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Pocket Tax Deductions 1.0.2 -  Maximize Your Tax Deductions with your PocketPC or ... ... (2/0) download

Tax Withheld Calculator 4.1Tax Withheld Calculator is an application that ... you work out the tax you need to withhold ... from the workers,concerning tax file number (TFN) declaration ... (5/0) download
VAT, Sales Tax & Percentage Calculator 1.0 -  VAT, Sales Tax & Percentage Calculator is a simple, quick ... for calculating VAT, Sales Tax and Percentages. It provides ... below. With the VAT/Tax Calculator you can calculate how ... (1/0) download
Tax Brackets Calculator 2005 1.01Tax Brackets Calculator 2005 shows tax brackets for federal income tax years 2000-2005, calculates you federal tax given your taxable income and estimates average tax rate based on your ... handy tool provides quick tax help to individuals and ... (19/0) download
Mileage Report Spreadsheet 1.2 -  Excel spreadsheet tracks mileage tax deductions and business mileage reimbursements ... your name and the tax year, so you will ... deduction report for your tax records. Reduce taxes by ... (4/0) download
Taxbot 4.0 -  their expenses and maximize tax deductions. Taxbot will also help ... with the estimated total deductions calculator! Print Reports, receipts ... from North America's #1 Tax Expert, Sandy Botkin, CPA ... (1/0) download
Taxing: VAT Calculator 1.0 -  is a handy sales tax / VAT calculator application. If you've ever ... an item costs with tax added or subtracted then ... price with and without tax at your selected rate ... (0/0) download
CGT Calculator 1.1 -  accurate property capital gains tax(CGT) calculator on the market today ... as the the total tax to be paid on ... (6/0) download

Intuit PaperTrail 1.0.3 -  Enjoy stress-free tax prep with this FREE app! Maximize tax deductions by tracking your business ... and helps you calculate tax deductions effortlessly. Experience peace of ... business Easily calculate your tax deductions Save starting and ending odometer readings for tax purposes Other: Email your ... (2/0) download
Sage Payments 3.3.4 -  features like signature capture, tax & tip calculator. Sage Mobile Payments enables ... Refunds, Void, Signature capture, Tax & Tip calculator, Offline sales, Inquiries. 2 ... (5/0) download
Timbru de mediu 1.1 -  "Green tax" automotive calculator Changes: Imbunatatiri, fixare erori ... (1/0) download
TakeHomePay 3.0 -  401K, Medical Cost, Pre Tax Deductions. Make better decision before ... of gross income - State tax can be selected from ... ... (3/0) download
Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker 4.4.0 -  Maximize your reimbursements and tax deductions in seconds with the ... (1/0) download
Budget Tools 1.0.3 -  iPhone, a net pay calculator and a car tax benefit calculator. Updated to the latest ... (6/0) download
EasyAs Income Tax 3.4 -  Our Calculator and Assessment Estimator saves ... do I calculate the tax when I have different ... have some sources taking tax out and some not ... (6/0) download
Payless Tax Calculator 2.0.3 -  Download your own personal tax forecast! The PayLessTax App ... a unique source of tax support. Covering the UK ... come with first-class tax solutions. A simple tax saving calculator shows you extremely rapidly ... (3/0) download
Claim UK Tax Refunds for Mechanics 1 -  able to claim a tax rebate against the cost ... PAYE Taxpayers can claim tax relief against the costs ... trawl through The Income Tax Act (2003), you'll ... (5/0) download
True Office Tools 1.0.10 -  True Income Tax Calculator 2005 If you are ... if You Pay Income Tax to Government) or a ... Bother about Calculate Income Tax, Don't Worry ! Just ... (1/0) download
Write It Off 1.7 -  useful for saving your tax expense records in a ... fashion. Don't wait until tax season to unearth your ... Mileage Car registration Sales tax Moving expenses Educator expenses Mortgage interest Energy tax credit purchases Property tax Moving expenses Student loan ... (3/0) download
Mulitple Finance Calculators 1.0 -  Financial Calculator is all in one multiple finance related term calculator. This includes - Acid Test Ratio Calculator - Annuity Calculator - Annuity Due Present and Future Value Calculator - Break Even Calculator - External Funding Needed (EFN) Calculator - Cash Certificate Issue Price Calculator - Cash To Current Liabilities Calculator - Credit ... (2/0) download
TaxACT Deluxe Edition 2011 -  Events help determine the tax implications and show how ... get the biggest income tax deductions possible. Personalized tips appear ... from last year's tax return, including AGI/PIN, that ... (2/0) download
Movie Review Magic -  Movie Review Magic has a well-polished help system that discusses advanced topics -- to include a section devoted to ideas about how you can start your own movie review business, generate revenue through advertising and affiliate programs, and even enjoy tax deductions for doing so!!! (136/0) download
Quicken Medical Expense Manager 2.2 -  you get the medical tax deductions you deserve -Manages your ... (8/0) download
TaxRTip 3.0f Beta 1.0 -  TaxRTip is designed as an exploration of the C# language by a novice programmer. It may be very simple and have a very small use factor, but it is designed for learning purposes. The code is fully commented internally. You can now use the handyTaxRTip tool to quickly calculate all your taxes. All you have to do is input the required variables. Release ... (2/0) download
Payrollguru 2.3 -  pay period, allowances and deductions information. You can enter up to 4 deductions, which could be pre-tax and after-tax deductions. You can set them ... pay, and you name deductions as you need. These deductions can differ from one ... net paycheck amounts (after tax) in different states. This ... (3/0) download