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Box-Port Design 2.2 -  to anyone building a subwoofer or doudspeaker. Clean & ... (16/0) download

Sub Shredder Low Frequency Bass Test 1.1 -  just might see your subwoofer wiggle! THE RED BUT ... (5/0) download
Sub Bass 1.1 -  Bass is the ultimate subwoofer tester for car and ... (2/0) download
Car Hifi 1.1 -  Autoradios, Endstufen, Lautsprecher und Subwoofer. Die aktuelle Ausgabe Car ... (3/0) download
SoundWheel 1.2 -  ... on a speaker or subwoofer you cannot easily reach ... (119/0) download
Flaredance Firework Screensaver 1.10 -  BOOMMM... Pschchchch. Mpahhhhh... BOOM. BOOM... Mpah-Mpah. BOOM-Mpahhh... Yeah! It is really nice and real! Do you hear the sounds of fireworks? Just install this great work of art and you will see true fireworks with your own eyes. Do you have a huge subwoofer? You will need one, surely. That thing will throw you off the chair on each bomb exploding ... (45/0) download
Pure Vinyl for Mac OS 2.2 -  audio system biamping / subwoofer is included, as is ... (2/0) download
THX TruStudio Pro 1.03.01 -  sound experience without a subwoofer. THX TruStudio Pro Dialog ... (6/0) download

Security Zone Free 2.5 -  Software per la videosorveglianza professionale con il PC. Supporta qualunque dispositivo audio/video collegato al PC. Gestisce fino a 16 canali contemporaneamente. Offre notevoli opzioni di visualizzazione, registrazione, rilevazione movimento (motion detection), trasmissione video su internet (video streaming), funzione player, ecc.. Security Zone ... (1/0) download
TurboBass Express 6.01B -  TurboBass Express is a precise tool, developed to specifically design a cabinet to perform in the confines of a car boot tuned to cope with road noise And internal pressure. No other program I know of will perform this specific task. All you need is a technical data sheet from the manufacturer of The mid range, woofer or sub woofer. You only need three ... (243/15) download
AudioCalc 1.2 -  crucial when placing a subwoofer provide correct bass response ... (3/0) download
NAD D 7050 1.13 -  crossover function for perfect subwoofer integration, and to PerfectPitch ... (9/0) download
Nubert - ehrliche Lautsprecher 4.2.1 -  Vielzahl preisgekrnter, innovativer Boxen, Subwoofer und Heimkinosets, die den ... (0/0) download
Audio Audit Free 1.1 -  crossover frequency for the subwoofer setting * Invaluable when ... you are using a subwoofer, you'll find the frequency ... noise - use to check subwoofer phase issues. It can ... (9/0) download
TurboBass Express V10 -  This program is a precise tool developed to design a loudspeaker cabinet to perform in the confines of a car boot, tuned to cope with road noise and internal pressure, no other program will perform this specific task. All you need is a technical data sheet from the manufacturer of the mid-range, woofer or sub-woofer. You will only need 3 of the parameters ... (0/0) download