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Sentinel Protection 7.6 -  The Sentinel Protection Installer is an ... of the following components: - Sentinel System Driver: The device ... communicating with the following hardware keys: - Sentinel Hardware Key - Sentinel Dual Hardware Key - Sentinel UltraPro Key - Sentinel SuperPro Key - Sentinel Pro Key - Sentinel Security Runtime: Sentinel Security Runtime is a ... (23/0) download

AntiDuplicate 5.4.0 -  easy tool to create hardware keys for your software ... AntiDuplicate, software developers prepare hardware keys (dongles) from ordinary ... drive's write protection at hardware level (compatible with some ... (0/0) download
ProteMac LogonKey 1.0.9 -  presenting a USB security key as an authentication solution. This USB dongle device delivers you a ... user. Even if your hardware key has been lost, LogonKey ... password and choose another Key in the main LogonKey ... (21/0) download
ElecKey 2.0 R7 7 -  license, floating license, USB dongle license key, etc. Features: Fast and ... the use of Mobile Key. LicenseGen SDK *: Allow ... commerce providers. USB License Key Dongle-Based Protection *: Turn ... (4/0) download
Rohos Logon Key for Mac OS 1.4.3 -  lock desktop when USB Key is unplugged; Unlocking your ... fully automatic and fast!Hardware Key variety: USB flash drive ... few actions on USB Key removal : Lock, Log Out ... (27/0) download
psShutXP 0.29 -  bind it to any hardware key); *Password lock; *You can ... (8/0) download
XPeRT Keyboard 6.0 -  is a 2nd E key (13% of all letters ... Keyboard installs on existing hardware. Key caps move readily or high quality key labels are available. _____ ... ... (5/0) download
Rohos Welcome 1.5 -  entered automatically once the hardware key is connected to the ... The user connects his hardware key to his computer and ... need for a USB key. A user can login ... (35/0) download

Crimson512 QuadCore 3.1 -  using the same license key. With its hardware key support, encrypting with extremely ... ciphertext under the same key. * Authenticated encryption and ... Strong 512-bit symmetric-key block cipher. * Simple ... (5/0) download
VMware Server 2.0.2 -  machine running on new hardware and operating system * ... appliances that include virtual hardware, operating system and application ... of operating systems and hardware. Key Features: * Installs like ... (1/0) download
Garment Designer 2.5 -  requires a physical USB key (dongle). The first thing you ... (8/0) download
Think & Do Studio Release 8.0 -  Includes CD-ROM, USB hardware key and QuickStart guide. System ... (2/0) download
Scholars eLibrary Creator Basic Edition Trial Version 9.4 -  be encrypted with USB Dongle. - eLibrary will be opened ... as encrypting withUSB License Key Dongle protection from piracy, storing ... (2/1) download
Access Forbidden 1.0 -  password or inserting the key drive. Access Forbidden enables ... (23/0) download
evolve online recruitment software 5.0 -  factor authentication (banking standard hardware key based login for users ... (2/0) download
Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.3.8 -  such as swimming * hardware key control of all functions ... (3/0) download
Ezio onMobile -  just like a regular hardware key ring type token, but ... (3/0) download
Sentinel Medic 2.3Sentinel Medic is a useful tool for detecting any Sentinel key attached to your computer ... to use the the Sentinel Security Hardware with its protected software ... (7/0) download
USB WinLock 1.2 -  flash drive into a dongle (compare it to a car key) and securely protects your ... a car with a key, you start your computer ... else, without the right key, can start your machine! ... (5/0) download
COM Port Data Emulator -  software developer or a hardware engineer, you may often ... go. COM Port Data Emulator possesses high flexibility and ... and affordability are the key characteristics of this excellent ... (6/0) download
eDIN Emulator 1.2 -  The eDIN Emulator provides the full eDIN ... requiring any actual eDIN hardware modules. The eDIN Emulator makes extensive use of ... configured according to the hardware installed on your specific computer.The eDIN emulator software is also locked ... (1/0) download
Maretron DSM250 Emulator 1.4Emulator for Maretron's DSM250 ... easy-to-use five-key illuminated keypad. Unlike traditional ... (5/0) download
Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server 1.00 -  Hard Disk Sentinel offers advanced data protection ... backup functions. Hard Disk Sentinel points on present or ... are signs of imminent hardware failure. It offers deep ... (12/0) download
Computer Census 3.00.0037 -  A network inventory, hardware inventory, and software inventory tool: Over 200 key data points are reported ... disk drive activity during hardware data collection but no ... (43/0) download
Xcopilot -  Pilot hand held oragnizer emulator USRobotics Palm Pilot hand held oragnizer emulator this is emulator of hardware (m68k, touch-sensitive LCD ... (51/0) download