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Kiwi Spelling Force Standard Ed 2.0Spelling Force 2 is a kids’ spelling game in which spellers of ... range of built-in spelling lists. These spelling lists include lists developed ... using these built-in spelling lists, kids develop variety ... (5/0) download

WordJong 1.0 -  of a Mahjong and spelling game! WordJong gives you ... mode -- will keep you spelling for hours. Each set ... tiles is a new game to play, with dozens ... (0/0) download
WordRace 1.0.1 -  a fun and educational spelling game. Random letters come at ... a fun and educational spelling game. Random letters come into ... is a fast-paced game. Try it out free ... (13/0) download
Wordigo 1.0 -  is the popular board game that's now in 950 ... a combination of a spelling game and a crossword puzzle ... (28/0) download
Animated Spelling 1.0 -  Animated Spelling teaches spelling with over 700 words ... two games - a matching game where the child can ... the screen, and a spelling game where the student hears ... (49/0) download
Spelling Test Practice Free Edition Test Practice allows you ... record, and save a spelling list so that you ... each day for a spelling test. Lists are saved ... (2/0) download
Spell-Mell 1.5.0 -  Spell-Mell is a spelling, vocabulary and quiz game the whole family will ... comes supplied with numerous game modules, each in effect a separate game. Also included is SLED ... (132/0) download
STAR Exam 1.2 -  English language perfecting game for 7 to 12 years old students. The game is based on STAR ... examination tests students? vocabulary, spelling, and the progress in ... (100/0) download

Word Guess Game 1.0 1.1 -  Word Guess Game is similar to the classic hangman game. The game has very fancy look ... improve their vocabulary and spelling. Full Version contains over ... (142/1) download
Word Rescue v2.0 -  is a fun adventure game for children ages 4 to 12 that teaches spelling, logic, word meanings, and ... dual-screen scrolling graphics, game save/restore, built-in help ... (525/1) download
A2Z Hangman 4.1 -  of the classic hangman game which is designed to ... improve their vocabulary and spelling. It is appropriate for ... of the classic hangman game which is designed to ... (31/0) download
Dino Spell v4.0 -  Dino Spell is a spelling drill game for children ages 7 ... The object of the game is to collect apples ... Dinosaur must solve various spelling challenges. Each level includes ... (39/0) download
Queequeg v1.40 -  Queequeg is a word game that helps you improve your vocabulary and spelling in four different languages ... time limits for the game can be adjusted to ... You can play the game in English, French, German ... (34/0) download
The Great Wall Of Words game 2.5 -  Great Wall Of Words game is a Word game, one of more than ... 3 different modes of game play: Classic, Battle and ... Grow your vocabulary and spelling skills * Exciting and epic storyline * Addictive game play for word buffs! ... (18/0) download
ABC Spelling and Math 4.0 -  - Play spelling. You have to select ... delete, export or import: spelling list, multiple choice, math ... lessons. To create a spelling list you have to ... (11/1) download
WordOMatic 1.2.8c -  is a Word Search game with elements of puzzle ... The object of the game is to use all ... This is an original game belonging to the Word ... (127/1) download
3D Word Slider 1.0 -  and colorful word puzzle game in three languages: French ... with 180 levels of game with element of strategy ... letter details make this game easy to learn that ... (392/0) download
Logical 5 Board Game 1.0.12 -  An addictive board game for 1 or 2 ... player mode inclued. Freeware. Game Rules: Make at least ... (159/0) download
Name The Picture Funny Captions For Pictures Game 1.2 -  Funny Captions For Pictures Game. Each person in the game sees a picture, and ... wins that round! The game includes a ranking system ... everyone to have a game. Each version of the game is interplayable - one version ... (100/0) download
Spelling Tutor 7.0 -  your children teach themselves spelling with this great little ... your child their weekly spelling words. Spelling Tutor now includes mini ... simply enter their weekly spelling words from school and ... (135/0) download
Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver 1.3 -  Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver can create ... (57/0) download
Musikapa - Funny Game 1.00 -  Musikapa - Funny Game from EleFun Multimedia Games ... main goal of the game was to destroy blocks ... blocks in the Musikapa game. There are no such ... (19/0) download
Pinnacle Game Profiler 3.4 -  Pinnacle Game Profiler is a program ... mouse with your video game controller, and otherwise customize ... do not directly support game controllers, but with Pinnacle Game Profiler you can use ... (168/0) download
Game Copier 2.0Game Copier is designed for copying your CDs including game CD, VCD, Audio CD ... your CDs, no matter game CD / video CD ... version is US$29.95. Game Copier can not only backup your game CD, but also backup ... (257/0) download
Word Game Deluxe 2.1 -  suggested words on the game board. Words which you ... be placed on the game field straightly in any ... (99/0) download