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HotShift Calendar 3.29 -  who work a rotating shift schedule. Twenty-four hour shifts ... to the users own schedule. a desk top calendar ... (247/0) download

MyRoster Scheduler 2.5 -  MyRoster is a shift schedule manager, based on the ... very useful tool for shift workers in fields such ... with a variable work schedule. You can create and ... (3/0) download
Oriador Staff Rota 1.1 -  and distribute your employee shift schedule, whether your requirements are ... and distribute your employee shift schedule, whether your requirements are ... (100/0) download
ShiftCal 6.3 -  configured to any regular shift schedule. ShiftCal® is a native ... (6/0) download
Work Schedule Template With Shifts and Labor Costs 1 -  print a weekly work schedule for up to 20 ... automatically computed based on shift assignments and hourly rates ... labor rates. Shifts and shift durations are defined in the Shifts tab. The Schedule tab displays a weekly ... (47/0) download
Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software -  Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software is ... drop scheduling, and automatic schedule generation let you easily create optimal shift schedules for your employees. Its innovative multi-view schedule planner gives you multiple ... daily staffing. With Snap Schedule, you can: - Schedule any number of employees ... (6/0) download
Shift Work Calendar Lite 2.7.16 -  by the shift work. Isn't it convenient ... able to confirm the schedule of your work with ... by easily registering your shift. Moreover, You can save ... (1/0) download
Scheduling Software by Asgard 5.1 -  It manages shift schedules, time off, attendance ... (174/0) download

Excel Employee Shift Schedule Template Software 7.0 -  Create templates for employee shift schedules in MS Excel ... (17/0) download
Shift Master Shift Calendar 7.0 -  Fully configurable Shift Calendar app for Firefighter ... 4 platoons/teams with single shift or first/second shift on a shift pattern rotation of up ... ... (0/0) download
Time Tracker Scheduling Software 5.1 -  It manages shift schedules, time off, attendance ... (1/0) download
Employees Management Software -  daily attendance, leave record, shift schedule, in/out details, tour-training ... (137/0) download
Phobos And Deimos Suite 1.2.0 -  Phobos And Deimos is a software for digital deployment scheduling with integrated personnel administration software and encrypted data transmission. The software has a client/server based architecture. All your clients will be synchronized via the built in server (SSL encrypted). The software provides your company a cost efficient way to digitalize ... (48/0) download
WorkTime - Work Schedule, Shift Calendar & Job Manager 2.5 -  Set your shift times. See them all ... your hours. Share your schedule with family and friends ... you. WorkTime is a shift calendar which tracks your work schedule with incredible ease. Enter ... (2/0) download
Schedule Daily Calls and 1.3 -  tasks to 20 Doctors Shift Schedules Doctors Call and ... spreadsheet allows you to schedule 2 daily calls and ... doctors. Since you can schedule 2 doctors to each ... (107/0) download
Automatically Schedule Y 5.1Shift Schedules for 3 Shifts and 25 Employees Automatically Schedule Your Employees to 3 Shifts with Excel The Shift Schedules S2-3-25 ... (455/0) download
ShiftPro Shift Worker 2.0 -  I am a Shift Worker who has been ... track of my work schedule and my frequent shift trades. This is the ... solution -- ShiftPro. The ShiftPro Shift Worker app is a ... (1/0) download
Shift Alerts 1.0 -  The Shift Alerts helps doctors, nurses ... enables the caregiver to schedule reminders for patient interventions ... clinicians to use to schedule reminders, interventions, and alerts ... (0/0) download
Copy Shift 1.3 -  *** Copy your schedule of shifts in less ... Allways know when your shift starts *** *** Be ... app, you have your schedule of shifts allways with you. Use Copy Shift to organize working times ... (3/0) download
Simple Disable Key 7.1 -  disable windows key, disable shift key e.t.c ... application only or on schedule. You can also set ... (313/0) download
Schedule Multiple Shifts Automatically 7.0 -  The Shift Schedules S2-10-50 ... displayed. The companion S2-Shift Maker can convert your ... dependant employee needs, into schedule shifts for a one ... (118/0) download
ShiftPro - Fire Fighters 2.1 -  track of my work schedule and my frequent shift trades. This is the ... is simply a basic shift calendar. The additional features ... holidays, earns overtime, makes shift trades and wishes to ... (1/0) download
MSU Field Shift Fixer AviSynth plugin 0.5 -  fixing relational temporal field shift. This shift may appears during video ... filter automaticaly detects field shift. Also scene replacement and ... (22/0) download
Employee Scheduling Assistant 2000 2.2 -  For shift assignments and shift rotations, a non destructive ... (47/0) download
Schedule 3 Shifts Automatically 6.42 -  The Shift Schedules S1-3-25 ... (114/0) download