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Azan Times for Worldwide Prayers For Mobile Phones 2.9 -  Azaan) automatically on every prayer time (Namaz, Namaaz, Salat) five ... Symbian OS). It has Prayer Times and Qiblah direction ... minutes adjustment to the prayer times. Added automatic launch ... (21/0) download

Accurate Times 5.3 -  that of calculating the prayer time of the Islamic people ... the correct direction and time that should be used ... and at the right time. In order to provide ... (14/0) download
Salaat Time 1.9 -  Salaat Time is a FREE multi ... prescribed five daily Muslim prayer times as well as ... own athan for each prayer. * Set different athans at different prayer times or use the ... (341/0) download
Namaz Vakitleri -  allow users to calculate prayer times for 8000 position. FEATURES: Calculates prayer times for 8000 position ... Qibla Read the prayer in the prayer time 10 beautiful themes (4/0) download
Alperen 11.4.2005 -  but easy to use Prayer Times Calculator that have ... over the world All prayer and makrouh times, Hanafi ... World Qibla map Real-time display and dynamical wallpapers of moon/earth/globe view Real-time earth illumination map showing ... (11/0) download
Athan Basic 4.2 -  Azan) at the right time five times a day on every prayer time. Most Accurate Prayer times, Qiblah direction, Hijri ... (70/0) download
Islamic Prayer Times -  displays the five daily prayer times on a daily ... determines your Your Islamic Prayer Times. Main Display In ... displays the five daily prayer times (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr ... (7/0) download
Prayer Times Suite v4.0.03Prayer Times Suite is a set of Islamic prayer programs. You can calculate the prayer times for any location ... notifies you automatically when prayer time comes by playing the ... includes a Calendar Designer, Prayer Chart, World Qiblah, USA ... (256/0) download

Bangla Voice Clock 3.3 -  37 is a time announcing and alarm clock ... Clock can announce the time in selectable intervals of ... 3.37 includes a prayer time reminding for Muslims, allowing ... (73/0) download
Delta Minaret 1.0 -  Features: * Prayer times for almost 1000 ... * Azan scheduling at prayer time * Calculation method choices ... (5/0) download
Bilal Prayer 4.5 -  Bilal Prayer is an application that ... announcement of the accurate time for praying. Accessing other ... be faced during the prayer). It is well known ... (11/0) download
Daily Bible and Prayer 2.1.1 -  Daily Bible and Prayer features Bible reading plans, daily devotional, and prayer tracker. The Bible reading ... amount of Scripture and time. Daily Bible and Prayer will track your progress ... the year. Finally, the prayer tracker will help you keep your prayer list organized and move ... (636/0) download
SalatTimes v2.6 -  SalatTimes calculatess Islamic prayer times for any location ... globe and for the time interval from 2000 BC ... sound file at certain prayer times and to notify ... (132/0) download
Adhan Alarm 0.9 -  that plays the Islamic prayer call (adhan) at its designated time. The audio and timetable ... user. Daily and annual prayer times are displayed in ... (9/0) download
Kyrathasoft Christian Prayer Minder -  Kyrathasoft Christian Prayer Minder is a simple ... about various aspects of prayer, but at its core ... routinely to engage in prayer. It contains an Update ... (0/0) download
Responsive Time Logger 4.04.01 -  Responsive Time Logger is professional time and billing software for ... who bill for their time. Use the built-in stopwatch for time tracking, or enter time and expense data at ... lets you log your time while away from your ... (83/0) download
Easy Time Control Professional 4.5.120 -  Easy Time Control Professional Edition is ... environment. Professional Edition makes time capturing process easy by ... a variety of real-time management reports. More than a simple time tracker, Professional Edition is ... (57/0) download
The Time Master 1.3 -  The Time Master is the ultimate time management tool. Easily track the time you spend on your ... clocks with the World Time feature Have your PC's ... always atomic prompt with Time Sync. Have fun with ... (43/0) download
Time Clock 4.0 -  keeping track of the time one spends working on ... often a tedious and time consuming job in and ... tool that minimizes the time spent tracking time can be very valuable. Markosoft's Time Clock simplifies the capturing of time data and makes the process of tracking time and creating invoices as ... (27/0) download
PC On/Off Time tracking 2.0 -  PC On/Off Time graphically shows the working time on your computer of ... computer before. PC On/Off Time works with Windows NT ... projects with the professional time tracking software Visual TimeAnalyzer ... (51/0) download
PresenTense Time Server 4.0 -  PresenTense Time Server is a high performance Windows time server supporting NTP and SNTP protocols. PresenTense Time Server will synchronize your PC to a primary time source such as an ... GPS reciever and offer time services to clients on ... that you maintain accurate time even if your internet ... (76/0) download
PresenTense Time Client NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista 4.0 -  PresenTense Time Client is a network time client for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista ... clock to a network time server or local GPS ... accurate within microseconds. PresenTense Time Client will impress you ... (207/0) download
Bill Central Time Billing 2004 -  Central is a comprehensive Time Billing system designed to ... generate revenue. Bill Central Time Billing is a smart ... bill for your daily time and expense charges, while ... (185/0) download
Network Time System 2.0.1 -  Network Time System is a full-featured Client\Server network time synchronization system that allows ... network clocks with Internet time servers or any other ... source of synchronization. Network Time System allows creation of custom exact time source in corporate network environment establishing interconnected server time synchronization system ... (220/0) download
Emsa Time Synchronizer 1.0.58 -  Emsa Time Synchronizer is a very simple but useful time synchronization utility. Users that ... using an atomic internet time server. The program runs ... ... (17/0) download