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Track Speed Timer HD 1.0 -  Track Speed Timer is VERY different! Now ... (8/0) download

Stopwatch - A Track and Football Speed Timer 1.0 -  to track time and speed down to a hundredth ... app gives the average speed run for the race ... (3/0) download
Open Ports Scanner 2.4 -  view filter and refresh speed timer. Full list of displayed ... (4/0) download
Musculoskeletal System - Anatomy Quiz (Free) 1.0 -  clock with the Graphic Timer option. Use the Speed Timer to earn more points ... to turn on/off the speed timer. (2) to turn on/off ... points based on the speed of the response. Answer ... (0/0) download
Vintage Flashlight (Yellow) Free- morse code + weather + sound contro 2.0.1 -  code show - Custom Flash speed - Timer: Let you knows what's ... (1/0) download
Metronome Timer v1.2 -  Metronome Timer is a timer program, developed for speed reading training. Metronome Timer counts up or down ... emphasize and vary the speed. There is also an ... x seconds before the timer reaches zero on countdown, and also when the timer has run off. All ... (99/0) download
Stacks Timer 1.2 -  and easy to use speed stacks timer. Whether you have just ... (0/0) download
OPIc Timer free 1.2 -  free version about OPIc Timer. This is for the ... wants to improve their speed of speaking and ability ... (2/0) download

SNV Timer 3.0.6 -  SNV Timer is a powerful and ... alarm clock, a countdown timer, a monthly calendar, a ... personal planner, an interval timer, a birthday reminder, a shutdown timer, a custom text viewer/ ... (73/0) download
High Resolution Timer 1.0 -  High Resolution Timer is an ActiveX control ... replaces the standard Microsoft timer control. Depending on the speed of your machine, it ... to detect if any timer events that have been ... (78/0) download
Red Crab Cube Timer -  Red Crab Cube Timer is a small and ... to Red Crab Cube timer brings a whole load ... functionality. Red Crab Cube Timer 1.2 includes important ... (13/0) download
Speed Tracer 0.27Speed Tracer is a Google ... your application runs. Using Speed Tracer you are able ... Network resource loading TE Timer fires TE XMLHttpRequest callbacks ... (4/0) download
CUBE XML Banner 1 -  cube on/off - cube distance - speed rotation - border size - border ... you want to connect - Timer for slideshow- image preloader ... (7/0) download
PromptRemote 4.0 -  PromptRemote provides control of speed, scroll position, shuttle wheel ... control, start over and timer controls, markers, file loading and provides timer feedback. PromptRemote can control ... (2/0) download
Drip Infusion 2.0 -  It calculate dripping speed of intravenous feeding (DIV) and display the speed by the blinking of ... plural patients with a timer. [Dripping speed calculation] The image of ... and off to dripping speed when You set an ... (7/0) download
French in TileLand 1.6 -  and ability to control timer speed and limits * Full ... (5/0) download
Smarter Player 1.4 -  Variable playback speed: finish 1 hour audiobook ... 40 minutes. 3. Sleep timer: plays music and then ... 5. Change play back speed: tap the bottom left ... (4/0) download
Long Exposure Calculator 1.0 -  the correct exposure time/shutter speed when using Neutral Density ... use - Includes a countdown timer if exposure time is ... (0/0) download
Addition Shout Out 2.0 -  designed for Grades 2+) Timer that adjusts time based ... (15/0) download
MP3 Pizza Timer 2.2 -  MP3 Pizza Timer is an easy to set up countdown Timer. Put your pizza in ... tea and use this Timer to count down and ... drop on the MP3 Timer and adjust the countdown time! The Timer will countdown until it ... (113/0) download
Lap Timer 2000 6.1 -  Lap Timer 2000 includes hardware interfaces ... be used with Lap Timer 2000. A single race ... made interface cable. Lap Timer 2000 includes a Hot ... (74/0) download
Cymphonix Speed-O-Meter 4.1Speed-O-Meter is a ... that measures the TCP/IP speed of all interfaces on ... displays the TRUE transmission speed and does not average ... (149/0) download
DSL Speed Test 1.3 -  Internet Speed Test measures download and ... (320/0) download
XNote Stopwatch 1.40 -  is a digital stopwatch/countdown timer utility for your computer's ... just a stopwatch or timer. It can make "snapshots" ... (84/0) download
Line Speed Meter 4.0 -  Line Speed Meter is the Internet's ... and reporting on the speed of your broadband Internet connection - including download speed, upload speed, latency and DNS lookup times. Run the Line Speed Meter to accurately measure ... the upload and download speed of your Internet connection ... (327/0) download