Serial Cable Length free downloads
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PsiWin 2.3 -  software plus an RS232 serial cable. There are now a ... (3/0) download

WinFlashPro 1.2 -  instrument port via a serial cable (NULL Modem cable) and if supported by ... (2/0) download
Victron Energy 1.1 -  Features: Calculate cable size and voltage drop. Easily select cable length, amperes and cable cross section to determine ... voltage drop over the cable. Temperature derating. Calculate output ... (4/0) download
DMR-5200 Serial Application 1.40 -  Requires a serial cable, which comes with the ... to unlock. Requires a serial cable, which comes with the ... with most USB to Serial adapters, and can use ... (19/0) download
NetFor2 v1.1 beta -  this program and a serial cable, you can easily connect ... (30/0) download
OWL Reporter 2.9 -  the software with the serial cable provided with your meter ... (1/0) download
GHTSet 1.4 -  GHT with the provided serial cable. - Tap Connect to GHT ... (2/0) download
Auditron Print Wizard 1.0 -  (A serial cable may be purchased from ... series 2/3 Auditrons have serial numbers beginning with " ... (14/0) download

Chrono Connect 1.6 -  a chronograph connected by serial cable, USB-Serial adapter cable or USB ( for CED ... (6/0) download
IPGphor2 1.0 -  any computer via a serial cable. GE Healthcare provides a ... (2/0) download
Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver 6.0 -  Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver comes in ... you don't have enough serial ports in your system ... you don't have hardware serial ports at all .Created ... (148/0) download
UDP Serial Port Redirector 1.2.1 -  The Haxxio UDP Serial Port Redirector is the ... only talk to a serial port. Most applications for ... a) Replacing a simple serial connection, either RS232 or ... (9/0) download
ComCap v1.4 -  received on a PC serial communications port to a ... therefore, a two-wire serial cable is required. ComCap is ... logging data from the serial port provided on most ... (26/0) download
Access RS232 devices over Bluetooth 6.0B -  BlueConsole is a Bluetooth Serial Adapter that provides true ... using the keyboard. Input serial data directly into EXCEL ... Datetime stamping of your serial data, Powerful DDE (Dynamic ... (1067/0) download
CableRate 1.1 -  A simple cable sizing application. Using the ... your requirements for the cable you need. Now including ... subsequent volt-drop per cable length calculator. This app should ... (7/0) download
TALBreakout 1.0 -  software is a powerful serial diagnostics tool to allow ... easily debug 2-way serial communications. Turn any PC or Laptop with two serial ports into a serial breakout box (serial line analyzer). Snoop in ... received through an RS232 serial cable between any two devices ... (7/0) download
Switch-Edit 2.0 -  The package includes the serial link interface which allows ... ... (1/0) download
KacoViso 2.2 -  PC with a RS232 cable; use the standard RS232 serial port provided on your ... you need is a serial 1:1 interface cable. The cable length should not exceed 66' ... (12/0) download
GetDataBack Data Recovery for NTFS 3.03 -  network or over a serial cable. This feature enables you ... (150/0) download
GetDataBack Data Recovery for FAT 3.03 -  network or over a serial cable. This feature enables you ... (89/0) download
PbxTools PhoneJournal 1.0.310 -  CDR date transfer using serial cable connection or TCP/IP connection ... (106/0) download
Forsaken 1.0.5 -  IPX, modem to modem, serial cable, and the Internet for ... (31/0) download
Strife v1.1 -  friends over a modem, serial cable, or an IPX network ... (80/0) download
Daytona USA Deluxe -  IPX LAN connection or serial cable to race with distant ... (780/0) download
Wacky Wheels v1.1 -  or via modem or serial cable\; RemoteRidicule(tm) feature ... (270/0) download