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Quran Ayat screensaver 1.08Quran, the last and final ... and your country law. Quran is only one book ... the world. You enjoy Ayat of this book and ... (25/0) download

MyiQuran HD - The Holy Quran 2.2 -  in reading The Holy Quran in Arabic. Key features ... of all the Holy Ayat and Souwar. - Full search feature. - Scroll through Holy Ayat. - Bookmark or email each ... (1/0) download
Interactive Quran Tutor - Al Fatiha 1.0 -  Al-Fatiha of the Quran. Each word is clickable ... (594/0) download
Open Quran 1.9.2015 -  Most Quran Software are consisting of a Quran version and some translations ... Including own version of Quran and with many translation ... every Vers in the Quran, also importing written comments ... (101/0) download
Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation 1.0 -  "Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0" is the first Quran Software in India. It ... and English Translations of Quran, Complete Arabic Text, Complete recitation of Quran by Abdurahiman Sudaise, Soud ... (35/0) download
Quran Recitation for Mobile Phones 2 -  Listen the Quran Recitation in your mobile phone. Quran Recitation by Abdul Rahman ... As-Shuraim (Makkah). Complete Quran having 114 Suras. The ... having 114 Sura of Quran. Compatible with All mobile ... (32/0) download
Hifz Quran Surahs 2.1 -  is to listen each Ayat (verse) again and again ... with in hours. "Hifz Quran Surahs" shows each surah in single ayat format. And has clear ... Qirat (sound) of each ayat so that you can ... (1/0) download
Quran. Short Surahs. Koran 2.2 -  Short Surahs of Holy Quran with transliteration, translation and ... last twelve surahs of Quran, and also surah "Fatiha" and ayat "Al-Kursi with the original text of Quran. In the application the ... pronunciation and sounding of Quran surahs the audio with ... (3/0) download

Ayat al Kursi (Throne Verse) 1.0.4 -  famous verse of the Quran. This application contains the ... several times. Also, the ayat can be recited by ... (9/0) download
Quran Reciter (short ver 1.0Quran Reciter (short ver displays ... facility This version of Quran Reciter does not include ... (206/0) download
Al-Quran Explorer 3.0 -  Advanced Al-Quran for Muslim This software ... students to work with Quran easier than ever. This ... of all verses in Quran, either sorted by Surah ... (2459/0) download
EtreRef - Holy Quran edition for Mac OS 1.0.1 -  text of the Holy Quran. Select the Holy Quran (text) dictionary from the ... the search field. The Quran can also be searched ... (11/0) download
QuranReciter 4.0 Beta 3 -  Free Quran Software with Complete Quran Audio and Quran translations in 24 different languages. QuranReciter is a Quran MP3 Player designed for reciting a set of Quran MP3 files(more reciters ... beginners' guide for learning Quran. You have to refer to Arabic dictionaries, Quran Thafsirs etc. for learning ... meanings. FEATURES: Complete Quran Recitation ... (34/0) download
Quran With Tafseer 1.0Quran with Tafseer is a ... general, study the Holy Quran in three different languages ... five translations of the Quran, three of which are ... (87/0) download
Qir'at Quran Reciter for PCs 1.0 -  According to Islam, the Quran contains the Word of ... the text of the Quran is essential. This program ... complete text of the Quran, along with different translations ... (20/0) download
Quran CD/MP3 Maker Beta 1.1 -  The Quran CD/MP3 Maker is basically ... chant and memorize the Quran. There are 114 suras in the Quran and you need to ... in high quality. The Quran CD/MP3 Maker lets you ... (10/0) download
Noble Quran Search Software 2.0 -  Noble Quran Search Software allows either ... (9/0) download
Desktop Quran 4.5 -  Listen to the Holy Quran whenever you want with ... this free software. Desktop Quran lets you listen to the Quran as it is interpreted ... reciters. Also free. Desktop Quran is a simple and ... (23/0) download
Electronic Quran 1.1 -  This Electronic Quran provides you with the ... listening to the Holy Quran without downloading any files ... (35/0) download
Quran in Word 1.3 -  can insert ayah of quran or translation to your ... (172/0) download
Search Quran-o-Hadees 1.0 -  Search Quran-o-Hadees is a ... (7/0) download
QuranCode 2.6.7 -  tool for the Generous Quran. With QuranCode, you will be able to view Quran verses. The Research Edition ... hidden layers of the Quran. Prime numbers are used ... first chapter of the Quran named Al-Fatiha meaning ... (9/0) download
AL-Anvar Portable 0.5.0 -  platform free assistant for Quran researchers. some features of ... recitation Most translations of Quran Release notes: New Release ... (28/0) download
AL-Anvar for Linux 0.5.0 -  platform free assistant for Quran researchers. some features of ... ... (20/0) download
Quranflash 1.1 -  for your daily Holy Quran reading, with audio recitations ... Search the entire Holy Quran for keywords. Select and ... (5/0) download