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Sights'n Sounds 1 10.0 -  Sounds 1 is a speech therapy software that improves articulation and ... weeks (or months) of therapy. You can also add ... sounds, for unlimited, customized therapy. Make the exercises easier ... (11/0) download

MB Music Therapy 1.0 -  MB Music Therapy Software is an immensely useful ... fit. This music remedies software is based on the ... many others, MB Music Therapy Software suggests the right raga ... (5/0) download
Speech Therapy Demo 4.0Speech Therapy uses over 70 voice ... Children, in particular, enjoy therapy with this colorful, interactive, game-like software because they receive immediate ... (17/0) download
MB Color Therapy 1.55 -  MB Free Color Therapy Software is an advanced yet a simple color therapy software. It is a self ... frequencies. MB Free Color Therapy helps you to understand ... the different colors. Color Therapy is one of the ... (3/0) download
icSpeech Games 1.0.0 -  Games contains four interactive speech therapy games in a single ... time to the following speech parameters: - pitch - speech intensity - voice intensity - respiration ... ... (11/0) download
SpeechGym 1.0 -  SpeechGym is a stuttering therapy software aimed to help people ... stuttering problem control their speech fluency keeping a confidence ... (86/0) download
Aphasia Tutor 1: Words 5.09 -  Computer software provides unlimited aphasia treatment ... injury and usually requre speech therapy. Boost patient's self esteem ... correct answer. Used by speech therapists (Speech-Language Pathologists) around the world since 1995 for speech & language therapy. Features include:* HINTS ... (135/1) download
SpeechGym Mobile 1.0 -  SpeechGym is a stuttering therapy software aimed to help people ... stuttering problem control their speech fluency keeping a confidence ... SpeechGym is a stuttering therapy software aimed to help people ... (43/0) download

Propeller Multimedia React2 Auditory Processing 1.5 -  brand new suite of speech and language therapy software that is breaking new ground in computer aided therapy. Since React1 was launched ... a leading product for speech and language rehabilitation, sold ... of a team of speech and language therapists from ... (0/0) download
Voice and Speech Recognition 3.7.10 -  Voice and Speech Recognition software using your voice to ... A comprehensive voice and speech recognition program to use ... based on the latest speech technologies from Microsoft. Import ... (485/0) download
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 11.5 -  Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home speech recognition software lets you interact with ... (7/0) download
Speech Visualizer 1.1 -  The Speech Visualizer software program from STR-SpeechTech ... feedback of voice and speech articulation. The program uses ... creates patterns from the speech waveform. The real-time ... (3/0) download
BodyCareGate 1.3 -  Beauty Salon & SPA Software, Massage Therapy Software, Free Practice Software offers an easy to ... (4/0) download
icSpeech Standard Edition 1.5.0 -  icSpeech is multi-parameter speech biofeedback and recording software that lets you view ... people try to improve/modify speech, they rely on auditory ... to ensure the resultant speech matches their expectation. This ... (3/0) download
TLN Music Therapy 2011 -  TLN Music Therapy software is the ideal tool ... concentration with TLN Music Therapy. Featuring a lot of ... special visuals, TLN Music Therapy can help you concentrate ... (16/0) download
Natura Sound Therapy 3.0 -  Natura Sound Therapy software is the ideal tool ... and efficiently. Natura Sound Therapy - for improved sleep, better ... (274/0) download
PrismaSpell 2.0 -  It comes with speech synthesis software. Through this feature it ... (5/0) download
MB Motivation And Self Help 1.20 -  Color Therapy helps you relax with ... goals. MB Subliminal Message Software is an advanced subliminal message-displaying program. This software reaches out to the ... achievable. MB Subliminal Message Software aids in improving you ... (6/0) download
MB Rudraksh Therapy 1.0 -  MB Rudraksh Therapy gives you the benefits ... in life. MB Rudraksh Therapy Software is a unique tool ... type for you. This software lets you know which ... (2/0) download
Digital Future Text-to-Speech SDK 3.5.0 -  Digital Future Text-to-Speech SDK for Windows (R ... developers add text-to-speech functionality to their applications ... Digital Future Text-to-Speech SDK (DF TTS SDK ... (20/0) download
Verbose Text to Speech Software 2.01 -  This professional text to speech application is designed to ... Prepare for a big speech by hearing your words ... (0/0) download
Civil War Quotes, Notes, and Facts 1.0 -  Has Text-To-Speech technology, this software talks and will read ... to documents in other software. You can read, listen ... lots, lots more. This software will help you to ... (72/0) download
Desktop FluencyCoach 1.0 -  and immidiatelly improve their speech in even the most ... or in conjunction with speech therapy, FluencyCoach will produce significant ... fluency, permenantly improving users' speech. The software uses altered auditory feedback ... (63/0) download
Natural Ambience - Sound Therapy Software 1.5 -  PC into a Sound Therapy machine that recreates eight ... sounds. Natural Ambience is software that turns your PC into a Sound Therapy machine that recreates eight ... (38/0) download
icSpeech Recorder 1.0.0 -  specifically for use in speech and language applications. Key ... Multichannel waveform display featuring speech, voicing and pitch. - Supports ... for quick identification of speech segments. - Easy playback of highlighted speech segments. - Measures speech, voicing, pitch and timing ... (6/0) download