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Easy Church Membership 4.0 -  Easy Church Membership was designed to meet ... than 100 members. One source claims less than 50 ... help these churches. Easy Church Membership is to maintain a database of church members, all tithes and giving, ministry membership, administrative committees, small group ... (128/0) download

Church Secretary 32 7.0Church Secretary 7.0 makes ... for even the smallest church to quickly record, update ... a wide variety of membership information. It also allows ... (85/0) download
Church Office Helper 3.0 -  It tracks the church's membership, contributions, finances, budget, pledges ... It also tracks the church staff, both full-time ... special needs of the church to be tracked. Over ... (139/0) download
Church Membership Keeper 4.1.2 -  keep records of most church functions. Church Membership Keeper is a FileMaker ... can keep records of church membership. You can keep track ... of how much your church members have contributed. Layouts ... (129/0) download
Church Secretary Professional Edition 2.0Church Secretary Pro is comprehensive ... In addition to recording membership, attendance, contribution and visitation records, church library inventory and a ... at just $199 per church. Manual included in both ... (3/0) download
Church Member Software 1.0Church Member Software allows you ... Directories * Roles * Membership Involvement * Home and ... (9/0) download
Ministry Assistant 1.42 -  Ministry Assistant is a church management software package aimed ... you would expect from church management software, such as tracking membership, visitors, activities, equipping, pastoral ... worship services and other church events. Here is some ... (93/1) download
Members Boss v2.0 -  Members Boss is a church management application which allows you to track membership, attendance, interests, groups, office ... (28/0) download

Roll Call 9.5 for Mac OS 10.0 -  solution for tracking your membership, contributions, small groups, Sunday ... other groups within your church or non-profit ministry ... pick-up.Roll Call church software features:- Allows entry ... (1/0) download
Religious Suite-Church Management Software 2012 -  a full range of membership management functionality. It can ... members. You can track Membership, Finances, Donations, Day Care ... information for individuals Family membership tracking Committee membership tracking Church events and attendance Donation ... (2/0) download
PowerChurch Plus 11.2 -  allows you to maintain Membership, Contributions, Accounting, Event Scheduling ... Keeping in one complete church administration software package. It' ... (6/0) download
Kingdom Steward 4.6Church Management Has Now Become ... come in to your church or ministry, while managing all of your membership needs. Look no further! ... (1/0) download
OpenChurchDoors 1.8 -  OpenChurchDoors is an open source church management. You can automatically ... to give to any church that requests it. The ... (1/0) download
Free Source Code Browser 1 -  Free Source Code Browser software. Aren't ... you from viewing their source code or saving images ... Who cares! View the source code of any webpage ... (534/0) download
Source Code Organizer PS 3.2 -  Developed for software developers, Source Code Organizer PS is ... storing all your software source code. It doesn't matter ... language you program in, Source Code Organizer PS will ... (78/0) download
SourceFormatX Source Code Formatter 2.56 -  a powerful multi-language source code formatter and source code beautifier to format ... JavaScript and HTML Components source code with customizable coding ... automatically and rapidly. SourceFormatX source code formatter can transform any foreign source code to meet your ... (276/0) download
SQCBW Source Code Beautifier 3.12t -  SQCBW Source Code Beautifier/Formatter/Indenter indents source code lines according to ... (43/0) download
Source Viewer 1Source Viewer is a php ... the html and php source code of files on ... Using standard browser View Source functions php code is ... (106/0) download
Church Bells Carillon Gift Basket 2.3.11Church Bells chimes desktop system ... (57/0) download
Visual Basic Controls (Source Code) 3.0 -  Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how ... Code. Free Visual Basic source code control example for ... All of the VB Source Code is compatible with ... (1160/0) download
Source Code Library Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code Library and clipboard ... programming languages - Manage your source code in a single ... (802/0) download
HS GSM SMS C Source Library 1.3 -  SMS is a C source library that provides a ... supplied with full C source code make it possible ... static library with full Source Code and a Demo ... (83/0) download
HS Crypto C Source Library 1.0 -  C (supplied with full source code) which offers a ... HS Crypto library full source code in C with ... Demo Application binaries, full source code and MS Visual ... (40/0) download
HS NMEA GPS C Source Library 1.0 -  library (with full C source code) which provides access ... HS GPS library full source code in C with ... Demo Application binaries, full source code and MS Visual ... (172/0) download
HS TFTP C Source Library 1.3.7 -  C (supplied with full source code) which implements Trivial ... HS TFTP library full source code in C with ... Demo Application binaries, full source code and MS Visual ... (26/0) download