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Tom's New Roman TrueType Font 4.9 -  Tom's New Roman TrueType Font is a hand-drawn variation of Times New Roman. The letters have slightly ... look much better than Times Roman when at large sizes ... effect applied to the Times Roman font -- each character was ... (3625/0) download

Spfonts-l 1 -  8859-1 Type-1 fonts These fonts are Microsoft Arial, Courier New and Times New Roman fonts in Type-1 format ... (515/0) download
Das Fonts 1.1 -  because you didn't know Times New Roman is ACTUALLY called "TimesNewRomanPSMT"? If so, Das Fonts is for you. It ... //github.com/alexshafran/Fonts Changes: - Added new text preview presets - Added ... (10/0) download
Honeybomb TrueType Font -  ... is a grunge (mutilated) Tim ... (125/0) download
Intimacy TrueType Font v1.31 -  ... decorative font ... (78/0) download
Collide Truetype Font -  Collide Truetype Font is a font created by the "collision" of Futura and Times New Roman. (50/0) download
Roman Arabic Numerals Converter Arabic Numerals Converter for everybody. Converts Roman numbers to usual (Arabic) numbers and Arabic numbers to Roman. Conversion details can be ... (29/0) download
Arabic Font Pack 1.2 -  collection contains 14 free Arabic fonts.Fonts can be fantastic to ... someone. Whatever you usethese fonts for, have fun, and make it astonishing.The fonts included in this package ... saudi, mohammed, karabennemsi, ds arabic, catharsis bedouin, arabolical, arabian ... (354/0) download

Microsoft Euro Currency Support for Windows 95 v1.0 -  Once installed, you can enter and display the Euro symbol in Arial, Courier New or Times New Roman fonts. (77/0) download
Microsoft Euro Currency Support for Windows NT 1.1.4 -  Once installed, you can enter and display the Euro symbol in Arial, Courier New or Times New Roman fonts. (40/0) download
PDF Text Stamp 1.23 -  page numbers, bates numbers, roman numerals, fonts, font sizes, font types ... is up to 34 times quicker than Adobe Acrobat ... (101/0) download
PDF Text Stamp COM Component 1.18 -  page numbers, bates numbers, roman numerals, fonts, font sizes, font types ... (5/0) download
New Missal 1.7.1 -  Full implementation of the New Roman Missal in easy to ... (1/0) download
Medad 2.3 -  share your Persian / Arabic words with great fonts that you never taste it . There are 20 fonts including Nastaliq and Arabic fonts which is designed specifically ... sentences or change the fonts , colors , size , and position ... you have to add Arabic keyboard from : Settings - General - International - Keyboards - Add New Keyboard - Arabic In ... (3/0) download
RomanArabicNumeralsConverter 1.0Roman Arabic Numerals Converter converts numbers expressed in Roman numerals into numbers expressed in Arabic digits, and numbers expressed in Arabic digits into numbers expressed in Roman numerals. You can type ... (19/0) download
Sense Tv 1.3 -  HD is a new HD Arabic & English channel, packed ... (2/0) download
InstaArabic 1.3 -  with full support of ARABIC fonts "Totally for FREE !!" ... ability of customise your Arabic fonts.? FREE Features Contents: * Over 15+ Amazing Arabic Fonts.? * Over 28+ English Fonts.? * Over 39+ ... 10+ Carefully Selected Effects. -Fonts Features: * Add text ... (7/0) download
Virtuoso Piano Free 3 3.1.3 -  tap away" - The Sunday Times "New and Noteworthy" - Apple ... is back with amazing new features. Built upon the ... (0/0) download
Symbol Selector 2.24 -  most of your symbol fonts. Symbol Selector lets you ... all the other TrueType fonts on your computer in completely new ways. Use fonts in new sizes, in color, bold ... (404/0) download
Microsoft TrueType Font Pack 1.1 -  Add these web-optimized fonts to your system. This package contains several free fonts from Microsoft that are ... browsing Web sites. The fonts include Arial, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Impact, Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia, and Trebuchet ... (622/0) download
Accent Composer - Keyboard Utility 2.05 -  as Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic, as well as ideographs ... these, but Windows standard fonts like Arial and Times New Roman contain thousands of characters ... 50,000 characters. Other fonts can be found through ... (35/0) download
Hornsoft Online Newspaper 6.88 -  Today, Washington Post, Washington Times, New ... (47/0) download
Quick Settings v1.0 -  such as the Add New Hardware or Fonts applet. You can also ... (31/0) download
Ecofont Home Edition 1.3 -  the Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Times New Roman and Trebuchet MS fonts when you are printing ... when printing using certain fonts that can keep their ... (8/0) download
StickyWords 1.1 -  Changes: * Tired of Times New Roman? You can now choose from eight different fonts, each chosen to work ... (2/0) download