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PowerPlugs: Charts v1.0PowerPlugs: Charts enables you to ... chart editing tool set. PowerPlugs: Charts can serve as ... (1301/0) download

PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX I v1.2PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX I is ... (456/0) download
PowerPlugs: Transitions II v1.52PowerPlugs: Transitions II is a ... slow, medium or fast.PowerPlugs: Transitions I embellishes each ... are easy to transport.PowerPlugs: Transitions I is easy ... (1475/0) download
PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX II v1.2PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX II is ... (252/0) download
PowerPlugs: Animator 1.3PowerPlugs: Animator plugs right into ... (86/0) download
PowerPlugs: SuperShapes I v1.01PowerPlugs: SuperShapes I surpasses the ... (268/0) download
PowerPlugs: SuperShapes II v1.01PowerPlugs: SuperShapes II surpasses the ... (379/0) download
PowerPlugs: Video Backgrounds 3.1 -  With this program you can energize Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with full-screen moving backgrounds. You can import video files that are of a compatible file format that Video Backgrounds supports (AVI, WMV, MPEG). Select Add Video Background and use the Browse button to navigate to the folder that contains the video files you want to import. (30/0) download