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LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Thai for Palm OS 3.2.84 -  translates both ways (the Thai -> English direction is ... Also added is a Thai keyboard to facilitate easier ... (19/0) download

LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Thai for Palm OS 3.2.84 -  translates both ways (the Thai->English direction is ... Also added is a Thai keyboard to facilitate easier ... (5/0) download
Learn Thai Starter 2.0 -  will learn to master Thai by listening to and ... and audio content. 2Speak Thai covers just about every ... in order to speak Thai like a native. The ... (5/0) download
Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator 6.0 -  A handy thai lottery numbers generator based ... and combinations statistically generated! Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator ... developed specifically for the Thai Lottery. All numbers selected ... (8/0) download
ThaiTrainer111 3.41 -  study and learn the Thai language independently. Since this ... possible. This makes learning Thai not easy indeed. ThaiTrainer111 ... you, bypassing the written Thai, to learn to pronounce ... (130/0) download
Dict-web 1913 -  Unabridged Dictionary (1913) for dict and dictd The files ... ... (134/0) download
Dict-misc -  databases for the programs dict and dictd The files ... and indices for the DICT server. The dictionaries in ... (31/0) download
Thai-HOWTO -  for use with the Thai characterset This document describes how to use Thai language with Linux. This will cover setting Thai fonts, Thai keyboard and ... (59/0) download

Thai_for_Java_phones 1.0 -  Bundled programs: abcthai: English-Thai dictionary with about 5000 ... interface and abcthaide: German-Thai dictionary with about 5000 ... long lines. Knowledge of Thai writing is necessary. Needs ... (10/0) download
ThaiNumbers 1.3 -  study and learn the Thai numbers independently. Through the ... ... (1/0) download
BibleMax Thai Bible 1.0Thai is the official language ... Bible translated into standard Thai. As you may know ... the less used by Thai Christian communities, since there are other, more modern Thai translations. Only Thailandese Fundamental ... (6/0) download
Thai Radio Toolbar 6.4 -  fully-featured toolbar from Thai Radio. Check out all ... to your browser with Thai Radio toolbar. Instantly receive ... (2/0) download
Learn Thai 3.0 -  Learn Thai is a desktop software ... to help students of Thai language to understand spoken Thai and to read written Thai. The program features online ... ... (2/0) download
Japanese Thai Dictionary 2.3 -  Japanese Thai Dictionary is a great ... anything from Japanese to Thai or the other way ... 41,661 words in Thai database and over 120 ... (6/0) download
Thai for Beginners Software 1.6Thai for Beginners Software was ... for non-romanticized written Thai to help you to ... (1/0) download
AbcThai (light) 5 -  An alternative Thai text editor with virtual ... typing and displaying of Thai without a special keyboard, a Thai font installed or a ... ... (424/0) download
Dict-gazetteer -  data for the programs dict and dictd The files ... is usable by the DICT server. The data contains ... (10/0) download
Dict-wn -  database for the programs dict and dictd The files ... 6 data for the DICT server. WordNet (r): A ... (48/0) download
Dictd -  Dictionary Server Protocol The DICT Protocol, described in RFC ... natural language dictionary databases. dict(1) is a client which can access DICT servers from the command ... ... (134/0) download
Package: PasaThai 1.0 -  PasaThai is an English-Thai dictionary. Using this program ... any English word into Thai (with full transcription and phonetics). To enable Thai language fonts to work ... (12/0) download
Package: QuickThai 1.0 -  best way to learn Thai QuickThai. Talking English Thai Dictionary English Script, Thai Script, Phonetics, Human Native ... easy way to learn Thai language. Package: QuickThai easy ... ... (9/0) download
Thai2English 2.3 -  has over 110,000 Thai entries, 90,000 English ones, over 1400 native Thai speaker sound files and ... example sentences in both Thai and English to give ... be able to read Thai, know Thai spelling or type Thai to be able to look up a Thai word, though of course ... (5/0) download
MuayThai Championship 1.0 -  The greatest free Muay Thai game ever put to ... the best free Muay Thai game of all times ... disable your opponents, Muay Thai Championship game lets you ... (2/0) download
mCore .NET SMS Library (LITE) 1.0 -  Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi etc ... like Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Thai, Hindi etc) for sending ... (205/0) download
Bonodi XML Editor 2.12 -  Chinese, Korean, Russian, Greek, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, and other ... French, German, Russian, Greek, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, and other ... (31/0) download