proxy ... browse the the created RSS channels in your favorite RSS reader (including, but not ... (24/0) download
CastleNews PRO 1.26.2 -  a simple and intuitive RSS feed manager that allows users ... all of your favourite RSS and ATOM news feeds ... with added functionality.Supported feed formats: RSS 0.91 RSS 1.0 RSS 2.0 ATOM 0 ... (6/0) download
Feed Mix 4.96Feed Mix is an RSS editor, which is powerful enough for RSS gurus yet refreshingly easy for RSS first timers. It lets ... the unlimited number of RSS feeds and podcasts. Unique to Feed Mix is its ability to create a new RSS feed or a podcast from ... tools, including a WYSIWYG feed editor, a built-in RSS reader, a blog client ... (66/0) download
Jitbit RSS Feed Creator 3.51 -  Jitbit RSS Feed Creator is an RSS editor, RSS maker, RSS creator - creates, and publishes RSS feeds and podcasts. This rss-maker is extremely easy ... use and allows professional feed creation with minimal effort. Create new RSS feeds in seconds. Use this rss feed maker to keep your ... Features: Creates and publishes RSS feeds, converts HTML to RSS, ... (57/0) download
RSS Wizard 3.4 -  you want to create RSS feeds dynamically with ease? RSS Wizard makes it possible!RSS ... is an HTML to RSS converter than can generate the RSS feed out of virtually any ... to edit it first. RSS Wizard generates RSS 2.0 feeds and ... (65/0) download
EasyByte News Ticker 1.8.9 -  from ANY website or RSS Feed. The headlines and information ... listed company. The integrated RSS Feed Reading application can be ... can drag and drop RSS / XML feed links from web pages ... (99/0) download
RSS Feed Creator 2.8RSS Feed Creator is a easy-to-use desktop RSS editor that allows you ... and maintain your own RSS newsfeeds and podcasts. RSS Feed Creator generates feeds using ... 2.0 of the RSS standard and it is ... (64/0) download
RSS Submit 1.9RSS Submit will quickly and automatically submit your RSS feed to most of existing RSS directories. Currently, RSS Submit is the most ... tool for promoting your RSS feeds.It is amazingly easy to work with RSS Submit. Actually everything you ... a link to the RSS feed and click the ‘Submit' ... (78/0) download
RSS Feed Reader 2.3RSS Feed Reader is a most ... reading news feeds in RSS, RDF and Atom formats ... program provides all basic RSS reader functionality such as a convenient feed update system, proxy support ... (125/0) download
Designer Purses 1.0 -  is a FREE web feed reader (aggregator) that supports RSS (feed format) 0.9x, 1 ... (2/0) download
AmoK pop2rss 1.0 -  displays incoming emails as RSS-feed. AmoK pop2rss includes an own rss server - beside a news ... needed. AmoK pop2rss supports RSS 0.92, RSS 0.93, RSS 0.94, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom ... a script written in PHP, Perl or Python but ... (26/0) download
RSS Planter 1.0.122 -  Submit rss feeds easily to quality RSS directories. Find niche news categories within RSS directories that accept fast RSS feed inclusions. (0/0) download
RSS News Fetch 40430-0950 0950 -  of items from an RSS feed, parse it as plain ... speed things up, the RSS feed is cached to a ... for updates to the feed every Y number of ... (5/0) download