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Convert MSSQL Database To MySQL -  database records into MySQL server file format in very fast ... both MSSQL and MySQL server database. DB converter software ... MSSQL or MySQL db server. Database transformation utility is ... (1/0) download

JEExplorer 1.15 -  and directories on your server file system. JEExplorer is designed ... single JSP and jar file, with no external dependencies ... as a Java/J2EE war file which can be installed on any Java server, f.ex. Apache Tomcat ... (2/0) download
Web FileUpload COM Objec -  Web Server File Upload Object For Delphi/ASP ... Web Library FileUpload web server object for Delphi and ... is designed as a server-side object that accepts a file upload from a web browser for selected file types, and then saving them to the server file system. For uploaded image ... (25/0) download
MSCUpload for Linux 2.0 -  MSCUpload is an Active Server File Upload component. It allows ... MSCUpload is an Active Server File Upload component. It extentds ... (5/0) download
Novell Server Recovery Software 2.1 -  Novell Server Recovery Software is impressive ... drive&partitions. Use this Novell server data recovery tool on ... device that supports Netware&NSS file system of Novell. Novell server file recovery utility is useful ... (10/0) download
File Share Collector Bundle 3.5.0 -  to sync from desktop/server, file filters, and approvals. Publish ... Runs on desktop or server. Managed File Transfer. Requirements: .Net Platform ... (2/0) download
File Share Collector Administrator 3.5.0 -  Sync documents from desktop/server, file filters, and approval email ... 'Portable Document Views'. Managed File Transfer. Requirements: .Net Platform ... (1/0) download
ServerUptime 1.0 -  time Citrix or Windows server was rebooted, and it ... a report. The Load Server File List button is supposed ... or Windows servers from file SERVERLIST.TXT. You can ... (0/0) download

MSCUpload for Windows 2.0 -  MSCUpload is an Active Server File Upload component. It extentds ... (9/0) download
Amembo -  Fast speed file transfering, because it doesn't through the server. File Sharing Function, it can ... (7/0) download
CTX Farm Inventory 1.0 -  the help of Load Server File List button. You can ... all servers in the Server List window, according to ... window to a Excel file located in the same ... (12/0) download
TurboFTP 6.30 B932 932 -  and virtually any FTP server with exceptional ease and ... of features and secure file transfer capability, TurboFTP is ... uploading Web site, scheduled file synchronization and backup, and mission critical corporate file transfers. TurboFTP is a ... (1/0) download
FlashChat Module Pack 1.3.2 -  fla file). All MP3 files are stored on the server file system. All module configuration ... editing FlashChat's /inc/config.php file. Setup the module as ... the external XML configuration file. Several general configuration options ... (1/0) download
XULTech Firelinks File Manager 1.0 -  Firefox is a remote file manager/control panel that lets you manage your web server using an easy to ... like a regular desktop file manager. For example, you ... individual columns in the file listing table by drag ... (9/0) download
Titan FTP Server x64 8.40.1351 -  Titan FTP Server is an enterprise class Managed File Transfer Server product for storing and ... interface makes Titan FTP Server easy to set up and maintain. Titan FTP Server is FIPS-140-2 ... to any user or server. You can regulate the ... (0/0) download
Web File Transfer 6.0 -  Web File Transfer is web based file transfer software that makes ... ftp software. Our web file server provides an audit trail ... stored on your own server in order to maximize ... (6/0) download
NetServe Web Server 1.0.53 -  NetServe Web Server is a super compact Web Server and File Sharing application for Windows ... It's HTTP Web Server can serve all types ... New key features include Server-Side-Include (SSI) support ... (3/0) download
VX Search Server 6.4.38 -  VX Search Server is a rule-based file search server, which runs in the ... to connect to the server using a regular web ... storage devices by the file name, regular expressions, size, file type, attributes, user name ... (0/0) download
Home Web Server -  Home Web Server is easy to use Web Server, that allows you to ... up user accounts, use server- replace-tags in your ... code and monitor individual file downloads. It supports banned IP addresses, server internal redirects, multiple domain ... (8/0) download
Folder Size & Analyze Professional 3.52 -  content, disk or FTP server content and print folder ... reports, detailed folder lists, file lists or folder snapshots ... content, including information about file types, folder sizes, number ... (0/0) download
OnlineVNC Server 2.4 -  OnlineVNC Server is a quality and ... It's supports embeded FTP Server inside for File Sharing. Viewer for the server uses Web-Browser technology ... a web browser. OnlineVNC server is 100% compatible with ... (12/0) download
Folder Size & Analyze Professional 5.14 -  contents, disk or FTP server contents and print folder ... reports, detailed folder lists, file lists or folder snapshots ... contents, including information about file types, folder sizes, number ... (1/0) download
Serv-U FTP Server -  Serv-U FTP server provides secure file transfer and secure file sharing for an affordable ... and FTPS (SSL/TLS). Secure file sharing ("ad hoc file transfer" or "send files" ... Supported Operating Systems: Windows: Server 2012, Server 2008, Server 2003, Windows 7, Vista ... (0/0) download
Client/Server Comm Lib for C/C++ 6.3 -  Create chat server and clients. Create client / server file transfer. Create client programs ... of connections that the server will accept when listening ... examples to create client server applications. Free technical support ... (199/0) download
ALFTP 5.1beta2 -  friendly FTP client and server. The convenient ALFTP Client and Server Explorer lets you browse ... Explorer. Transfer queues simplify file management.Share files with ... with the easiest FTP server. Just turn it on ... (40/0) download