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Simple Backup Tool Backup Tool is a very simple application to automatically backup the content of one ... input folder and the backup location, and set the program to perform a backup every X minutes. It ... delete files in the backup folder that are no ... (1/0) download

EzySoft Instant Backup Software 2.0.0 -  Instant Backup Software is a simple backup software solution to help you backup your important document, work ... a breeze. Activate the backup yourself or schedule a backup as needed. Instant Backup Software is a very ... your backups with Instant Backup but with Windows® compressed ... (16/0) download
WinMail Backup - Windows Mail Databackup backup of all important Windows ... data. With a few simple steps you can protect ... (2/0) download
BackupToZip 1.4 -  BackupToZip is a simple backup program. It maintains a ... disk or CD for backup. Unlike a compression utility ... deleted files from the backup archive. It will also ... (9/0) download
Xopero Cloud Personal 3.9.3 -  Cloud Personal is a simple backup software that allows you ... you can use a simple tool for synchronisation and ... (236/4) download
xbSync X 1.0.3Simple backup and synchronization tool. xbSync ... (29/0) download
Voxy Box 1.0.0 -  Voxy Box is a simple voice recorder with simple backup features. With Voxy Box ... SMS. You can also backup your recordings to the ... and SMS. Notes about Backup: If your Dropbox account ... (2/0) download
Exiland Backup Standard 4.7 -  Exiland Backup Standard is a powerful ... unicode are solved. Exiland Backup does not block source files during backup operation . There is a ... of the program. Exiland Backup Standard has the following ... (0/0) download

PC Tools Simple Backup 3.0 -  drive into an Automatic Backup Solution. If you already ... Install the PC Tools Simple Backup software on your existing ... a fully automatic, continuous backup solution for up to ... (2/0) download
VersionBackup Master -  Master is the better backup software for PCs and networks. Use this professional backup archive manager instead of a simple backup copy program. This makes ... desired date in the Backup-Browser. The backups will ... fully integrated into the backup version management. This way ... (4/0) download
SimplyBackup 2.50 -  is a fast, small, simple backup software program that lets ... powerful file masks, advanced backup strategies, strong AES-256 ... (7/0) download
PC-ENCRYPT 8.1 -  Free Simple, Universal, File Encryption Free, Simple, Strong, Universal, Fast File ... lockable Password Book with simple backup. Send new passwords using ... (35/0) download
StorCube PC Backup and Recovery Pro version 12.0 -  A simple, cost-effective backup and recovery solution for ... including Windows 7 -Enable simple backup and rapid recovery including ... (2/0) download
SoftoTec BackItUp 1.5.0 -  subject is BackItUp, another backup solution from SOFTOTEC. We've already reviewed their ASIS Backup. "ASIS" operates on a ... you to make exact backup copies of your disk ... receive between two complete backup sessions? They can be ... (7/0) download
Outlook Express Backup Expert 1.40 -  Outlook Express Backup Expert is an utility ... to easily create a backup file of your email ... It allows you to backup and restore your messages ... (12/0) download
Package Backup For U3 1.0.0 -  Package Backup for Windows XP and ... the outer shell Package Backup is a powerful utility to backup files from PC-To ... the core of Package Backup goes beyond offering you a simple backup solution. Package Backup offers you various features such as: Backup To Your FTP Servers ... (61/0) download
Advanced Email Backup 1.00 -  Advnaced Email Backup is a complete email backup tool with user friendly ... take complete or partial backup of Windows Mail (Vista ... My Folder, My Pictures. Backup can be taken in ... (35/0) download
Live Mail Backup 2011 1.0 -  With Live Mail Backup 2011 you can easily backup your Windows Live Mail ... when needed. Live Mail Backup 2011 automatically detects whether ... complicated settings. Live Mail Backup 2011 saves space on ... (2/0) download
Backup-Connect PC backup 5.0Backup-Connect offers you a reliable and affordable backup service that takes care ... manual actions every day. Backup-Connect automatically creates a daily backup that is instantly encrypted and stored in the Backup-Connect data centre. The pc backup subscription allows you to make a simple backup of your PC, Mac or laptop. The PC backup software, ... (14/0) download
USB Flash Backup 2008 -  With USB Flash Backup you can automatically backup your files and folders ... storage device and the backup begins automatically. Multi user friendly it automatically switches backup profiles depending on the ... Name, adding files to backup is very simply using ... (7/0) download
MyBPBuddy 2.5 -  a reading is a simple matter of entering your ... own Email account, for backup. Features; - Intuitive entry of ... Change date/time of reading. - Simple backup and restore via email ... (1/0) download
Password Manager Vault 2.0 -  the easiest setup, secure backup and syncing of any ... Information Our secure cloud backup makes it effortless to ... secure syncing and cloud backup, unlimited items and extra ... (2/0) download
Project Timer -  Project Timer is a simple but powerful windows application ... in Excel and a simple backup of the data can ... is a light, fast, simple, non-intrusive Windows taskbar ... (484/8) download
ChronoSync for Mac OS 4.1 -  you are doing a simple backup or complex synchronization, ChronoSync ... (3/0) download
Microsoft RichCopy 4.0 -  It has a simple graphic interface for the ... for example, make a simple backup of all your files ... very tricky operation. Any simple mistake and Windows will ... (2/0) download