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Save Desktop Icon Pos. 2.11.0007Save the positions of your desktop icons. Icons can be hidden or shown.Special icons such as the Recycle ... you the power to save the positions of your desktop icons. Icons can be hidden or ... any time. Even special icons such as the Recycle ... (36/0) download

Spring Desktop Icons 1.1 -  Spring Desktop Icons is a free icon ... to 256x256, the nine icons in this set also ... commercial users, these free icons, and the other icon ... (2/0) download
Free Business Desktop Icons 2010.1 -  Free Business Desktop Icons is a collection of 10 stock icons for use in commercial ... our commercial sets, these icons are carefully created pixel ... Flawless in their quality, icons will help a developer ... (3/0) download
Free Twilight Desktop Icons 2011.1 -  Free Twilight Desktop Icons is a collection of 12 free icons for personal and commercial ... our commercial sets, these icons are carefully created pixel ... well-rounded edges. The icons are available in sizes ... (7/0) download
Xena Desktop Icons v1.0 -  Xena Desktop Icons is a set of icons inspired by the show ... ... (74/0) download
TI Desktop Icons v1.0 -  TI Desktop Icons is a collection of desktop icons based on the TI calculator series. It includes icons based on the TI ... ... (68/0) download
Solway's Desktop Icon Layout Saver 1.1Save and restore the location of your desktop icons. Freeware. (2/0) download
Advanced Desktop Shield 10.02 -  Advanced Desktop Shield - security utility is ... stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver, deleting, creating and renaming desktop icons, changing display settings and so on. With Advanced Desktop Shield you can backup, restore and manage your desktop layout and desktop layouts of your users. Desktop layouts are saved to ... folders ... (135/1) download

12Ghosts Save Layout 98 v21.01 -  the layout of your Desktop icons so that you never ... to waste time rearranging icons after a system lockup ... right click on 12Ghosts's desktop icon, and choose save. When you need to ... (23/0) download
Alive Desktop 1.0 -  The Alive Desktop saves positions of your desktop icons in separate configurations. You ... in windows on a desktop is provided. You can ... etc. Forget about crash desktop icons on changing screen resolution! Alive Desktop keeps your icons positions when screen resolution ... (229/0) download
MyDesktop 1.4 -  MyDesktop saves/restores Desktop icons. MyDesktop is a shareware ... from Mountain Systems to save and restore Windows Desktop icon positions. MyDesktop is ... PC users carefully place icons on their desktop in specific positions. From ... (93/0) download
Desktop Organizer & Arranger 1.1.7Desktop Organizer & Arranger helps you find your desktop shortcuts faster and easier ... you to organize your desktop icons into categories. If you ... a screen full of desktop icons with links to folders, files, or programs, consider Desktop Organizer &\; Arranger. D ... (96/0) download
Official Star Trek Icons for Mac OS 1.0 -  highly detailed set of desktop icons is based on objects ... OS or Windows Vista desktop with icons such as Captain Kirks ... (5/0) download
Icy Box Icons for Mac OS 1.1Desktop icons showing the silver and ... of course)- including 7 icons (with 2 Time Machine ... whole package includes 7 icons either packed in a ... (7/0) download
Winter Wonderland Icons for Mac OS 2.0 -  and bright set of desktop icons is now complete with ... Wonderland with Geds Alpine desktop pictures released in 2001 ... (0/0) download
Desktop Hide 1.0 -  Hide cluttered desktop icons to a neatly to ... It will hide all desktop icons and right click on ... This program hides the Desktop icons, Task Bar and Task ... (3/0) download
Clear Desktop 4.0 -  or show all your desktop icons with the click of ... ... (13/0) download
Desktop Icon Manager 1 -  Hides or Shows your Desktop Icons This program will show or hide your desktop icons. It will work on ... (28/0) download
When Icons Attack 1.1 -  Your desktop icons are on a rampage ... seize control of the desktop. Only one obstacle stands ... DirectX 9.0. Your desktop icons are on a rampage ... (23/0) download
IconLock v1.1 -  protect and lock your desktop icons in their current position. IconLock lets you freeze desktop icons in the arrangement you ... ... (143/0) download
EzDesk v1.8 -  the layout of your desktop icons. If you've ever had your icons scrambled by a misbehaved ... using EzDesk. You can save and restore different icon ... (66/0) download
Fences Pro 1.01 -  shaded areas on your desktop, which become movable & resizable containers for your desktop icons. These groups can help ... to your computer's desktop, solving the "constant ... that has plagued the desktop since its inception. To ... (7/0) download
ZapIcones -  hide or display your desktop icons based on mouse position ... (2/0) download
ROOMS 3D Desktop 480.0 -  When Windows desktop meets the 3D game ... drive-in wallpaper - 3D desktop wallpapers which you move into and desktop icons which you move among. Explore your desktop in 3D. Look around ... for, you have 3D icons and views to look ... (5/0) download
DeskTopFast 1.3 -  DeskTopFast brings all your desktop icons on top of any ... to bring all the icons to the front, even ... (1/0) download