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Tax Withheld Calculator 4.1Tax Withheld Calculator is an application that ... you work out the tax you need to withhold ... from the workers,concerning tax file number (TFN) declaration ... (3/0) download

Tax Brackets Calculator 2005 1.01Tax Brackets Calculator 2005 shows tax brackets for federal income tax years 2000-2005, calculates you federal tax given your taxable income and estimates average tax rate based on your ... handy tool provides quick tax help to individuals and ... (19/0) download
Claim UK Tax Refunds for Mechanics 1 -  able to claim a tax rebate against the cost ... PAYE Taxpayers can claim tax relief against the costs ... trawl through The Income Tax Act (2003), you'll ... (5/0) download
EasyAs Income Tax 3.4 -  Our Calculator and Assessment Estimator saves ... do I calculate the tax when I have different ... have some sources taking tax out and some not ... (2/0) download
MainStreet Tax Solutions 2010 10.9 -  is designed for the Tax Preparer who primarily does ... ... (1/0) download
TaxCut Deluxe 2003 Federal Filing Trial 2003 -  have to be a tax expert to prepare your ... step interview identifies new tax breaks you can use ... take control of your tax prep with great speed ... (5/0) download
TaxCut Deluxe 2003 -  have to be a tax expert to prepare your ... step interview identifies new tax breaks you can use ... take control of your tax prep with great speed ... (14/0) download
FutureTax 2010 for NETFILE 5.2 -  and NETFILE/EFILE/Barcode Certified T1 tax preparation software package which ... you to submit your tax return online, or print ... and Dependants optimizers; - Secure tax return filing on your own computer; your tax information will only be ... (0/0) download

OnePriceTaxes 2.1 -  this easy-to-use tax software for free! E ... federal and/or state income tax return right from your ... this software: - Receive your tax refund in as little as ... (2/0) download
True Office Tools 1.0.10 -  True Income Tax Calculator 2005 If you are ... if You Pay Income Tax to Government) or a ... Bother about Calculate Income Tax, Don't Worry ! Just ... (0/0) download
TaxRTip 3.0f Beta 1.0 -  TaxRTip is designed as an exploration of the C# language by a novice programmer. It may be very simple and have a very small use factor, but it is designed for learning purposes. The code is fully commented internally. You can now use the handyTaxRTip tool to quickly calculate all your taxes. All you have to do is input the required variables. Release ... (1/0) download
Calculator with tape and sales tax 2.0 -  Desktop calculator with tape, sales tax and price functions. Add ... tapes. Multiple locations and tax rates. Reverse tax calculations. Profit margin, markup ... (32/0) download
True Tax Calculator 5.6.02 -  "True tax Calculator 2005" is an Income tax calculator for the Assessment Year ... designed for Indian Income-Tax payers [Individuals]. Just fill ... Submit it to Income Tax Office, that's all you ... (3/0) download
Tax Lien Investment Calculator 2.1 -  advantage of our FREE Tax Lien Certificate Investment Calculator to analyze and evaluate ... advantage of our FREE Tax Lien Certificate Investment Calculator to analyze and evaluate ... (19/0) download
Sales Tax Calculator 2 v2.0 -  Sales Tax Calculator 2 calculatess the sales tax and total price for ... Simply enter a sales tax rate and type in ... of the items. Sales Tax Calculator shows the running sub ... (52/0) download
Sales Tax Calculator for Windows v1.9 -  Sales Tax Calculator for Windows is a ... You can define the tax rates, and the tax descriptions. Either tax can be disabled, and either tax can be compounded on top of the other. Tax amounts and the total ... application. It includes a calculator, and you can add ... (50/0) download
Quarterly Installment Tax Calculator 1.0 -  Quarterly Installment Tax Calculator is a Microsoft Excel program that computes tax payments. The program calculates your current year's quarterly tax installments as they come ... can also estimate 1040 tax for the full year ... (90/0) download
WinTax - Canadian Tax Ca 2003.1.1 -  Canadian Payroll Tax Calculator (2003 Tax Tables) WinTax is a free Canadian payroll tax calculator. WinTax is similar to ... include CPP, EI, Federal tax and Provincial tax (including Quebec).WinTax has ... save employee information and tax calculation\; easier to understand tax calculation reports, Quebec Provincial tax calculation\; Federal and Provincial ... (38/0) download
2210 AI Calculator, May n/a -  2210 AI Calculator, May calculatess current year quarterly income tax installments QITC is an ... A1) current quarterly income tax installments as they come ... the Educational Credits, Child Tax Credits, Student Loan Interest ... (36/0) download
tApCalc Desk tape calculator(Arm & xScal 1.41 -  is a handy desk calculator for Pocket PC. It ... In addition to standard calculator functions tApCalc Desk provides ... BR>- TAX+ and TAX- to add or remove tax component for a price ... (7/0) download
Misers Mortgage Calculator 1.0 -  easy to use mortgage calculator that allows you to ... monthly payments, amortization, property tax estimates and Private Morgtgage ... (3/0) download
Salary Sacrifice Calculator 11.0 -  s 2011 Salary Sacrifice Calculator (“SSC”) has been ... so that accountants and tax practitioners can maximise the ... s 2011 Salary Sacrifice Calculator (SSC) has been revamped ... (10/0) download
FBT Calculator 3.0 -  The Fringe Benefits Tax Calculator application is designed to ... to managing Fringe Benefits Tax information in a corporate ... (6/0) download
Timesaver:Calc for Tax 2010 v.6.0.2 -  calculations, Timesaver:Calc for Tax 2009 has many features ... Gross calculations Ex-Pat Tax-Back Net to Gross ... 2005 up to 2009 Tax years Exact percentage and ... (2/0) download
zebNet VAT Calculator 2012 R2 4.1.0 -  zebNet VAT Calculator 2012 R2 helps you ... of VAT. zebNet VAT Calculator 2012 R2 will help ... to see how much tax should be added to ... (1/0) download