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Guitar Scales Method 1.1 -  you want to master guitar scales, modes, and improvisation... on ... without hesitation... then the GUITAR SCALES METHOD multimedia course will ... training to learn all scales in all keys FOR ... (157/0) download

Guitar online maps 12.23Guitar chords maps. The game ... your kids to play guitar, but it'll get them ... them to concentrate chord guitar, guitar scales, guitar picking. Guitar chords maps. The game ... (27/0) download
Modes 1.0 -  Modes: Guitar Scales and Modes Modes lets you view seven virtual guitar necks with the seven primary modes or scales note on the neck ... (18/0) download
Scale Trainer Guitar Edition 1.0Scales are the building blocks ... hear. The notes in scales are combined to create chords. Scales are used to play ... are playing on your guitar do not conform to ... (64/0) download
Guitar Mode Maker 2 2.07Guitar Mode Maker 2.0 ... use graphical interface allows guitar players to learn to create and modify guitar scales, modes and chords. Initial ... over 750 chords and scales to use. New GS2 file eases scale saving! Guitar Mode Maker 2.0 ... (53/0) download
Guitar Chords and Scales 1 -  The Chords & Scales is a windows software ... gain knowledge about the guitar fretboard. Become a Master of Scales, Modes, Chords and Arpeggios ... fully interactive Chords & Scales software! Using any of ... (184/0) download
Guitar Speed Trainer 1.38 -  you want to play scales, patterns, licks, and solos at burning speeds... the Guitar Speed Trainer is a ... (109/0) download
aGuitar Pro 2.01 -  aGuitar Pro is a computer software designed to improve musical skills of the bass/guitar player, as well as providing keys/scales/chords references, tablature tools, and bass/drums midi tracks for practicing.   It includes: 'Ear Training' exercises, which are extremely useful for any musician. Tab viewer/player and a Tab Manager. Midi band: ... (120/0) download

Tab Tools 2.0 -  Tab Tools is a guitar/bass tablature software. With Tab Tools you can view, edit, play, manage and share tab files very easily. Tab Tools also includes scales/chords/keys references. If you are a guitar/bass player, give Tab Tools a try !, you won't regret it. (2/0) download
Guitar and Bass Ear Trainer 1.5 -  ear-training course for guitar, bass, and other fretboard ... (85/0) download
Absolute Fretboard Trainer 3.x -  Mastering the fretboard of guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, etc ... (126/0) download
Guitar chords machine 1Guitar chords machine. There are ... chords and chord variations. Guitar chords machine. There are ... ... (47/0) download
Chords & Scales 1.1 -  The Chords & Scales is a windows software ... gain knowledge about the guitar fretboard.Become a Master of Scales, Modes, Chords and Arpeggios ... this fully interactiveChords & Scales software!Using any of its ... (4/0) download
Guitar Alchemist Trial 1.21 -  Explore the scales, modes and chords in ... with this great looking guitar tool. Easily find the ... to music ! The scales are displayed on both ... (37/0) download
Bass Guitar Mode Maker 1.3 -  Bass Guitar Mode and Scale Creator ... and modify chords and scales. For 5 sting bass guitar. Comes with several hundred chords and scales to start with. Bass Guitar Mode and Scale Creator ... and modify chords and scales. For 5 sting bass guitar. Comes with several hundred chords and scales to start with. Change modes, scales and chords to fit ... (76/0) download
Scales and Chords Demo 1.0 -  Learn how to play guitar by studying scales and chords. Practice with ... need to understand how guitar works, where the notes are, and how the scales make those notes to ... (0/0) download
Guitar Chord Dictionary 3.0 -  As its name implies, Guitar Chord Dictionary is a ... not limits itself to guitar: you can find chords and scales for bass guitar and other four-stringed ... switch between chords and scales, depending on what you ... (8/0) download
Guitar Tools for Mac OS X 1.2.1Guitar tools is a multi-platform application for Guitar and Bass Players of ... video or sound files. Guitar Tools is available for ... which helps you finding scales, chords, voicing, harmony and ... (1/0) download
Guitar Freak Workstation and SightReader 4.7.0 -  The ultimate guitar and bass (4, 5 ... and the choice of scales for that chord as ... ... (0/0) download
Guitar and Bass 1.1.4Guitar and bass is a ... fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and Mandolin ... Supports various instruments, tunings. Guitar (6, 7 string), Bass ... (1/0) download
Guitar Sidekick 3.6.1Guitar Sidekick is the all ... Also includes tools for scales, chords, a tuner, metronome ... (126/0) download
No Strings Attached Guitar Tutor v2.0 -  No Strings Attached Guitar Tutor helps you better understand the guitar. The program helps you learn the scales visually. It comes with ... Major, Minor, and Pentatonic scales as well as all ... also add as many scales as you want. If ... (40/0) download
Guitar Book v4.51Guitar Book is a reference ... (30/0) download
Guitar Pro Manual v2.0Guitar Pro Manual is a ... how to play the guitar. The program contains over ... with all popular chords, scales, playing techniques, and guitars ... (128/0) download
Personal Guitar Assistant v1.3 -  Personal Guitar Assistant teaches you how to play guitar. The program helps you ... strings, set intonation, learn scales and chords, and practice ... "\; an animated acoustic guitar, addresses common guitar problems. Personal Guitar Assistant features "power/barre"\ ... (62/0) download