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Free PHP RSS to Content 1.1 -  Free PHP RSS to Content Oddly Enough retrives the Reuters RSS feed. It accepts up to 5 RSS feeds that you give ... (3/0) download

Textic Talklets 1.90 -  radio station' and convert RSS to talk or podcast instantly. A ... Favelet to initiate the talk service on any web ... and includes 30 minutes talk time per month. Subscribing ... (72/0) download
Feed2Html Free PHP Script 1.25 -  that converts data from RSS to HTML. If you already have an RSS feed, just install this ... that information from your RSS feeds is ready to ... (118/0) download
Freo Messenger 1.7.0 -  instant messenger client to talk instantly in real-time ... as Clock, Weather and RSS Feed Reader.Freo has ... (1/0) download
Flip Book Maker Themes for Simple Style 1.0 -  we are going to talk about simple style. When ... (0/0) download
Highly Effective Marketing Plan (HEMP) 1.2.1 -  The simple way to talk to your customers Marketing ... (5/0) download
SecuriPhone for Windows NT/2000 v1.00b -  which allows you to talk and send multi-language ... (25/0) download
SecuriPhone for Windows 95/98 v1.00 -  which allows you to talk and send multi-language ... (22/0) download

CommCenter 1.1 -  opponents cursing, or to talk with your teammates to ... use your microphone to talk with other players It ... (15/0) download
Speak & Mail 2000.8 -  Speak &\; Mail allows your computer to \\talk to you\\. You can listen to your e-mails, web pages, documents, help files or anything else you copy to the clipboard. Just keep the animated character on top of your desktop and click on it whenever you want it to read. Speak will bring your desktop to life by telling you jokes, reminding you of your ... (46/0) download
LiveSupportAP 6.01 -  Free tool to talk to web page visitor ... (11/0) download
3D Spades Deluxe -  and interesting players to talk to while you play ... (27/0) download
Simple Chat Client -  allows the user to talk in the chat onet ... (6/0) download
World of Chat Messenger 2.4 -  that allows you to talk to friends in live ... list and you can talk to them live, and ... people who you can talk to on World of ... (6/0) download
Vistalizator 2.40 -  and want it to talk to you in your ... (1/0) download
Flash flip book theme of Crossover 4 1.0 -  flippingbooks, no need to talk much about crossover series ... (0/0) download
Free Chat 1.0 -  a simple solution to talk to friends over the ... (0/0) download
FacebookDiscovery 5.0 -  natural for you to talk with your Facebook friends ... (8/0) download
Windows Live Messenger Translator Add-In 1.0 -  Ever wish to talk to your MSN buddies ... (0/0) download
ProxyDial 1.8 -  you the possibility to talk to anyone you want ... (1/0) download
IPi Phone 1.6 -  that allows you to talk and use text chat ... (1/0) download
Office Intercom 5.1Talk to anyone else who ... (2/0) download
SpeakFreely 7.6 -  that allows you to talk (actually send voice, not ... computer you wish to talk to. A way to ... (0/0) download
JYLUpdates 1.1 -  define a list of RSS to be displayed. It ... (0/0) download
ELMO Knows Your Name 2.1 -  Elmo loves to talk to you! He knows ... (6/0) download