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Tammy Gotcha! v1.0.0 beta -  Lets you care for a virtual pet fish. Tammy needs constant ... (68/0) download

Mr. Clown 2000 v1.0 -  Lets you care for a virtual pet clown. The aim of ... game is to get a job, earn money and ... you must first get a job. To get a job you must have ... (62/0) download
Chicken Fighters 2002 2.1 -  Chicken Fighters is a game where you raise a virtual chicken in an Adventure ... upgrade their stats, select a special trainer, and enter ... (4/0) download
101 Kitty Pets 1.0 -  It's is a virtual pet game. You can choose ... reward your kitten with a treat after each trick ... first have to adopt a pet. To adopt a pet you have to select ... (4/0) download
CyPet 2.02 -  Free virtual pet game. Look after, feed ... games with your own virtual pet. Vaccinate him to stop ... gets dirty. Play peek-a-boo or hide and ... (22/0) download
Faerie Solitaire 1.0 -  Find and raise a faerie pet and repopulate the magical ... upgrades, making each stage a breeze. Chain together combos ... (0/0) download
Anidragon 1.011A 3D animated screensaver with ... panoramic fantasy landscapes, and virtual pet dragons living as evolving ... to adulthood. Anidragons are virtual pet dragons living as evolving digital creatures in a 3D animated screensaver with ... (34/1) download
PC Pet v1.0 -  PC Pet is a computer version of the popular virtual pet game. Your pet talks to you when ... set of words.PC Pet lets you create up to a total of 10 pets ... ... (123/0) download

Dragon Boy 1.0 -  Your objective is to raise a dragon egg so it can ... you in battle. It's a fun RPG game... To feed your dragon, you must toggle the ... it. When it reaches a certain amount of HP, the dragon will evolve several times ... (1/0) download
Virtual Asset Label 1.02 -  Put a virtual privacy statement or asset ... policies, contact information if a laptop is lost. Admin ... the text or create a custom image with your ... (17/0) download
Global Pets 2002 1.0 -  take care of your virtual pet, feed it, play with ... just as you would a real pet... It is very exciting to watch a pet grow up! Even store your pet online! If you like ... Global Pets 2002 is a fun and educational virtual pet simulation for people of ... (105/0) download
StarWind Virtual CD 5.5Virtual CD from StarWind Software ... allows you to create a virtual DVD-ROM drive locally ... extend your computing infrastructure. A Virtual DVD-ROM emulation allows you to use virtual optical drives when and where you need them. Virtual CD from StarWind creates ... (28/0) download
Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive (VFD) 2.1A virtual floppy drive that mounts ... resources. You can mount a floppy image file as a virtual floppy drive and directly ... or create files on a virtual floppy, format a virtual floppy, launch a program on a virtual floppy... Almost anything you can do with a real floppy. Tested from ... (7/0) download
Virtual Image Printer Driver Pro -  Pro is installed as a virtual printer driver that allows ... which supports printing into a standard BMP, GIF, JPEG ... (2/0) download
Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home 3.2.10792 -  RVS 2010 is a completely new product that uses a combination of antivirus, antimalware and a virtual system to protect your ... operating system and creates a virtual environment for your PC ... the native operating system, a clone is loaded that ... (4/0) download
MA Keyboard: virtual keyboard 1.03 -  MA keyboard is a virtual keyboard that allows you to enter characters from a single click. The cyrillic ... your shortcuts (Example: For a given key on your ... sit and you have a wireless mouse at hand (for instance : launch a Google search from your sofa, a.s.o). Requirements: Windows ... (5/0) download
Seekways Virtual Keyboard 1.0A virtual keyboard app that has a built-in text to ... to choose from, this virtual keyboard program allows you ... without the need of a physical computer keyboard. Ideal ... (1/0) download
Touch-It - Virtual keyboard 4.9.2 -  Touch-It is a virtual on screen keyboard which ... mimic all aspects of a desktop keyboard. Features like ... task switching are supported. A keyboard is also accessible ... (3/0) download
eUniversity learning management system 2.1 -  educational process and create a virtual training organization under the ... determines the connections between a professor and training courses ... conduct personal correspondence with a website visitor, turning him/her ... (0/0) download
Virtual Audio Streaming Pro 4.0Virtual Audio Streaming adds a virtual sound card on your ... your real sound card. Virtual Audio Streaming lets you ... example, you can use Virtual Audio Streaming to record ... (7/0) download
Archibald for Mac OS X 3.6 -  Archibald is a virtual drummer who adds improvisational ... sequencer, you assign Archibald a margin of interpretation from ... This margin allows for a more realistic sound, based ... (3/0) download
Axon Free Virtual PBx System 2.20 -  Axon is a virtual IP PBx for Windows PCs featuring a one click installation setup and a web management console that ... new PBx easy. Implement a scalable PBX solution with ... the normal features of a traditional PBX such as ... (6/0) download
VirtualCamera -  VirtualCamera is a virtual software camera that can ... application use it as a real camera. Most popular ... If you already have a web cam, you can ... (60/0) download
Just BoxShots 2.01 -  Build a virtual boxshot for anything! Build ... images, Just BoxShots has a full featured studio that ... to your specification. Add a multitude of text and ... (12/0) download
IBA Bingo Flashboard 1.08A Virtual Bingo Flashboard that can be used with a projector to display the ... to check them for a valid win. You may even download a IBA Bingo Card Maker ... (93/0) download