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BuiltWorks 3.0 -  application for real-time steel design within the SolidWorks CAD ... parametric modelling, analysis and design, connection detailing and automatic ... the general and detailed design, fabrication and erection of ... (5/0) download

ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel 3.10 -  drafting application for structural steel design and detailing. ShapeBook is ... the AISC Manual of Steel Construction LRFD, 3rd Edition. Structural steel shapes are available in ... VLX application that draws steel shapes in AutoCAD 2000 ... (321/0) download
WinTORQ 1.0 -  can quickly analyze a steel member for torsion. The ... the program is AISC Steel Design Guide 9 - Torsional Analysis of Structural Steel Members. The definitions of ... those established in the design guide. WinTORQ is a ... (3/0) download
EC Praxis 3J 5.0 -  for the analysis and design of steel connections according to EC3 ... a wide variety of steel connections while the easy ... is ideal for the design of: Base plate connection ... (1/0) download
EC Praxis For ETABS & SAP 2.0 -  of applications for the design of steel connections and composite members ... then proceed with the design. However, those that already ... engineer can model a steel connection or a composite member and design it according to EC3 ... (0/0) download
ASDIP Steel 2.0 -  ASDIP Steel is a suite of ... specifically dedicated to the design of structural steel members, based on the ... structural engineering office. ASDIP Steel includes the design of the following three components: - Steel Base Plates - Design of column steel base plates under any ... (15/0) download
LENTONA® STEEL FORTRESS App 2.0 -  The LENTON STEEL FORTRESS design software calculator is used ... (0/0) download
Steel AutoDrafter 1.0 -  The Steel AutoDrafter is an innovative ... automates the production of design GA and elevations of steel buildings. The primary input ... in STAAD Pro. The Steel AutoDrafter takes in all ... (0/0) download

RBSection 1.1.2 -  Structural software for the design of RBS moment frame ... is used for the design and analysis of a ... moment connection used in steel frames called reduced beam ... (63/0) download
PowerConnect 15.0 -  PowerConnect is a dedicated steel connection design tool. PowerConnect enables to ... (16/0) download
RISAConnection Demo 1.0 -  RISAConnection provides a comprehensive steel connection design with the aid of ... ... (4/0) download
LIMSTEEL 1.0 -  for the limit states design of steel structures according to the Australian and New Zealand Steel Structures Standards AS 4100 ... 1997. LIMSTEEL can also design DuraGal unlipped channels and ... Australian/New Zealand Cold-Formed Steel Structures Standard AS/NZS 4600 ... (8/0) download
TriTank650 1.4 -  software package for the design and rating of welded steel oil storage tanks in ... Calculates thickness using variable design point method, one-foot ... option to use roof design guidelines from either API ... (6/0) download
RISABase 2.0 -  Easy and Accurate Biaxial Design and Anaylsis of Steel Base Plates. RISABase is ... plate and anchor bolt design program that offers new ... (3/0) download
ConSteel 6.0 -  office mainly involved in design of steel structures. It covers all the phases of the design process: modeling; integrated analysis and standard design; detailed examination of cross ... documentation. The analysis and design approach of ConSteel utilizes ... (9/0) download
SuperBeam USA 6.0 -  professionals who need to design or check steel and wood beams and ... (1/0) download
Overhead Span Sign Program 5.1 -  Program is used to design and analyze steel span sign truss structures ... (9/0) download
Pyrosizer 1.3 -  to aid in the design of critical circuits that ... MI cable, copper and steel sheathed. A "Project ... ... (1/0) download
DesconBrace 6.1 -  DesconBrace is a steel connection design program for Braced Frame ... and for reviewing the design drawing and calculation report ... (7/0) download
RobotLink 8.2 -  2011 that facilitates the design of steel and concrete members in PROKON® Structural Analysis and Design. With the PROKON RobotLink installed, you can transfer steel and concrete member information ... steps. Member geometry and design forces are transferred to ... you can perform the design checks and (in the ... (1/0) download
Oasys AdSec 8.2 SP1 Build 6 -  AdSecOCOs analysis helps design all kinds of sections ... sections made from concrete, steel or fibre-reinforced polymer ... to national and international design codes. AdSec offers convenient ... (5/0) download
AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2013 -  and the creation of steel and concrete reinforcement detailing ... in the placement of steel reinforcement. Bolt, Nut & ... to help streamline the design process. Intelligent Structural Objects ... (17/0) download
Cross Section Analysis & Design 3.2 -  Cross Section Analysis And Design is a powerful application ... section calculations, including the design of reinforced concrete sections ... can also import standard steel sections from a complete ... (4/0) download
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex) 1.0 -  to demonstrate the chemical design calculations of Double pipe ... calculations involved in the design and will generate a ... +Duty Calculation, Clean and Design Overall heat transfer coefficient ... (247/0) download
Easy Cover Design Pro 2.06 -  Easy Cover Design Pro gives you full ... (515/0) download