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Fake Progress Bar 1.1 -  A Fake Progress Bar for your desktop. Ever ... titles, icons, speed and progress messages. It can also ... (143/0) download

VB Progress-Bar ActiveX 2.0.1 -  VB Progress-Bar ActiveX 2.0.1 ... control to show a progress bar for any progress in your programs, with ... (5/0) download
Progress Column 1.51 -  The progress bar is typically used when ... tasks such as project progress or sales activity. Users ... cue. By using the progress bar in your SharePoint lists, you provide the ... (7/0) download
Status Indicator 1.0 -  visual cues depending on SharePoint list item value or status. Using progress bar, graphic icons and color ... to keep track of SharePoint list items, such as ... and items of other SharePoint list types. After assigning ... (12/0) download
Sonic Progress Bar ActiveX Control 2.0.0 -  Sonic Progress Bar ActiveX Control replaces your old boring progress bars with extremely stylish ... be used as a progress bar or as a busy bar. The possible applications and ... be from a simple progress bar to a component of a highly attractive bar chart. The limitation is ... (3/0) download
AR Progress Bar Control v1.02 -  AR Progress Bar Control is an ActiveX (OCX) progress bar that can display gradient ... (136/0) download
CCRP Progress Bar v1 build 1.01.216 -  CCRP Progress Bar is an enhanced replacement for the Visual Basic Progress Bar control. includes new features ... ability to display the progress bar vertically and smoothly. The ... and behavior of the progress bar can be set using ... (59/0) download
.Net Progress Bar 3.0.3813 -  Net Progress Bar Control is an advanced sets of highly customizable progress bar controls to enhance the ... your applications. Softgroup .Net Progress Bar contains three controls: OCo PrograssBar: a classic continuous progress bar control with customizable colours ... OCo PrograssBlock: a block progress bar with customizable colours, gradient ... (0/0) download

Plasmaplugs Progress Bar 2.0 -  Choice and adjustment of progress bar fill easing types * Automatic/Manual progress * Choice of different ... (132/0) download
ASP pure file upload with progress 2.0 -  upload script with HTML progress bar indicator. ASP upload to ... upload script with HTML progress bar indicator. ASP upload to ... (111/0) download
ASP file upload 2.3 -  file upload component with progress bar indicator. Lets you upload ... (14/0) download
PTViewer Scripter 1.32 -  own downloading waiting image, progress bar in viewer\; Set your ... (44/0) download
ProgressBarLight_X32 v1.0 beta -  a lightweight and fast progress bar control for your programs ... of the bars. The progress display therefore is much ... (35/0) download
axIndicator v2.0 -  axIndicator is an advanced progress bar. axIndicator lets you choose ... (80/0) download
ActiveX Indicators Suite v4.5 -  Suite contains an advanced progress bar and a LCD panel ... control is an advanced progress bar. You choose the control ... (91/0) download
Percent ActiveX Control v2.15 -  a level or a progress bar. The Percent ActiveX Control ... customized to show a progress bar, pie, grid bar, and more. You can ... (72/0) download 1.0 -  KFileUploadPlusProgressBar includes Ajax based progress bar. It displays various status ... just like pure HTML progress bar but instead of popup ... it uses an inline progress bar with the AJAX technology ... (33/0) download
ABCUpload ASP 4.6 -  ABCUpload - features Pure HTML Progress Bar, Unicode Compliant, 120% MacBinary ... (91/0) download
TMultiProgressBar v1.0.0.3 -  TMultiProgressBar is a Delphi progress bar component that handles multiple ... master/child relationships between several progress bars. It can be ... (48/0) download
ProgressBarXP 1.0 -  is an XP style progress bar control that displays in ... is the XP style progress bar control for Visual Basic ... (27/0) download
XUpload Pro 2.3 -  XUpload - non AJAX upload progress bar indicator for web based ... website and shows upload progress bar which is showing upload progress bar. Will work on any ... advanced non AJAX upload progress bar indicator for web based ... (131/0) download
JavaScript ProgressBarCl 1.0 -  Display current time as progress bar. JavaScript ProgressBarClock is a ... display current time as progress bar on web pages.Script ... (50/0) download
CooScale v1.1 -  is a multimedia JavaBeans progress bar. It supports customizable sound ... (22/0) download
Zeal ProgressBar ActiveX 1.2 -  displays a Setup-like progress bar. This control displays a Setup-like progress bar. The percent completed is ... the middle of the bar and it changes color as the status bar passes over it.Visual ... (48/0) download
KUpload+ AJAX ProgressBar 1.1 -  KUpload+ AJAX ProgressBar1 Dragable Progress Bar KUpload+ AJAX ProgressBar has new feature dragable Progress Bar. Now user can drag progress bar within browser!2 Multi-language Support KUpload+ AJAX Progress Bar has another new feature ... is new AJAX based Progress Bar for KUpload+, which takes ... web applications. 2 AJAX Progress Bar KFileUploadPlusProgressBar ... (0/0) download