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FlexiMusic Composer Mar2005 2005 -  FlexiMusic Composer is a software tool ... each beat of the sound. Arrange few beats as ... 7. With one sample sound you can produce various ... (6/0) download

Cucusoft iPhone Ringtone Composer 2.5 -  Cucusoft iPhone Ringtone Composer is a real fun ... you get a unique sound for your ringtone. It's ... With this iPhone ringtone composer, any musician can compose ... (5/0) download
Conway's Composer 1.0 -  Conways Composer lets you experience Conways ... a whole new waywith sound and color! This zero ... which Life evolves. Conways Composer allows you to observe ... (2/0) download
AVS Ringtone Maker -  compact full-featured ringtone composer software which allows you ... custom ringtones from any sound, be it your favorite ... (87/0) download
Jaytrax Composer v2.0 -  Jaytrax Composer is a full-featured ... a Web site. The sound generation of Jaytrax is ... (37/0) download
Axogon Composer v0.93.1 -  Axogon Composer is an animation and ... to compose videos, stills, sound clips and graphical vector ... (209/0) download
FontanaMixer for Mac OS 1.1 -  A generative sound environment based on John ... Mix” (1958), created by composer Karlheinz Essl. The original ... version, however, uses realtime sound generation and produces completely ... (4/0) download
Auto Music Composer Light 1.0 -  Auto Music Composer Light makes a music ... a rhythm. "Auto Music Composer Light" decomposes the tone ... new music by compounding sound. "Auto Music Composer Light" makes infinite number ... (20/0) download

Sony Ericsson Themes Creator for Linux 4.16 -  such as color palettes, sound files, image files or ... (3/0) download
Sony Ericsson Themes Creator for Mac OS X 4.16 -  such as color palettes, sound files, image files or ... (4/0) download
Sony Ericsson Themes Creator for Windows 4.16 -  such as color palettes, sound files, image files or ... (1/0) download
RealTime Composer 1.1 -  RealTime Composer is a very simple ... own soundspaces. Fill your sound palette with musical fragments and sound loops. Put palette sounds into the sound space cells. You can have ten sound elements on the palette ... of sounds in your sound space is unlimited. All ... (10/0) download
Edge of Nostalgia 1.0 -  audio experience album by composer and electronic musician Mikronesia ... listener to experience the sound world around them as ... (2/0) download
Super Sound Joiner 3.0.25 -  Super Sound Joiner is an easy ... joining all kinds of sound files into one large wav file. The sound joiner supports many audio ... input audio are, Super Sound Joiner converts them to ... (147/0) download
Sound Volume Hotkeys 1.0 -  Control sound volume using system-wide hotkeys. Customizable on-screen sound volume indicator will show ... (264/0) download
Fx New Sound Movie Audio Replacer 5.1.2 -  replace the garbled, random sound in your home movies ... or narration or add sound to silent movies using ... also includes an integrated sound recorder. Save your output ... (28/0) download
Any Sound Recorder 2.93 -  Any Sound Recorder is a powerful ... allows you to record sound from microphone, the line ... games, etc. With Any Sound Recorder you can also ... (133/0) download
Easy MP3 Sound Recorder -  Easy MP3 Sound Recorder can record any sound from sound card with MP3 format. It records the sound from Windows Media Player ... high quality, Easy MP3 Sound Recorder can grab streaming ... audio file. Easy MP3 Sound Recorder also supports to record sound from microphones, line-in ... (47/0) download
Top Video Sound Extractor 1.0 -  Top Video Sound Extractor is a tool to extract audio sound from video files to ... time of the video sound that you want to ... Ability to extract audio sound from a pre-defined ... (38/0) download
Perfect Sound Recorder 7.2.3 -  Perfect Sound Recorder is a professional sound recorder software. With the ... popular mp3 or wave sound files on the fly. Perfect Sound Recorder can record from any sound card input line, from ... more, it can record sound played by other programs ... (100/0) download
Sound Effect Maker 1.0.0Sound Effect Maker can create sound effects for sound file. It supports the sound effects such as chorus ... following parameters of the sound effects: Chorus: wet/dry mix ... (651/0) download
Virtins Sound Card Oscilloscope 2.1 -  Virtins Sound Card Oscilloscope is a ... Unlike most of the sound card oscilloscopes in the ... As a result, Virtins Sound Card Oscilloscope boasts a ... (172/0) download
Virtins Sound Card MultiInstrument 2.1 -  Virtins Sound Card MultiInstrument is a ... It consists of a sound card real time oscilloscope, a sound card real time spectrum analyzer and a sound card signal generator, and ... Unlike most of the sound card oscilloscopes in the ... (144/0) download
3D MP3 Sound Recorder 3.8.7 -  3D MP3 Sound Recorder is a sound recorder software. It enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card,microphone,line in and any other sound sources. You can use it to grab any sound, including music, dialogs from ... mode which can detect sound signal on your computer ... new files trigged by sound signal according to your ... (46/0) download
Smart Sound Recorder 1.0 -  Smart Sound Recorder is a full-featured universal sound recording system for both ... to record any digital sound from PC to WAV ... the volume of recorded sound falls below predefined threshold ... (71/1) download