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Capture A Card-Android 1.0 -  app lets you take a picture of a business card with your ... (13/0) download

Child of the 1980's FaceMaker 1.1 -  you remember playing with a Wooly Willy toy as a child? You might remember this plaything better as a magnetic face maker, where ... iron filings around with a magnet to give a little picture of a bald man some hair ... your finger instead of a magnet to draw a funky hair style onto ... (0/0) download
Beach Slots 1.0 -  Slots starts with the picture of a fine island It looks as a paradise on earth: soft ... game lovers, gives them a feeling of elation because ... (52/0) download
Rainbow Lake 3D Screensaver 3.0 -  Rainbow Lake is a lovely cartoonish screensaver that shows a picture of a beautiful lake. The scene shows a lake by the mountains with a beautiful tree with pink ... colors. There's also a nice rainbow between the ... it gently moves, creating a pleasant effect. Unfortunately, the ... (4/0) download
inSync Local SQL edition 1.0 -  demonstrates how to take a picture of a contact using your webcam ... the SQLite database as a blob In the " ... insert, update, and delete a contact in the database ... (2/0) download
CadShot 1.6 -  Vision Module to capture a full color digital picture of a hide then draws a vector line around the ... (9/0) download
Fall Season Animated Wallpaper 1.0.0 -  An animated picture of a beautiful forest in red ... (12/0) download
Wound Tracker Professional 1.3 -  off regular price - Register a Patient - Take a picture of a wound with the included reference card within the picture - Obtain surface area along ... Medical Record Number. Once a Patient is registered, users can take a photo of the patients ... the measured wound. After a measurement is saved, users ... (4/0) download

TrulyShare -  Take a picture of a product in a store or at home ... search or barcode, write a comment and share it ... (0/0) download
10 Conditions 1.0 -  OF LOVE documentary is a love story of a woman, a man, a family, a people and a homeland. It is the ... Kadeer, Chinas nightmare the woman it accuses of inciting ... moral character. It is a big story: a story of the ruthless ... (1/0) download
Court Avenue Motors 1.0 -  interactive features: email us a picture of a car you want to ... Whether you're looking for a car, suv, truck, trailer ... mobile coupons - Send us a picture of your vehicle you'd ... (3/0) download
Guess The Celeb - new and fun celebrity quiz game! 1.01 -  Each puzzle contains a picture of a celebrity, can you figure ... them all? - Give it a try! -SIMPLE AND HIGHLY ... (1/0) download
Guess the Action 1.0 -  Each level contains a picture of a particular action - can you ... ... (2/0) download
GE MoodCam 1.0.20 -  Change the mood of a photo with the GE MoodCam! Take a picture of a room (or any scene! ... home, and even save a shopping list for a quick, easy way to ... the lighting aisle. - SNAP a photo or select a sample room image. - CHANGE ... (3/0) download
Quigley the Caterpillar 1.1 -  present "Quigley the Caterpillar", a storybook app written by ... interactive story beautifully paints a picture of a little caterpillars journey of ... is sure to become a life-long favorite of ... (4/0) download
SkinTint 1.0 -  Just take any picture of a person, or existing picture, and use the bar ... (1/0) download
Cat Me Pro 1.4 -  would look like as a feline! Now do both ... Put your face in a picture of a cat or put a cat in your picture! ... Stick it all in a frame Then share via ... (0/0) download
BabyGame9 1.0 -  16 buttons with the picture of a number (1 to 10 ... (2/0) download
Almara 1.0 -  its name, 'Shades of a Woman'. Combining style and ... touches various aspects of a woman's life issue-after ... and international topics, bringing a diversity that today's woman exemplifies. Magazine Subscriptions are ... (7/0) download
OcrtoolPro 2.0.1 -  - Take a picture of a text document and using ... convert the image to a text document on your ... (7/0) download
Mythical Creatures Trivia HD 1.0 -  simple, you are shown a picture of a mythical creature and have ... (3/0) download
Send My Santa 1.1 -  and your friends into A jolly old elf with ... app lets you take a picture of a friend, then turn them ... their face. In just a few seconds you can ... (5/0) download
US Travel Trivia 1.0A fun and educational travel picture trivia game. We give you a picture of a famous US landmark and ... tell us what the picture is and/or where it ... (1/0) download
FaceShift Lite 1.6.2 -  with your friends in a few seconds? === Let ... fun begin! === Take a picture of a few friends on your ... shift around and find a new body! Save the ... (5/0) download
ROTTEN TEETH - Mock Your Friends 1.3 -  H I L A R I O U ... to use: 1. Take a picture of a friend smiling 2. Choose a rotten teeth to apply ... the teeth to the picture 4. Apply the rotten ... (3/0) download