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HotBounce Alliterate 1.0 -  program literally alliterates given words. Dynamically creates a list ... out new connections between words meaning and names that are ... (1/0) download

Summarize Large Amounts Of Text Software 7.0 -  certain areas and key words within the text to ... (0/0) download
Multiple Meaning Words 2.0 -  Multiple Meaning Words uses words that sound the same ... (1/0) download
Search Quran-o-Hadees 1.0 -  Search Quran-o-Hadees is a ... the mysteries behind the words of the religious text ... (5/0) download
KJVocabulary v1.10 -  helps you learn the meaning of archaic Bible words from the King James ... you can learn the meaning of all those tough Bible words, like "concupiscence,"\ ... (39/0) download
GlobalSpellChecker 1.0 -  for checking spelling or meaning of words from any application using ... Word. It displays the meaning or spelling suggestion in ... for checking spelling or meaning of words from any application using ... (11/0) download
Art of Love by KOCO NY Screen Saver v4.0b beta -  that use alchemy between words and images for articulating meaning as your screen saver ... (34/0) download
1-abc.net Personal Diary 5.00 -  care about the normal meaning of diaries and the words and stories that are ... (0/0) download

KJV My Holy Bible Search -  you like to lookup words and meaning from King James Version ... Bible and with searchable words. My Holy Bible Search ... (30/0) download
Noble Quran Search Software 2.0 -  Noble Quran Search Software allows either ... verses, text fragments, key words. This new version that ... (7/0) download
Word Memory and Discrimination 2000 1.0 -  remember a list of words and be able to discriminate the meaning between words in the list. Users hear a list of words and are then asked ... about one of the words, e.g. Which one ... display the list of words on the screen or ... (0/0) download
WinThesaurus 2.0 -  thesaurus (for finding synonyms: words of same or similar meaning). WinThesaurus has 30,260 root words and phrases, and over ... (0/0) download
Vocabster 1.0 -  you to master the meaning of about 3000 words of English vocabulary. The ... (1/0) download
Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation 1.0 -  "Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0" is the first Quran Software in India. It ... and English Translations of Quran, Complete Arabic Text, Complete recitation of Quran by Abdurahiman Sudaise, Soud ... Searching facility based on Words, Subjects and names in ... (35/0) download
QuranCode 2.6.7 -  tool for the Generous Quran. With QuranCode, you will be able to view Quran verses. The Research Edition ... hidden layers of the Quran. Prime numbers are used ... first chapter of the Quran named Al-Fatiha meaning The Opener not The ... (6/0) download
Weave Words 1.5 -  Weave Words is a fun new ... tiles, you must build words of three or more ... six different subjects, Weave Words provides hundreds of hours ... (45/0) download
Culprit Words 2.0 -  culprits have left cipher words behind them. These clues ... (46/0) download
Fairy Words 1.0 -  The words game starts from the ... most possible amount of words. The longer the words are the more points ... overall freedom. If the words were layed down in ... (28/0) download
Interactive Quran Tutor - Al Fatiha 1.0 -  Al-Fatiha of the Quran. Each word is clickable ... (586/0) download
Words Of Jesus Screensaver 1.1 -  than to keep the Words of Jesus in front of your eyes? The Words of Jesus Screensaver is ... on your desktop. The Words of Jesus Screensaver contains ... (71/0) download
Sight Words Buddy 1.0 -  Sight Words (often called the Dolch ... the most frequently used words in the English language ... only about 200, Sight Words comprise approximately 50 to ... (213/0) download
YTS Words Suite v3.5 -  YTS Words Suite is a software ... spelling dictionary containing specific words, terms, and abbreviations to ... as well as the meaning and context of words. And you can find ... (27/0) download
Mystery Words 1.1 -  to make valid English words in a vast dictionary of over 200,000 words while trying to figure ... are 1,000 mystery words in 14 different categories ... correctly. The longer the words are the more points ... (2/0) download
PATools Numbers to Words New -  PATools Numbers to Words is an Excel spreadsheet ... designated fields to actual words.For instance, if you ... (1/0) download
Search For Meaning Screensaver 1.0 -  Search For Meaning Screensaver is basically a ... quotes centered about the meaning of life, purpose of ... "Maybe the sole meaning of my life is ... (0/0) download