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NovoCPT 1.6 -  CPT files and calculating soil parameters such as friction ... OCR, undrained shear strength, soil behavior type (SBT), Ic ... pressure coefficient Ko and ...Soil Behavior Type: 1- Robertson ... (67/0) download

VisLog 3.0 -  engine of VisLog, generating soil profiles between boreholes is ... (25/0) download
LateralK 3.0 -  LateralK is a simple software for calculating lateral earth pressure coefficients and forces behind retaining walls in static and earthquake condition based on Rankine/ Coulumb formulas and also Mononobe/ Okabe methods. User manual (Help) is available for software. (104/0) download
NovoFormula 1.0 -  Geotechnical engineers can use this software for day-to-day analysis and calculations. Database of formulas include common correlations such as Cc, Cs, CBR, Es, etc as well as mass-volume relations and formulas. All formulas with their equations are presented in NovoFormula and user can add new equation. Report and export to Excel features are available. (60/0) download
ThreeDimSim:3D Mechanics simulator -  is a powerful 3D mechanics simulation and rendering application ... dxf and stl files. Mechanics of solid objects are ... (126/0) download
Claim UK Tax Refunds for Mechanics 1 -  to provide your own Mechanics tools and equipment for ... The majority of UK Mechanics are unaware that PAYE ... (5/0) download
Electrical Mechanics and Maths 9.2 -  Personal Finance - Data Analysis - Mechanics - Area - Surface Area and ... (455/0) download
EngCalc(Fluid Mechanics) - PocketPC Calculator 1.1 -  50 Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculator.Features..NEW Constant ... ratio,.. 50 Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculator.Features..NEW Constant ... (31/0) download

EngCalc(Fluid Mechanics) - Palm Calculator 1.2 -  50 Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculator.Features..NEW Constant ... ratio,.. 50 Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculator.Features..NEW Constant ... (29/0) download
openLISEM 1.37 Beta -  easy-to-use spatial soil erosion model.The program ... used to assess the soil conservation measures and scientific ... (3/0) download
Soil Science Software 1.0 beta -  The Soil Science software is distributed ... in all. - Practice determining soil texture. - Prints problem sets for soil water and fertility calculations ... (23/0) download
Soil Data Viewer 5.2Soil Data Viewer is a ... a user to create soil-based thematic maps. The ... a tabular report. The soil survey attribute database associated with the spatial soil map is a complicated ... (1/0) download
Datgel Rock Mechanics Tool 1.1 -  The Datgel Rock Mechanics Tool gINT Add-In ... (3/0) download
Beam Mechanics 2.0 -  Beam Mechanics is a Windows(PC ... problems in university course Mechanics Of Materials. If you ... types of problems Beam Mechanics is right for you ... (16/0) download
Maia Mechanics Imaging 2.7 -  Maia Mechanics Imaging is the flagship ... (7/0) download
Pintar InterACTIVE VirtuaLab Mechanics (Lite version) 1.0 -  Pintar InterACTIVE VirtuaLab Mechanics (Lite version) is a ... simulation laboratory for Newtonian mechanics on your desktop. Through ... (2/0) download
InnerSoft ISBH 0.3 -  InnerSoft ISBH computes soil water balance and Thornthwaite ... month. Application outputs are Soil Moisture Storage, Change in Soil Moisture Storage, Actual evapotranspiration ... (4/0) download
Oasys Alp 19.1 SP1 Build 1.0 -  loaded pile on the soil interaction. The program allows you to represent the soil as a series of ... program to analyze the soil behavior under various circumstances ... be selected from the Soil Data table directly. Minor ... (13/0) download
Mechanics 101: The Animated TextVook 1.0 -  history and fundamentals of Mechanics. Whether youre looking for ... about the science of mechanics. Get smart, quickly - download it now! In Mechanics 101: The Animated TextVook ... complex, captivating world of Mechanics into eight chapters that ... (3/0) download
Growth of the Soil 1.0 -  the touch of the soil itself, that gives strength ... (0/0) download
Mechanics Encyclopedia 1.0Mechanics encyclopedia: This encyclopedia of the mechanics, tells us on the ... today. This encyclopedic of Mechanics encyclopedia : digital studio can ... (0/0) download
Car Mechanics Magazine 3.0.0 -  Car Mechanics is the UK's only ... motor trade professional. Car Mechanics has helped save money ... months Download the Car Mechanics app to begin your ... (5/0) download
Mad Mechanics Car Forum 1.1.2 -  With Mad Mechanics Mobile, you can access ... (0/0) download
Electronics Mech Maths and Computing 9.2 -  Angle Conversion - Personal Finance - Mechanics - Area - Surface Area and ... (543/0) download
WebDwarf Free 2.5 -  Web Page authoring has never been easier or more affordable. WebDwarf Free is Virtual Mechanics' easy to use drag-and-drop webpage editor. Features include a word processor with spell checker and link editor, built-in graphics creation and image editing, enhanced page layout including a snap-to grid and tabs, and an FTP client. Use the graphics editor ... (41/0) download